Monday, October 20, 2014

calligraphy partⅠ;

(posted; Japanese culture page)

Went to see the Exhibition of the "genyuukai" calligraphy school
        My husband's ex-lady-collage is a member of this calligraphy school.
Entrance of the 'Civic Center Hall' of next city;
You can see 
'sulfuric acid bottle' decorated; I posted about it here.

I feel so sorry that I didn't translate the meaning of the works. Please consider them as art with ink and brush. 
Master explaining about works to a lady;

My husband liked this fish-shaped work.

For the last of long picture post (before students' work), let me put my favorite;
"butterfly dancing around flowers"; 
so discouraged with the light put my reflection in the glass...

*Many student's work, just for offering the atmosphere*

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  1. Que linda exposição e gosto de ver essa caligrafia daí! bjs, chica e ótima semana!

  2. A lovely exposition, Miyako! Thank you so much for sharing. :)

  3. The framed pieces are so nice, but to see the huge display of students work is incredible! It would be interesting to know the translation ;) I also read back to your previous post on the butterflies ... what beauties! Enjoy your week, Wendy x

  4. truly artful. even the english version. :)

  5. She must have fantastic patience to do such beautiful work!

  6. Wow this is quite an exhibit! I'm very impressed and overwhelmed by great works! And interesting to see many different styles, like the fish-shaped one and English version. I was never good at calligraphy as a child, but looking at these works of art, I feel like trying again :-)

    I'm sorry to read you have toothache! I hope you can get treatment soon and toothache will go away. Have a wonderful week, Miyako san xoxo

  7. Dearest Miyako,
    Good you both got to go because of your husband's lady colleague.
    All Japanese calligraphy is pure art!
    Hugs they just placed the tray with hot food in front of me...

  8. I so admire the Japanese writing, and so glad you have shared these with us, Miyako. Have a wonderful day. Hugs from Texas.

  9. Wow, now I can feel like I saw it too! What fun that had to be. Great captures of it too.

  10. What a wonderful, fascinating exhibition, Miyako!! Thank you so much for sharing! Wishing you a wonderful new week! Enjoy!


  11. Beautiful photography of a gorgeous exhibition ~ I love Asian brush painting and have done some myself (novice) so post fascinated me ~ Thank you!

    Happy Week to you.

    artmusedog and carol (A Creative Harbor)

  12. Hello Miyako, The entrance to the Civic Center is pretty with all the lovely flowers.. I love seeing the calligraphy..Some pieces look like artwork.. The fish shape is one of my favorite. And the translation in English is pretty. Thanks for sharing, enjoy your week ahead!

  13. Japanese calligraphy is so graceful - an art form as well as written expression.

  14. So graceful and lovely!

  15. Beautiful blossoms in the first photo. The calligraphy is very nice. I too like the fish :-)

  16. It's pretty cool when writing is a work of art. We don't even teach cursive in the U.S. anymore. I don't want to learn calligraphy. I just want to hang it on my walls.

  17. They ARE works of art! So it does not matter if we can't read them. But I did love the English translation which is a lovely prose poem.

    I like the fish one very much too!

  18. what beautiful "art in writing" pieces Miyako. Thanks for sharing.