Friday, January 1, 2016

Hagoita ”羽子板” ;

Hagoita is a kind of racket (wooden paddles) for our one of the traditional New Year pastimes in Japan (or used to be) called hanetsuki; a badminton-like game played by girls with hagoita and a 'shuttlecock. 羽 hane'. In olden times, the person who missed had a mark drawn on her face with black ink for calligraphy, p;)
When I was little, I played with my late brother and friends.  I loved the clinking sound when we hit hane (shuttlecook) with hagoita.  Nowadays, I don't see kids playing this game outside, I miss this tradition of ours with kind of nostalgic feeling.

*Hagoita to a Baby Girl *
Traditionally in Japan, figurine of hagoita is gifted to a baby girl who is having her first New Year.  My cousin's granddaughter I introduced here was given this beautiful hagoita last Dec. 24th.  

Front and Back before putting into the case.

Lovely Happy face in front of her Hagoita wearing "Hakama-Skirt, 袴".

On Christmas Eve, she happened to have half-a-year Birthday. Great timing for celebrating with birthday cake as well ♡♡♡  I'm really thankful for my cousin's thoughtfulness sending me pictures through mail, so I could introduce this custom to blog friends♪

Extra about 'hanetuki' and 'hagoita' with pictures & a video;
* '羽根つき, Hane-tuki' and 'Hagoita market' at Asakusa in Tokyo*

*Adding the first Sun Rise this year from the window of our house*

We'll have a relaxing Jan.1st with only 2 of us, See You Later after having Ozoni ♪

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  1. Thank you for brief explanation of Hagoita. I loved the figurine.

    Happy New Year from Tulsa, Oklahoma, USA.

  2. Beautiful pictures !!
    Happy New Year to you too !!

  3. Hello Miyako, the figurine is pretty. What a neat custom. Your cousin's granddaughter is adorable, cute photos.

    I love the pretty sunrise, a lovely start to the new year.
    I wish you and yours a very happy, healthy New Year!

  4. Happy new year, Miyako san!!
    Hanetsuki is becoming obsolete unfortunately, but I see Hagoita is enjoyed a lot as gifts and displays :-) I love the one your cousin's granddaughter got. It's gorgeous! She looks very pretty in hakama, and her photo with cake is so pretty, too!
    I wish you and your family a very happy & healthy new year!!

  5. a sweet tradition and a happy old game. :)

  6. Happy New Year Miyako San!
    Tanoshi Hagoita was very pretty things I still like very much old time desu.
    Yahari Japan has beautiful old introduce castom in the blog friends,
    Anatano eyes wa yokunarimashi ta dashiyo desuka Yahari next years was happy new years for you!
    Happy your family too!
    We don't has no raining as same as last years! lets hope we will had Raining soon.