Thursday, February 19, 2015

Stained-glass at 'Coffee Shop';

             *Stained Glass at Coffee Shop "Peacock"*
I'd like to introduce a coffee shop called 'peacock'.  We can enjoy varieties of flavor of coffee and also has BEAUTIFUL stained glass decorations.  Unfortunately (or, not for the owner) I couldn't take pictures of inside of the shop with wider view as the seats were almost full.  (I had the owner's approval taking pictures and posting)

My husband had this Coffee.  But the cake was not from this shop.
It was a handmade cake my husband had on Valentines Day which was made by the keyboard player from the band he is involved.  So lovely that there is a saxophone on top :-)   'Too precious to eat♪ ' he said.

*For Tex's "Good Fences" *
So many thing were displayed at the register place and simple entrance;  

焙煎 "baisen" means roasting.
And to give you the idea of inside, the picture below is from the pc home page of the shop.

*For Eileen's "Saturday's critters" *
Daurian Redstart(last Dec.) and Pigeon(last Nov.) I spotted near my house.
  Both of them flew away right after spotted me (^^;) 
And hope the (not real) peacock can be counted as critters:-)

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  1. I love this we had also this kind off lamps..

  2. Hello Miyako, I love the pretty stained glass. Looks like a pretty coffee shop, I like the barista art. And the cake is fabulous, neat keyboard.. The birds are cute too, I would love to see the Redstart.. Have a happy day!

  3. Hello Miyako, I love the birds and the gorgeous stained glass peacocks. Take care!

  4. Beautiful pictures Miyako!
    I love those with the stained glass :)
    Have a fine day

  5. I loved seeing all your photos Miyako... so very interesting.
    Such beautiful stained glass. I love the coffee !! Also that incredible cake and I agree with your Husband - too wonderful to eat.
    Thank you for all those images in your post and for the sweet birds too. You've put so much effort into your posts as always :D)

  6. Greetings, and good morning. What a beautiful place that is, with all it's lovely displays, and that piano cake, what a creative design. I can see many hours of enjoyment can be achieved right there! Take care.

  7. Hi, Miyako. You have successfully covered all the memes this morning! What a fabulous coffee shop to visit. I love flavored coffees, but I drink coffee straight with no cream or sugar. The cake is delightful and very thoughtful as well. I had not seen the first bird before, but pigeons are more common. Great post today! Hugs from Texas.

  8. The stained glass is gorgeous, as was your husband's piece of cake.

  9. first, that stained glass is SO beautiful! love the lamp of peacock 'eye' feathers, too! thanks for sharing such a neat place with us! second, the cake is AWESOME! such talent! third, loved the redstart - such a cute bird! thanks for all you share!

  10. i just scrolled back and noticed the bear design in the coffee (i was distracted by the cake before) and also love the feather patterns in the pigeon/dove.

  11. i enjoy the stain glass. gorgeous! ( :

  12. What gorgeous stained glass decorations! That cake is just adorable.

  13. Wow, the stained glass decorations in the coffee shop are stunning! I especially love the ceiling light. That is gorgeous! And the cute! Looks like the heart and cheek are slightly pink. 日本ならではの手の込んだ素敵なコーヒーですね!バンドメンバーの方からのケーキも可愛い!本当、食べるのがもったいないですね^^

    Such cute birdies! Have a great day, Miyako san!

  14. You visit the most wonderful places. Those Stained Glass Peacocks are amazing and beautiful.
    The entryway wall is really nice and I would enjoy seeing this shop. Loved that cake.
    The birds are really nice as well.

  15. Love all the stain glass, birds and that cake is for eating!

  16. Dearest Miyako,
    That is quite a unique looking coffeeshop! The Peacock would very much appeal to all Indians for it being their national bird and symbol of grace.
    Italian influence in perfect Cappuccinos like your husband's artistic bear-decorated one.
    Quite surprised to see a typical Dutch Zaanse clock with Atlas bearing the world. You maybe never have seen my post: {Our Dutch Atlas Zaanse Wall Clock in Oak}
    Funny, as only yesterday we went to the grand opening of our new Coffeeshop in town!

  17. What a wealth of beauty in the coffee shop. I would happily enjoy sipping a coffee with a bear design on top,...or perhaps something else, whilst enjoying my surroundings.The cake looks too good to eat, it is so cleverly
    done. I just love your Redstart picture too.:)
    Sending you a hug from Portugal.:)

  18. Bill and I are both coffee lovers and we would love that shop. I wish we could visit it. The stained glass is wonderful.

    Your husband is right, that cake is almost too pretty to eat; what a talented friend.

    And oh I love the birds -- the dove is familiar but the redstart is new to me.

  19. What a delightful post! I've never seen a picture on top of coffee before either.

  20. Looks like a lovely coffee shop. Sweet birdie pics, too!

  21. Looks like a beautiful coffee shop. I love all the stained glass artwork.

  22. Hi Miyako san!
    What a beautiful your picture Miyako San!
    The staned glass is gergeous and the Coffee with the your husband.
    I love with my golfing was last 18th it was very well.
    Only time was still hot days.
    Otosan to happy days too Miyoki San!

  23. Hello Miyako. That is a really lovely coffee shop, the stained glass is very pretty as are the lamps.
    The Valentine cake for your husband is really cute.
    And I always enjoy your nature shots.
    blessings from New Zealand.


  24. Lovely photos of the coffee shop, dear Miyako, I love the peacock panels and the wonderful ceiling light with stained glass peacock tail feathers. The grand piano cake is enchanting! The Redstart is so cute, and I like the bluish tints on the pigeon, I love their mild manners. Hugs from the PNW.

  25. I love the stained glass in the coffee shop. What a lovely atmosphere. My husband, a piano technician and player, would love that cake.
    Those are beautiful captures of the birds also.

  26. That is one neat place Miyako. The stained glass design is impressive. Everything that is in this post is lovely.

  27. So many delightful things to see! The stained glass decorations are absolutely beautiful!

    Cute coffee and, yes, the cake is too pretty to eat! Someone is very talented.

    Pretty birds for Saturday's Critters.

    Hope you have a nice weekend!


  28. Beautiful stained glass decorations. Birds are sweet.

  29. Hello Miyako, I am stopping back to say thank you for linking up your sweet birds and post. Have a happy weekend!

  30. Wonderful post! I would adore getting coffee in that peacock-adorned shop! The stained glass panels are exquisite! Love the4 other shop as well, and your very nice bird photos!

  31. So much in here, let's start with the coffee, I always start with a coffee that was an amazing Teddy decoration, then the cake - wow! Not to mention the whole Peacock Coffee shop and the birds! :)
    Wren x