Thursday, January 22, 2015

Fence and Field Mustard;

Today, I'm linking this post of two kinds of fences from two different places to Tex's "Good Fences"

*Kindergarten from our neighborhood on Sunday (pictures from outside)*
This doors of a gate (sliding type) or for the parking lots are very popular one in Japan.  There is a little outside bathroom (maybe) with red window frame. 

*Field Mustard with fence in the back*
This early blooming field mustard caught my eyes this 17th.  I wish you to feel a bit spring atmosphere♪  Thanks to my recent habit of always taking camera with me in husband's car :-)
Wished to take a better picture p:-) 

Thank you very much for stopping by and I APPRECIATE your kindness.

Linking this post to, "Good Fences"


  1. Talking about lego ..I love the little house... and love the last picture is alreaddy good!

  2. Hello Miyako, I found a few fences in your first shot. The mustard field is pretty, I love the pretty color.. Lovely images, enjoy your day!

  3. Fine fences around a fine place for children. I like it :)
    Have a fine day

  4. Love the look of this kindergarten - I'm sure the kids would enjoy the cute little buildings. I have never seen a gate like that black one.

  5. Thanks for writing in such an encouraging post. I had a glimpse of it and couldn’t stop reading till I finished. I have already bookmarked you.
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  6. Lovely fences and the Mustard field is very colourful.

  7. Miyako, the first is really an unusual gate, but certainly effective. I love the little building with the red windows. And I really enjoyed the framing on your mustard picture. Nice job. Hugs from Texas!

  8. I love those red window frames!

  9. Greetings! What a fun trip you had, and now we get to view too. I always have a camera with me too, so important just in case. I like the design of the places and the fences, very pretty. The yellow is just marvelous, and so colorful.

  10. very cute playground entrance! i like the gates, too. pretty yellow mustard! thanks, miyako!

  11. Lovely photos, dear Miyako, thanks so much for making my day. :)

  12. Hello Miyako!:)
    This Kindergarden play-ground is so pleasing, I'm sure the children love it. Great sliding gate and fences, and a very pretty picture of the mustard field.
    Warm Regards.

  13. The face of your blog is so pretty! Love the fences and I must say, no animal could ever squeeze into that white fence. Love the black one.

  14. That is a lovely fence at kindergarden! I think the building is bathroom, too. It's separated in two sections.
    Field mustard is so beautiful! It feels like spring already! it's been warm during day here and trees are getting green leaves already. Spring may not be too far :-)
    Have a great day, Miyako san xoxo

  15. ⋰˚هჱܓ
    Passei para cumprimentá-la.

    Fotos muito lindas!

    Muita paz e muita luz!
    Beijinhos do Brasil.

  16. I like your scenery, school yard with fences.

    Thanks for sharing on Good fences.

  17. Miyako dear, these are again very interesting pictures you have. The mustard field is impressive. It looks like you are having great weather there. :)

  18. Dearest Miyako,
    The gate from the Kindergarten in your neighborhood has a very nice rounded gate; probably for safety for not having any protruding parts.
    Lovely photos from the yellow mustard!

  19. that black gate is really neat looking. It's very different and your mustard is beautiful.

  20. That is a cute fence around the kindergarten, and the bears on the gatepost are kind of cute too in their guardhouses.
    Pretty colours in the mustard field and a pretty frame around the picture.


  21. I love that blooming mustard field. So bright and pretty!

  22. Such a beautiful field of yellow flowers

  23. Look beautiful yellow flowers, and of the gate with a very nice environment. Regards.

  24. Oh what lovely signs of spring! Yellow flowers are my favorite -- they always make me smile. And a whole field full is a special treat. That last picture would be a beautiful greeting card, with all the spring extras you've added! Beautiful all.

    And I love the fences too-- they are different from the usual and I like them very much!

  25. Miyako san!
    You had just differend lots of interesting face at Kindergarden picture of gates a beautiful yellows a nice in fance.
    I has still hot weather all of my roses
    are just only in beautiful in the morening.
    You have a nice time with otosan to ne!

  26. That fence is really attractive. I love those golden mustard fields.