Monday, April 4, 2016

Cherry-blossoms with Castle at Kokura;

*Went to Kokura-Castle to see Cherry-blossoms*
My old friend whom I've been to Fuji-mount. told me about the cherry trees in this castle and asked me to go there together. I really appreciate her offer; saying both the blossoms and the castle may be attractive for my foreigner friends♪  As yesterday 2nd was the best day before the rain, there were so many people enjoying the flower.

*So Crowded*

We went back to see night scene with light-up;

       *Wonderful afternoon stroll*
Before going back to the castle, my friend took me the cherry‐tree‐lined path 'more than 4㎞' along the river. It was a gorgeous afternoon stroll with breathtaking view.
My friend lives close to this place, and said waiting this season to enjoy the walk. 

I hope you will have a wonderful coming new week;

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  1. incredibly beautiful! i can see why it is such a popular place to visit!

  2. Wow, what gorgeous pictures! Castle and cherry blossoms...ahh something I love about Japan :-) Night view is so beautiful, really peaceful. The path along the river is seriously beautiful, too! It must have been such a pleasant walk. I wish I could come join you there!
    Have a wonderful new week, Miyako san!

  3. The cheery blossom is so beautiful, it's a shame it only lasts a short time.
    Greetings from New Zealand.


  4. Oh how lovely! I cannot think of anything nicer in Spring ~ this is something I have always wanted to see, in Japan. Weren't you lucky? :)
    Hope all is well with you, Miyako and your eye operation has healed.
    I have closed my blog for a while, but I'm still following my blog friends!
    Spring blessings!

  5. Hello Miyako, the castle and the cherry blossoms look beautiful. I think everyone wants to see the beautiful trees blossoming. Lovely photos and post. Thanks for sharing your visit. Happy Monday, enjoy your new week!

  6. The cherry blossoms are absolutely beautiful! The perfect time of year for this walk. And the castle is certainly amazing and different . Thanks to you (and your dear friend) for sharing the beauty!

  7. Your photos are absolutely amazing!!! Greetings from Finland!

  8. so beautiful! Wonderful photos!

  9. Dear Miyako, your photos are always a wonderful sight. The cherry blossoms and surrounding area are fantastic and I thank you so much for sharing them with Today's Flowers. I wish you a very happy week ahead :)

  10. Miyako, such beautiful blossoms, inspiring for a Spring day. Lovely. Have a wonderful week, my friend.

  11. How beautiful. It is worth the wait to see the blossom alongside the river.

  12. How gorgeous. It is my dream that someday I get to enjoy the cherry blossoms in Japan, fingers crossed.

    Worth a Thousand Words

  13. Great post. Awesome photos.

  14. Dearest Miyako,
    Oh my, how I would have loved to be in Japan during the cherrie blossom time... We were there in July and of course no blossoms.
    This looks like a fairytale and the castle is incredible too.
    A very worthwhile visit with your long-time friend! Not old friend as you both are still young.
    Hugs and blessings,

  15. Wow - that is stunning!

  16. What an amazing sight to see these gorgeous pink blooms...thanks for sharing them!

    and LivingFromHappiness

  17. Such a beautiful place especially with the cherry blossom :-)

  18. Beautiful, the time I got to see them in Japan they were just on the turn so I missed them at their best

  19. Hello dear Miyako, both the temple and the cherry blossoms are magnificent. I really enjoyed seeing your photos.