Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Attended Local Festival with Dace etc;

One of my husband's band group performed at the Local Festival held in the Takachiho Community-Hall on Feb. 26th. There were some performances and exhibits. I think the high-light of the day was the dance Performance with bis band.
I've found the new musical instruments which the man on the right end played. The man usually plays drum but for the day's music, he prepared these percussion.  The wooden one is called 'Cajon, kahon'.  The word means 'box' in Spanish. And the one with bluish top and pipes is called 'Wind Chime'.  When I learned the name of the instrument from him, I thought it funny as it has the same English name with Japanese 'wind bell (chime)・風鈴 (←picture page) we see during summer . Also really surprised to hear later from my husband that it is all his handmade ♪

*Japanese Translation for husband's band members and performers*
写真 右端の方の演奏された打楽器は, 私にとって初めて目にする物でした。 普段はドラムを叩かれていますが、今日の演奏曲に合わせて準備されてきました。木製の楽器は カホン と言って スペイン語で 「箱」 と言う意味だそうです。 右端の青い上部でパイプの並んだ楽器は 「ウィンド・チャイム」 と言うそうです。 名前をその方から教わった時、夏によく見る日本の「風鈴」 の英語と同じなので 面白いなと思ってしまいました。 又、 「ウィンド・チャイム」 は演奏者の方の手製だと 後に主人から聞いて驚きました♪

* Theme music with Dance 
This dance is called '恋ダンス. Love Dance'. The music was the famous drama's theme music and the dance added later became popular among youngsters. The dancer in the center is a dance teacher, left is the brother of the (lady) tenor-saxophone player, the young girl on the right is her brother's daughter.
*Japanese Translation*
この踊りは 「恋ダンス」 と言います。 音楽はある人気の出たドラマのテーマ曲で、後にドラマの中で踊られたこのダンスも若者の間で流行(はや)りました。 中央はダンスの先生 ・ 左は女性のテナーサックス奏者の方の弟さん ・ 右端はそのお嬢さんです。

*Other Performances and Exhibited Works*
Taisho harp ' 大正琴 ' and Dance
The contrast of Japanese and Western Style of Arranging is really amazing for me;

*Yellow  Bunting*   
I found this first birdie for me walking on the road of river-side (^.^

Local  train on the same line from the old time;
 I used for commuting to high school about 45years ago :-)   For the fence link.

So sorry for my absence and early posting. I wished my husband's band group and performers to read this post.  I'll be away from pc (4th~9th).  It has been hectic weeks for me, but I'll try hard to visit you till then.
My next post will be about 2 weeks later. 
And I'm not sure how my linking of first week of March will be like.
Thank you so much for your kindnesses and see you in your blog♡♡♡


  1. Looks like it was a great festival! I have never heard of musical instrument "kahon" or "wind chime" before. How interesting! And handmade - he is very talented in many ways! The flower arrangments are beautiful. I like that some flowers are arranged upside down. Both Japanese and western style arrangements look very elegant!
    Happy March, Miyako san xoxo

  2. quite a modern dance there! Enjoyed the music.

  3. Hello Dear Miyako, it was very interesting to see your husband's band and to read about them too. The dance and music was really happy and bright. A lovely performance, thanks for your video. Lovely to see the harp and senior dancers as well as the cute youngsters :D)
    I loved seeing the flower arrangements - beauty and elegance in simplicity.

    Busy times for you, remember to take time and don't rush ;D) Cheers now xx

  4. Dearest Miyako,
    Well, that is such a wonderful thing for practicing and than performing with the band.
    That center lady, the dance teacher was excellent and the other two were also very good!
    Love all the flower arrangements here.
    Sweet yellow bunting!

  5. Dear Miyako, I always enjoy these little glimpses into your life on the other side of the world, so very different from my own.
    The musicians and dancers are so talented, it must have been a wonderful experience.
    Missed you @ Mosaic Monday this week, hope all is well.
    A bientot,

  6. Lovely photos Miyako! On the video the girl in the middle was so good an happy looking. Oh those pretty children <2 Less is more is definitely true considering your elegant Japanese style of flower arrangement. I love it. Wishing you a great weekend - hugs.

  7. I enjoyed the music and the dance. It looks like the festival was a success. I always enjoy the Japanese style of flower arrangement. Here in the west it is all about more flowers instead of style, I think. Thank you for linking up today and have a great weekend.

  8. the festival looks like so much fun! love the flowers too :) thank you so much for linking up and have a great weekend!!

  9. What Great Music! - and, It would be fun to learn that dance . . .

    yes, there is a difference between cultures . . .

    Your blog is marvelous, thank you for taking time to share.

  10. I loved all the flower arrangements. I enjoyed your photos!

  11. Interesting range of musical instruments and loved the colours worn by the children.

  12. You always attend the most fascinating events! The performance was such fun...loved the photos of the children, and especially loved the floral exhibits! Wonderful!

  13. Hello Miyako...I love the Japanese flower arrangement. It is simple and beautiful...I enjoy the different topics you cover in your posts and the time you take to make them beautiful....Michelle

  14. Pretty bird you found. I don't think they are in America. A special treat to see it from your photos.
    That 'new' instrument is special...and to know he made it from his own hands makes that all the more special also!

    Thank you for sharing your beautiful post with us birders this weekend. We all appreciate your participation.

  15. What a fun dance! Love the flower arrangements, and the bird is adorable. Thanks for joining Friday's Hunt. Have a great week!