Monday, January 26, 2015

Sweet Red-Bean Soup and "夫婦善哉, meoto-zenzai';

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Zenzai, 善哉;
Sweet Red-Bean 'azuki 小豆' Soup, which we call ‘zenzai,善哉’ is one of my favorite winter sweets.   I made the one in the first picture a couple days ago; and the one in the second was the lunch post from 2,012 here.

"夫婦善哉, meoto-zenzai'    (meoto means married couple)
          This Japanese phrase came to describe "happy married couple".
The old Zenzai restaurant (opened 1,883) in Osaka serves two bowls of them for one person. This menu became SO popular and because of the menu is called 'meoto-zenzai', this phrase started to express the couple who are cooperating their marriage life each other through ups and downs. 
picture from restaurant's home page

Noble and movie were made with this menu title. And even the Enka song whose lyric I love was sung by one of the singer. It was released in 1,987; I was married 1,977 :-)  At that time I was helped by my husband's mental support after the infertility treatment for me didn't work.   Let me paste the video from You-tube introducing both the place and the song from last year.  Haha, I was happy to find this one.
(Sorry it's in Japanese and bit long, I'm happy if you could feel what Japanese Enka sounds like.  But this video is kind of for myself.  She is the original singer of this song.)

I couldn't find the lyrics in English, my poor translation only for the first passage;
          living like duckweeds,  you laugh  
          around our shoulders, alley autumn shower dancing
          even if we have nothing, my heart can be called a brocade
          I'll follow your foot steps, meoto-zennzai
          your back is my guidepost

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ps.  Happy Australia Day to my Aussie friend.  I knew from my friend's blog. Wishing you will have a wonderful new week. I have a touch of cold :-)  Visiting you soon, Take Care friends♪


  1. Very interesting post! It looks delicious

  2. Hello Miyako, the soup looks delicious..I am so happy your husband was there to love and support you through a difficult time.. And I enjoyed the video, the song and music is lovely..Have a happy day and week ahead!

  3. Miyako, thanks for sharing your favorite song, as well as the support of your husband. You two have a great marriage. Hugs from Texas.

  4. Your soup looks delicious, it's also a very Portuguese dish, and I like it very much.The song and music is beautiful.
    Take care
    Warm regards.

  5. Interesting post,nice meals, greeting from Belgium;

  6. i like the two-bowl tradition representing a married couple. i am so glad your husband was a great support to you during your heartbreak.

    the song is beautiful. she has a sweet voice!

  7. It looks so delicious!

  8. Thank you for such and interesting and entertaining post. Nice video too. I am such a fan of soups, especially new idea. This is delicious I'm sure. I just tried a new one Taco Soup, that at first I wasn't so sure, but oh after trying so delicious!

  9. Oh yum! Sweet and warm, I love zenzai! I wasn't aware of meoto-zenzai, though. I knew the word (maybe from song and movie and such) but didn't really know two bolws are served for one. I think it's a very cute dish :-)

    Miyako san, I'm sorry you've caught cold. But glad you are on mend :-) My husband had hernia surgery last week but he is recovering very well. Please take good care of yourself. Have a lovely new week!!

  10. Very interesting post. I love learning about Japan's customs. The soup looks almost too lovely to eat! :)

  11. Always fascinating posts about your culture, foods and traditions ~ Soup is what we need in New England now as we expecting a Blizzard ~

    Happy week to you,
    artmusedog and carol

  12. Always interesting to see food from your country. Hope you recover from your cold soon.

  13. My dear Miyako, I always admire Japanese way of serving food. Apart from their very nice dishes, I know that there is meaning in which they place each utensil.

    Those food are surely delicious, I have tried some Japanese food before and I remember liking them. :)

  14. I hope that I'd be lucky enough to get to visit Japan someday because I am dying to try authentic Japanese food that you can't get from a sushi place.

    Worth a Thousand Words

  15. Dearest Miyako,
    Yes, I too lived through such a difficult period of my life... Not with the same sweet music but yes, a husband's support is what we need most.
    Love the soup bowl duo presentation!
    Surprised that I make it to blog visits as my dear Mom is fighting for dear life. She wants with all her heart to go home and die in her own home. Tomorrow morning she will be transported home by ambulance... Two of my brothers are with her now during the night, she's been getting Morphine so she no longer suffers. FaceTime via iPad or iPhone is a blessing. I talked last to her on Saturday; twice...

  16. Hello Dear Miyako, I really love how there is so much emotional and spiritual meaning in Japanese cuisine. It adds that extra touch to each dish.
    We speak of making our food with love for those we love, so I guess that is similar.
    It's always a joy to visit your beautiful blogspot and to see which new flower you have chosen for decoration.
    Thank you very kindly for your good wishes for our Australia Day. It is much appreciated.
    Cheerio now, with warmest good wishes and thoughts :D)

  17. Oh yes, I did mean to add that it was lovely to read about the support your wonderful husband gave to you during that very difficult time.
    It's easy to support one another through the good times, but that loving person who stays right beside you, always, is a true gem.
    I am so lucky to also have my own gem :D)
    Hugs xx

  18. the first one looks so delicious :D

  19. Married couple? That sounds so sweet. :)

  20. When it is hard to express feelings, music and poetry very often can do it for us! And it is wonderful nowadays to be able to find original versions of songs that have such a special meaning to us! She has a beautiful voice and thinking about what you said the song meant to you, it almost seemed as if I could understand the meaning of it. I'm so glad you linked the YouTube.

    And your own words about your dear husband's support were lovely as well!

    And the soup looks amazingly good and of course the symbolism of it would mean a lot to me too.

  21. This looks delicious! I would love it if you'd share the recipe. I hope you are feeling better.

  22. Dear Miyako san!
    Won Meoto-zenzai I love very much only Japanes people are eating them Hontokane? Osaka memory I was came from my home when I was marrey to coming this Melbourne.
    You has very love one I was same with you...
    Mata tokidoki-ne Japanes time onegai shimasu Miyako San!
    I was very good golfing in come back with me now Thank you goodness ha ha
    Yesterday was we has all of golfing people was lovely lunth times.
    I hope you will get back good feling for you.