Sunday, December 13, 2015

Calligraphy Exhibition and Birds;

(posted; Japanese culture page)

*Calligraphy Exhibition*
On 6th, my retired husband's ex-lady colleagues demonstrated writing larger paper, rather than 25cm×35cm 半紙 (hanshi). This time I found attractive way of exhibiting and works on corrugated cardboards or round shaped plastic balls with seasonal items in them.  Lovely to find the names of the season written both English and Japanese.

This work was done by engraving Polystyrene foam;

*Demonstration of the big works*

*Finished Works and the calligraphers*

I found these pigeons beside the parking lot in front of the 'Cultural Hall';

Cold Looking Ducks I found in the river way home from shopping;

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  1. cute pigeons and sweet ducks. always love the calligraphy works!

  2. Miyako San!
    Calligraphy exhibition and birds demoratrated writing larger paper. writting both english and japaness. pigons mo kawaii desne.
    I was so busy last few days I'm sorry to say that my behaviour at with my friends. So here's my recommendation settle down and I have to say that eludes many of us during a years.
    Miyako San mo okaradani and Otosanto anatano meno honi tokubeto nine!

  3. Interesting to see the calligraphy in different forms. The Japanese/English pictures are really pretty.


  4. Hello, Miyako, the Calligraphy display is wonderful. I like the creative ways using the cardboard, balls and the names of the season are so pretty. Wonderufl sightings of the ducks and pretty pigeons. Great collection of photos. Happy Sunday, enjoy your new week!

  5. My always have some of the most interesting blog posts and sharing your bird photos of course is a plus,.....but I really enjoyed the calligraphy today too.

    Thanks for linking up at I'd Rather B Birdin' this weekend.

  6. Hi Orchid, You are very creative and I enjoy seeing the paper creations. Calligraphy is wonderful too. Thanks for sharing this post and for answering my question about the freeway. Hope you have a fine week ahead.

  7. Such beautiful calligraphy works! I love the ones with seasons in both English and Japanese. Very unique and beautiful!
    And such cute pigeons and ducks. They make me smile :-)
    Have a wonderful new week ahead, Miyako san!

  8. Wonderfull work calligraphy and fotos,Greeting from Belgium "Mons ma ville"

  9. Dearest Miyako,
    What a huge job for doing calligraphy that size! Loved the objects on the ground, very unique looking.
    That maple tree with its last leaves on and the pigeons below...
    Lovely photos. Hope you stay cozy and will be healthy soon!
    Here we are blessed with exceptional nice weather.

  10. Impressive and beautiful!

    Love birds and photos:)

  11. Great to see the calligraphy. Have a good week. :-)

  12. Wonderful! An exhibit I'd love to see! So great to have the large ones on exhibit! Loved the pigeons too! Great bird shots.

  13. The women that do the calligraphy are very talented and imaginative for putting together displays.
    Great capture of the ducks and pigeons, they can amuse one for some time, can't they?

  14. The Calligraphy is beautiful and huge it is great to see it with the painters in it to get the scale - love your fancy borders on some of the photos!
    Wren x

  15. The beautiful work on large paper is stunning...I love the careful precise work of the calligraphy...very talented women! And those adorable birds are wonderful too.

  16. A wonderful exhibit of calligraphy & so artfully & beautifully presented, dear Orchid! I especially loved the summer display!
    Your pictures of the pigeons are so lovely to see!
    Have a lovely week!

  17. I like the way the calligraphy has been mounted and displayed.

  18. Lovely exhibition! And cute bird shots.

  19. Right now I am reading a book about the chinese characters and their history! Calligraphy is such a beautiful art.

  20. The ducks do look cold! The calligraphy exhibit is so interesting. The ornaments with seasons in both languages are my favorites , but I also love the large pieces. Your friend and her colleagues are so talented!