Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Calligraphy Exhibition and Girls in Kimono;

 (posted; Japanese culture page) 

Last Saturday, my husband and I've been to the calligraphy exhibition of 'genyukai school' to our 'city cultural hall' located right next to 'city music hall'  link.  
   I wish you to enjoy the artistic Japanese calligraphy;  I'll skip lengthy translation :-)

*First work exhibited next to the flower arrangement*

The work above; written by the lady in my post of  'First Calligraphy of the Year'.
And the two works in the first picture below; written by among the guests to our house.
Wish to put the meanings of the last two works.
Left; Tomorrow will Come.     Right; Smile is panacea to heal heart.

              *Girls who attended 'First Dance Recital'* 
The lady 'who wrote the secound work in this post 'my husband's ex-colleague' told me about these girls.  One of them (right edge) is her niece we've met once before attended the dance recital wearing kimono. She's wearing the handmade kimono sewn by her grandmother. It was held at the hotel located right next to the cultural hall.  So we could walk to see them.    How we wished to see them dance :-)
She sent me her niece's photos later taken by cellphone.

Thank you SO much for your sweet visits♡♡♡; I wish I could do as many visits I can  to you until tomorrow's post I'm  planning (not drafted yet)    Love you always, friends!


  1. Hello Miyako, the calligraphy is pretty, looks like artwork.. And the girls are all so cute, love their photos.. Have a happy day !

  2. Hi, Miyako...I've always admired Japanese writing, and these are really lovely. The dancers...what can I say? The kimonos are so beautiful. Do you own one and wear it occasionally? Hugs from Texas.

  3. beautiful girls in their kimonos! and i loved the calligraphy art. glad you could see your guests' work displayed.

  4. The caligraphy is amazing! So delicate and beautiful. And the little girls in their kimonos are so cute. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Hello Miyako, first of all I would like to say that the girls are very pretty in their kimonos. Kimonos they are wearing have very nice colors and gorgeous designs. I wish I vould wear one one day, at least for pictures. The calligraphy are all very impressive.

  6. Hi Miyako san. Wow the calligraphy exhibits are all so wonderful! I especially love the one with tulip song. The paper is pretty, too, with gentle pink color. I also love the one with "snow." Such a beautiful work!
    The girls are very pretty in kimono. Coincidentally, my sister-in-law sent me photos of her daughters in kimono recently. She mentioned it was for some dance performance :-)

    Have a wonderful day, Miyako san!

  7. Dear Miyako san!
    the girls kimono are Totemo nie colors disu. when we are younger age time ha ha!
    Omoidashi masune? your thinking of too..
    Have a nice time with Otosan-Tone!