Monday, April 25, 2016

Boy's Day Celebration, 2016 etc;

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*Coming May 5th is Children's Day "子供の日"or Boy's Day celebration *
Boy's Day Festival exhibition held by local Handicraft Association

I've explained about this day here;  On this day, we celebrate Tango no Sekku (端午の節句) and wish that our sons will grow up healthy and strong.    'タンポポの会 tampopo no kai' which is the same association held Girl's day exhibition (I posted here) had Children’s Day exhibition in collaboration with the Ceramics Federation.

Happy to see dolls for this day made of "Cocoon Filament" like the girl's day ♪

 The bottles (earthen ware) below used as vases are sulfuric acid bottle container.  Next city where is my husband's birth city used to have thriving ceramic engineering  (pottery industry).  "sulfuric acid, is for refining gold and silver" for coins. 
Here is my post about it.

*Works by Indigo Dying*

I'm surprised that the Matsutake-mushrooms look so real and even they put fragrance on the Hard Tip of them (hope the right word).  We call the part 'ishizuki  石づき'

I really LOVED this work which expresses the old scenery with the lovely old couple.
I really felt heartwarming to see this sweet old couple; we'll be soon p:-)

*The Ceramics Federation side*

I've visited the exhibition yesterday, wished to post early for the association.  
Have a great new week; See You Soon, friends♪
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  1. Japan has so many intetesting celebrations. I enjoyed the post, Miyako!

  2. Hello, Miyako! The celebrations sound like fun. The exhibit looks wonderful. I love the beautiful pieces of art, cermaics and dolls. The sweet old couple and the birds and animals are my favorites. The mushrooms do look real. Lovely post, thanks for sharing. Happy Monday, enjoy your new week ahead!

  3. Such a wonderful exhibit! Manly but also elegant and beautiful. All the delicate works amaze me...especially Matsutake. It looks so real! And they even put Matsutake fragrance! I love the exhibit of old couple, too. They look so happy and enjoying a peaceful life together :-) And Koinobori - can't have Children's Day without it :-) Have a wonderful new week and coming Golden Week, Miyako san!

  4. So much wonderful and diverse artwork!

  5. Love the Boy's Day displays -- I always love all of your Holiday posts.

    We already do look like that sweet old couple (maybe we are not quite so sweet).

  6. These are all very artsy. Love em.

  7. The displays are beautifully set out. Very interesting post.

  8. Beautiful artwork and displays especially the ceramics!

    and LivingFromHappiness