Sunday, December 25, 2016

My First Bird and first kind of Cookie;

* Bull-headed Shrike  百舌鳥・ モズ mozu 
While we were checking our river-side tree for birds, a little cute one perched nearby electric wire.  I've heard the name of this bird and just from the sound of the name, I've had an imagination that it would be a bit big Birds of Prey. Its sweet face was a pleasant surprise for me♪  
 The chinese character of its name also was surprising for me.

  PC taught me "百舌鳥.  hundred tongue bird" derived from their varieties of singing sounds. I might as well check them with You-tube (^.^)

*Field Flower Cookie 野の花クッキー
This Cookie was a souvenir from my husband's band member to Kyushu where is famous for hot-spa.  My first Cookie with  lovely flower♪ 

*Pink Camellia Sasanqua
This Sasanqua is from our tiny garden, pictures were taken late Nov. 
After the rain and under the bluer sky. It's still the season for this flower♪

   May Your Year 20017 will be filled with happiness!!!

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ps; If you have read my post before I've changed the name of the bird for correct one, so sorry for my mistake.  I've written its name for my next post bird's. 


  1. Hello Miyako, thank you for your beautiful post. Pretty birds and those delightful field flower cookies... too good to eat perhaps!! Your Camellias make such a lovely picture.
    Very best wishes for a Happy and Healthy New Year :D)

  2. What an adorable little bird! I didn't know the name was related to their singing sound. I thought it was something to do with what they eat :-)
    Those cookies are so cute. Too cute to eat! I've had cookie like that, only it didn't have flowers but just nuts. I think they were thin sliced almonds.
    Pink camellias look fantastic under the blue sky! Have a wonderful new week, Miyako san xoxo

  3. Dearest Miyako,
    Surprised that you got the very same Camellia in your garden as we have... Small world.
    Lovely bird photos and indeed a sweet face.

  4. Wonder how that would taste, a flower in a cookie! Camellia - we had a tree by our bedroom -when living in Southern California- (now we live in the North of the state) that started blooming when January 1 arrived. Needless to say I love these flowers! And thanks you much for sharing these with ALL SEASONS!
    All the best to you and your family for the New Year, Myako! Am glad we got in contact this year:)

  5. Dear Mikayo, I love the cookies. So nice. The bird I've never seen. Briljante photgrapy. Very nice. May Your Year 20017 also will be filled with Happiness and Health.

  6. Hello Miyako, the Shrike is an awesome bird. Great photos. The pink camellias are lovely. Beautiful post.

    Enjoy your day and the weekend ahead. I wish you all the best in 2017, Happy New year!

  7. Lovely bird and images! thank you for sharing! Happy New Year!

  8. I am intrigued by those cookies! And wow, what pretty petals your camellia has. Happy New Year!

  9. wonderful! Happy new year 2017 to you and your family!

  10. I must say I like those cookies. Very interesting! Thanks for linking up today!

  11. Very lovely bird- and flowerphotos. Happy New Year.

  12. Happy New Year dear Miyako! I love the bird and wonderful cookies... Michelle

  13. What lovely camellias!
    Thanks for joining us on the Floral Friday Fotos meme.

  14. The bird is so sweet -- this is the first time I've seen or heard of this bird! Perhaps it is only local to Japan? The flowers are beautiful. They do look like what we call camellias, which we used to grow in Oregon. It is great to have their color in winter time!