Sunday, January 10, 2016

Amazing Birds etc;

*Osprey from last Dec.*

"At Kirara-Hama Nature Observation Park"
We visited this park last Dec. (detail post here), and found osprey again :-) 
Very far from inside of the observatory but kind of fascinated by being able to see eating his food (prey?).  Loved to see this dignified looking bird. Let me introduce other birdies from this park later gradually.

      (posting this part to Japanese culture page)
* My first "Varied Tit" and their "Oracle Tricks"*
So sorry for my blurry image,  really felt discouraged by missing the chance to take good photo.  When I found she/he, I was SO happy and thankful this colorful bird appearing in front of me.  As I couldn't identify the name, I contacted to the Nature Park. The lady staff who answered my call mailed me detail about this bird. So amazed to know that with the high learning ability this bird has, they are known to show us "Oracle Tricks".   Through PC, I learned this bird's tick dates back to 700 years or so; which no longer seen due to wildlife protection act etc
I wished to introduce this bird's talent I didn't know; Happy if you can enjoy the videos.  

 For your clear idea of this bird, I found this picture above here  in the "Bird Fun" site.

This first "Varied Tit" for me was walking in the little park close to my house.
This is one of the scenery from up on the hill of the park .
Viewing the  coastal industrial zone and there are "Fence" :-)

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Learning about the Varied Tit was a fresh surprise (like opening the new knowledge box) for me. 
Please forgive me about my manner...  Catching up soon!

ps; The first bird in my Jan. 2nd's post was NOT 'African Stonechat' but they were Brambling'.   Thanks to the lady staff, she taught me about it through mail ♪


  1. Hello Miyako, awesome shot of the Osprey. The Varied Tit is a lovely bird, I like it's coloring. The bird in the video is smart and is very talented. I am always happy to learn some new birds from around the world. Have a happy new week ahead!

  2. I love to watch birds of prey and the Osprey is great. The Varied Tit is lovely (such a name). We often see the Titmouse here. Have a lovely week ahead.

  3. i've never seen an osprey in person so i'd be thrilled for that, but congratulations on your varied tit sighting! very cool!

  4. Hi Miyako san. I love the photos of ospray! He is such a strong and elegant looking bird! Thank you for sharing the videos of Varied Tit. I had no idea they are so smart! The oracle tricks are really amazing, and adorable :-) This was a very fresh surprise for me, too!
    Have a happy new week, Miyako san xoxo

  5. I can feel your excitement and relate so well!! How wonderful for you. The osprey happens to be one of my favorite birds...your photos are sublime. As is your Varied Tit. What an awesome colored bird!!

    Excellent images and great narration of both Miyako. [having and sharing two posts is just fine...if ever needed again, you're welcome to share as many as you like. I enjoy it all!! And again, thanks for adding the link!]

  6. great observations and photos!

  7. Hello Miyako!:) Such a lovely post with birds large and small.How exciting to see the Osprey, and the beautiful Varied Tit. I have never seen either in the wild. I enjoyed watching the vídeo and the clever well trained bird, as one has to give the owner credit for teaching the bird what to do.Have a good week!:)

  8. Dearest Miyako,
    You got very lucky again for viewing this Osprey. We only once have seen that majestic bird, on its nest in South Florida when we were walking with foster-daughter Anita and her than fiancée. It was at a lovely Hyatt Resort that had many tropical pools (the young ones loved that!) and a board walk into nature onto the lagoon. So that was really fabulous and we got a lot to see. This was before the iPhone period and unexpected things were harder to capture with a real camera of course.
    That little bird is indeed a very intelligent one but why would only the parrot be smart? But I do agree that it is far better for letting it live freely in nature than confining it to a cage and doing tricks with it.
    Sending you hugs from Georgia/USA,

  9. I love to watch Ospreys! And it is great you got photos of him "eating lunch ". And the varied tit is a new bird for me to learn about...first time I've head about it ...interesting that it is so smart! We always find staff at nature centers to be helpful; I think they like it when people ask questions! Your lady staff surely did. Thanks to you for sharing what you learned and your beautiful pictures!

  10. Hello Miyako from my now snowy yard..I love the photos of the osprey and the little bird. I think photos are all about memories no matter how they may not be as perfect as we want them to be...I enjoy your reading about you country and your life...Michelle

  11. An interesting post and some great shots of the osprey. I have never seen on except in the zoo. The tit is beautiful. Thanks for sharing with us.

  12. What beautiful photos!

  13. How awesome to have such a variety of pretty birds to photograph.

  14. We have Osprey living near the lake by our Colorado home. I love watching them.

  15. Osprey shots are wonderful and delightful and creative post ~ thanks,

    Wishing you a joyful weekend ~ ^_^

  16. Great osprey sighting! I have always loved them! And the other bird is also quite beautiful. Such nice finds!

  17. We have Osprey on our lake in the summer. I see them flying around but have yet to catch one diving for fish ... that would be my goal. It amazes me how many birds there are in the world that I have never seen or even heard of. This little Varied Tit is not only beautiful, but very smart. The crow family has the reputation for being smart enough to problem solve, but I didn't know other birds did as well. Makes me wonder how many of our birds are a lot smarter than we give them credit for. Great post Miyako, fence and all :)

    Andrea @ From The Sol

  18. What a great photo of the Osprey. It's neat that you are enjoying bird watching/photographing. That's a pretty neat little playgroud area as well.

  19. What a charming little bird with the tricks! never saaw something like that.

  20. Hello Miyako, What a pretty little bird and how colorful! I live in a coastal area and we see Ospreys on occasion but I've never seen one eating its catch. Hope you have a good week!