Monday, July 27, 2015

Husband's stage (Old & New) and Artworks;

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      ♪ Hometown Festival , from "March" ♪
Next city's Festival at the community hall in March, my husband's band group performed with other children's musical group. I missed to post this event along with wonderful Exhibited Artworks. Children's performances were really excellent and powerful; I was so impressed♪ 

"Artworks; lots of them with Japanese Atmosphere"
Bride "花嫁さん. hanayome-san" with Kimono.

12 Japanese Zodiac on Japanese Battledore♪ Mine is 'sheep' this year;
mousecowtigerrabbitdragonsnakehorsesheepmonkeyroosterdogwild boar

*Japanese paper collage*

       *Tole Paint*
I really LOVED the "Work with Alphabet" above ♡♡♡ 

   ♪Attended the charity stage hosted by this brother,  from "this month"♪

Short unclear video with my husband's solo part;
He made a mistake and had a bitter smile;  It might be fun to post, he said p:-)
Not through You-tube, from my video file.

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  1. I hear the musice very nice! I love all the made things mine tase -I love colourfull ... (but I made more in pastels ) but love allround ..nice pictures have one nice day ,Joan

  2. Hello Miyako, I enjoyed the video of your husband's performance. And the children all look so cute, they must be so proud of their performance too. The exhibits are so pretty, lovely artwork! Thanks for sharing, lovely images! Have a happy day and new week ahead!

  3. A talented husband. I enjoyed the music. Such pretty pictures you have posted.

  4. What great performances and exhibits! I love the display of Japanese battledore with zodiac signs. The whole display looks spectacular! The paper collage is very elegant and beautiful. Your husband is so talented. It must be always exciting to see him perform on the stage!

  5. The bands look very professional.

  6. Miyako ~

    More beauty in your culture ~ beautiful music and art work ~ such beautiful sounds and colors!

    Happy Week to you,
    artmusedog and carol

  7. Everything here is sooooo interesting. I love seeing your posts as it introduces me to things I havent seen before... Maybe someday I could visit Japan and experience it for myself. For now, I am glad that you are sharing with us :-)

  8. What a wonderful festival and the performers look great.

    Worth a Thousand Words

  9. very cute displays. nice bands, too!

  10. Beautiful series of shots!
    Please drop by:

  11. Love The music and everyone having fun (even if an occasional mistake). It's so good that the kids are learning music and traditional art as well. That one sheep (your sign) is really pretty! You should buy that one! I like the sampler (the english alphabet embroidery) and was surprised by it! In Colonial times here little girls had to make those to learn the sewing skills. It is a good thing I was not alive then because I can't sew at all ;))).

  12. Dearest Miyako,
    WOW, your husband is a great musician and so is his band.
    Lovely photos of a very happy event with those children perform as well. Music is such a perfect international language! It made me happy.
    Exhibition is wonderful as well, so many cute things to see...
    Hugs and have a good time.

  13. Dearest Miyako, your husband's band sounds great, and all the children look like they are enjoying themselves. The arts and crafts are amazing, the Japanese ones are very elegant, the dolls and zodiac battledores. I'm surprised to see so many American items, the Alphabet embroidery is very skillfuly done.
    So many enjoyable photos! Hugs from the PNW, Hannah.

  14. Dearest Miyako,
    furusatomaturi for wonderful exhibited that was your so much impressed Miyako San!
    Niphon no hanayome..san When we are yanga age ..Zodiac on Battldore work alphabe..a long years ago,,I'm not good. you said some thing I wish remember me.
    you are still very young heart a lots of yours.
    We having a lots of cold raining days.
    Have a very good time with your Otosan!