Thursday, June 30, 2016

Another Performance at the local Shrine;

During these 2 months, my husband had more than a couple of stages to perform. Invited to the festival at the Sumiyoshi-shrine. And I'd like to introduce you one of the famous dances we enjoyed on the same day. 

*My husband's Group*
*Local dance group carrying on traditional dance called "よさこい ・ yosakoi”*
            "yosakoi" link  is from Japanese archaic term '夜さり来い. yosarikoi
Birthplace of Yosakoi is Aichi-pref. and the varieties of yosakoi  is performed at the festival in many places in Japan.  You'll get the better atmosphere by enlarging pictures :-) 
I found this beautiful dance performance by young ladies.

At the Shrine, many little bamboo lanterns were decorated alongside the stairs and path. Sorry that I haven't visited at night.  There were papers inside the lanterns; DREAMS in the future were written by school children on them.
From the left
* Wish to be an idol (she meant national or TV icon) when grow up.
          We call aidoru. idol for young singers, actors and actresses.
* Wish to be a policeman when grow up.
* Wish to grow up mentally as well as physically.

         Flower pictures gifted by key-board player of my husband's band group. 
  Feijoa and Lily;   Never tasted fruits of feijoa :-) 

            Swallows I found close to my house
  They seem to be young ones;  Happy to find their cute posing.
Waiting for Mom to bring food?  :-)

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  1. The swallow with the open beak is amazing. The dances are so full of life. It's very cool that your husband is in a band. Is it a German band, haha?

  2. I look forward to seeing your blog weekly. One bird looks like he/she is giving orders so funny. You must be proud that your husband is in the band,
    JM, Illinois-U.S.A.

  3. Hello, The dancers are great, wonderful shots of the band and dancers. The shrine and flowers are a lovely sight. The swallows are so cute, wonderful captures. Enjoy your day and the weekend ahead!

  4. adorable swallows. i like the idea of putting dreams in the lanterns. it is good to have wishes. the stance of the dancers reminded me of the frame of the gate. :)

  5. Such a wonderful presentation of so many great things.

  6. Sounds like your husband has been busy performing for many stages. He must be very popular! Yosakoi dance, natsukashii desu :-) It's nice to see young people enjoying the traditional dance!
    I love the bamboo lanterns. They must look very pretty in the night. And such cute swallows. The photo of them with their mouths open is very cute!
    Have a wonderful day, Miyako san xoxo

  7. Hello Miyako!:) Very enjoyable colourful spectacle of the lady dancers, and I also like the idea of putting dreams in lanterns. Your Swallow captures are wonderful,..such sweet birds. I was trying to photograph some in flight today, but they flew far to quickly for a good shot. Kind Regards!:)

  8. Wonderful post. The Shrine is so nice and I love the sweet lanterns the children decorated. Also the bird in the one shot that looks as if he's talking.

  9. Dearest Miyako,
    Lovely photos from the shrine and especially the hungry swallow I loved!

  10. Hoi Miyako,
    I LOVE the picture of the swallow with the open beak. So nice. The other one is also cute: looking up for mom. So many little bamboo lanterns! I hope all the chidren have a good life with family around them later. That's so important. Putting dreams in lanterns is a good idea. Have a Good Friday!

  11. Your husband must be very skilled!

    Love those cute swallows.

  12. Hello, I just wanted to stop back and say thank you for linking up your post and pretty Swallows. They are adorable birds. Great photos. Have a happy weekend!

  13. I had not realized that I could enlarge your beautiful pictures and view them as a slide show. It really did give me a feeling of being at the performance . Sweet wishes from the children ... I like that tradition and imagine that their wishes will change each year as they grow and learn. (Like all of us.). The swallow pictures are wonderful. The one in the middle panel (mouth open, waiting to be fed) is as good as anything I've seen published anywhere .... Especially in the enlarged form..... It should be in a book!

  14. Thank you for sharing some of your culture. The bamboo lanterns are great - love the dreams inside!

  15. The swallows with open beak image is outstanding.

  16. Dreams written inside all those's hoping they all can come true....a beautiful post.

  17. Feijoas have beautiful flowers, but I've never liked the fruit, which to me smell a little like oile of wintergreen (used in muscular ache creams - ugh!)
    Thank you for joining the Floral Friday Fotos meme.