Saturday, March 12, 2016

Japanese Pheasant and Common Sandpiper;

    *Our National Bird, "Japanese Pheasant"*
On first this month, I found female Japanese Pheasant near my house.  
So happy for my luck :-)  I posted about my first encounter of the bird (male one) here. Yey, now I could finally see both male & female of our national bird ♬♬♬
(picture of the male is from the link page above)

You reminded me of the color differences birds' male and female has.
Thank you SO much for showing up for me.  

      *Common Sandpiper* 
My husband's good eyes spotted some of this bird in the river early Feb.  My bad eyes would have missed the chance to see this little pretty birdies without him :-)

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I love to express my heartfelt thanks to all of your sweet comments. 
I wish to find some time to visit you after dinner.  Time really flies;  
Hope the bit of Spring wind bring you all happy days☆☆☆


  1. Hello Miyako, you are lucky to see the pheasants so close to home. Awesome photos of the pheasant and the cute sandpiper. They are all great birds. Thank you for linking up and sharing this post. Happy Saturday, have a great weekend!

  2. the female pheasant is very beautiful, too!

  3. Good morning Miyako, what a lovely grouping of photos to brighten or day! Enjoy your weekend, and take good care. Karen

  4. Hello Miyako!:) The pheasants are lovely birds, I like both the male and female. My husband is very helpful in spotting birds before I do, just like your hubby. What would we do without them!!:)))Have a happy weekend.

  5. I love all the birds you have on here. I think the photos are really good and like the pheasant. I find your blog to be very interesting and love all your photos on here. I am a new follower to your blog.

  6. Hi Miyako san. You sure are very lucky to encounter Japanese Pheasant! She is beautiful! And Common Sandpiper is adorable. They have such long beak! Lovely to see the birdie strolling around in the river :-) As it's getting warmer, I see more birds around here. Our bird feeder is going to be very busy :-)
    Happy weekend, Miyako san!

  7. Dearest Miyako,
    You are very lucky indeed.
    It brought back fond memories of my Mom as she loved to watch the pheasant couple that lived behind their home in the tall fir trees. Trees are all gone, land sold and almost a village of new homes surround the home of my parents. Birds and ducks are all gone... too many people living there now.
    Love the way you always present your photos and in the matching header! Art work.

  8. It is nice to have a husband who helps you spot things. Mine does that too .. he doesn't want credit but he really does help me with the blog!

    The female pheasant is pretty in her own quiet way too. I'm glad you got to see her. And I love shorebirds (and almost never know their names). Your photography is so good.

  9. These are ALL so very beautiful!!! The pheasant is something we don't see often enough in our country. That was a special, SPECIAL treat.

    Thank you for adding your link to this wonderful post. We birders at I'd Rather B Birdin' appreciate your participation and look forward to more posts in the future!!!!

  10. Beautiful pictures. I love a pheasant the males are so glorious

  11. I did not know that the pheasant was Japan's national bird. I always enjoy seeing them. Such pretty feathers. Have a great week, Orchid.

  12. You were fortunate to find the female pheasant, dearest Miyako, and get such good shots. We used to have a male in our neighborhood years ago, I think sometimes it got into things. And there were some of our neighbor's peacocks that decided to come hang out in our yard once too. The little sandpipers are so cute too, great shots of them. Hugs from the PNW.

  13. Such pretty bird shots.

  14. The pheasants are an admirable choice for your national bird, the male is magnificent.