Thursday, April 23, 2015

Renewed Zoo and some Flowers at our City Park;

 (Header made by my pictures of the ornaments placed around the entrance and the shop)
Continued from the previous post, this is newly remodel zoo part at our city park. And I have to say that mainly monkeys we can see there.  Birds and some other animals are moved to the temporary place until Grand Open next year.

*Monkeys looked happy and relaxed in the better enviroment*
  Entrance and the wide walkway to view the animals.

 *White Gibbon*
Natural  Environment rather than in the cages before.

*Lion-tailed Macaque*

*Asian small-clawed otter*
Gray langur*

This little one year old baby looked a bit scared.

      Inside of this stone walkway, found a turtle;

*Flowers in the park I haven't posted in the previous post*
Moss Phlox;  we call '芝桜・shiba-zakura'  literary mean "lawn grass-cherry" :-)
Picture below is the top of cornflower above.
Iris japonica I don't know why I got such black back for the two pictures below :-)

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  1. glad they are re-doing the zoo habitats to be more natural! the animals will certainly be happier and healthier. love the blooms and gardens.

  2. Great place in both ways...also now more for the animals..

  3. Nice to see that the area is more natural for animals. Lovely flowers!

  4. Hello Miyako, I'm glad they're making the environment better for the animals. Monkeys are so cute. Have a great day.

  5. Hello Miyako, I like the more natural habitat setting rather than the fenced cages.. Great shots of the monkeys and I love the cute otters.. The flowers are lovely.. Have a happy day!

  6. Lovely flowers and the Langur baby does look a bit frightened, doesn't he? Have a wonderful day!

  7. Good news that the zoo animal's habitat will be more natural! LOVE seeing the cheerful flowers

  8. Miyako, you have done a great job of capturing so many things for your blog this morning. The park is so beautiful.And I love the zoo. We go to local zoos just to walk among the animals and observe them in their nearly natural habitat. Monkeys are usually pretty entertaining.

  9. love the natural environments...otters are so fun to watch!

  10. Hi Orchid, I just love the natural environment for the zoo animals. They are going to love it. The monkeys are s cute and I love the sweet face of the otter.
    You captured gorgeous flowers too.
    Great photos.
    Have a wonderful weekend.
    Hugs, CM

  11. Wonderful photos of the animals and love the flowers, especially the heart. Thank you for sharing with Today's Flowers and I wish you a very happy day :)

  12. What a wonderful pretty and monkeys are my favorite...:)
    Pretty did a great job on your photos...xoxo

  13. Marvelous shots! I love the monkeys.

  14. Cute pics of the monkeys! I really liked the underwater turtle shot too.

  15. Much better designs!

    When I was young, zoos were like prisons for animals.

  16. I love all the monkeys and the flowers are very beautiful. Good news about the Zoo.

  17. Those natural environment zoos are the best. So many sweet monkeys and the flowers are just wonderful. I love how you made that heart!

  18. Neat photos. I hope you'll come share at

  19. Wonderful post. The monkeys are so cute. That little white one was just adorable. The flowers were gorgeous and the fences nice. It's always a pleasure to stop in and visit your blog.

  20. Fantastic shots, Miyako. I love how zoos such as this one have evolved to become more natural habitats for the animals. It's good for the visitors to view them in such an atmosphere also. The animals you photographed are really cute, especially that baby monkey. Your local park is resplendent with blooming color. I really like the moss phlox.

  21. The new natural surroundings look so great, the monkeys must love them. The baby monkey is so adorable! The cherry blossoms and the sculptured flowers are so lovely, I like the color combinations.

  22. The gibbons, other monkeys and otters are wonderful! Otters are one of my favorite mammals! Love the beautiful flowers and of course lots of great fences! Looks like a lovely day at the zoo...can't wait to see the other animals in their improved environs next year after all the improvements too.

  23. Dearest Miyako,
    What a lovely zoo that is and I too like the idea for creating as much as possible a natural environment for the animals. Are those monkeys holding on to Jackfruits? They look like it, we know them from Indonesia.
    Lovely flowers and those creeping phlox is one of our favorites.
    Sending you hugs,

  24. Hi Miyako San!
    I'm very happy with your lovely photos Japanese from renwod Zoo.
    Tanoshimeni omachi shite emasu!
    We had few raining from these days.
    Our garden has more tanoshimine shitemasu?

  25. Hey Orchid, I know all about busy! So glad I had the time to stop by and have a visit to you and see your lovely photos. Happy Weekend!
    Wren x

  26. Hello Miyako, I am just stopping back to say thank you so much for linking up, have a happy weekend!

  27. Dear Miyako,
    I don't like animals behind bars but I very much like all your wonderful pictures of all these beautiful, beautiful flowers!!!
    All these fantastic colours are so indescribable beautiful!!!

    Enjoy an enchanting weekend and have a good time :)