Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Female Black Cicada Molted in my house;

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  My husband found Black Cicada (before molting) and later day another adult on the tree.
  Molting was at the end of July and he found the imago Aug.2nd;  

       *Female Black Cicada "imago (adult)", my husband found  for the example*
She is resting on my husband's handmade soprano saxophone stand.  
Thanks to my husband, this was my first time seeing cicada right after shed its skin. At the end of last month, he found the cicada (before molting) resting in our tiny garden. He brought her inside saying it might hatch soon for me to take pictures. 

As a girl, I never had interest in insect or collecting them when young. But I loved this funny faced girl p;)  My husband found her around six PM. And molting was around one AM. He was sleeping close to her and called me out seeing her molting was over. Lower left is around 5 PM and lower right is the different one (adult one in the top picture).
       We released both of them.

*Extra ones my husband found*
 My husband seems to have good eyes for finding them p;) 
And I thought the Brown Cicada looked a bit like an old Samurai p;) 
I learned a lot about Cicadas first time this year.
Never knew only male cicada shrills.

Thank you very much for stopping by;
I've drafted this post before. I promise visiting you later, friends!!! 
I hope this post won't be yucky for you, especially ladies :-)


  1. How interesting! I would have loved to seen this hatching. I remember as a child seeing many discarded exoskeletons on trees but I have never seen them actually emerge.

  2. How fascinating! I don't find this post yucky at all. Now I wish for a chance to see a cicada hatch too

  3. You have the most interesting posts! We learned the other day, after finding some places dug up in our yard, that the ground wasps dig a hole, kill a cicada to put in the hole, then lay their eggs there for the young to feast on. Yucky, right?

  4. aren't they amazing? i think creatures that go through such physical transformations are just awesome. :)

  5. How neat! Thank you for sharing this. It must have been so neat to experience this.

  6. He sure does have an eye for them. What beautiful captures of them too. They are amazing creatures!

  7. Not yucky at all! I love cicadas. They are so interesting and your photos captured so many cool details. Love this post, Miyako!

  8. Fabulous shots, great detail! It isn't a very attractive bug is it!

  9. Wow how amazing! You captured such great moments. I've never seen cicada hatching. Oh, and I didn't know only male cicadas shrill, either!

  10. how wonderful. I saw both stages of cicada this year because our cat tried to give them as gifts.

  11. Eww..ok, I have to admit, these critters are not my favorite. Hope you are having a lovely week!

  12. Hello Miyako, what a great series of images. Your post on the Cicada is awesome..It is cool to see them hatching.. Thanks for sharing, awesome photos.

  13. Dearest Miyako,
    WOW, you both got to see the actual CICADA MOLTING! Wow, how I wish to see that one day... In August of 2012 I did find the empty exoskeleton hanging in our Eucapyptus tree. So I did do my research and learned a lot. But this is really incredible; thanks to your dear husband! You can see my previous post here: CICADA

  14. oh how neat that you got to see it hatch.

  15. Dear Miyako,

    How fascinating seeing the cicada's hatch out. Thank you for sharing this.
    I often see the little empty shells around our garden.
    Happy week dear friend and hope all is well with you.

  16. Hello Dear Miyako.... Wow!.... I love that you brought it in and that you were interested in the insect enough to share your experience. I love cicadas, but I only have a few photos but have never seen the process. Thank you for sharing with Nature Notes and for your kind comments left on my blog.... Michelle

  17. Very interesting to see the hatching. You got some good shots of it. Take care!

  18. Hi Miyako san!
    You had first time of about Cicade hatching shrills.
    Your hysband has good eyes for finding them...
    I thinking about of new experience from new idea Miyako san!
    You having nice day!

  19. Hello Miyako!:) I saw this post when it appeared on my dashboard but couldn't visit you without my glasses. It's a wonderful post, and must have been a fabulous experience. I have always wanted to see this happen. Your husband is like mine, always looking for things for me to photograph, we are two lucky ladies!:=)
    More warm hugs, and try to take it easy my friend.

  20. I love this post. As the mother of three boys (and a girl who had to be a 'tomboy' out of self-defense) I learned many years ago not to be afraid of 'yukky'. (As a girl myself I was just like you). But I learned back when my kids were small to enjoy this kind of thing and I still do. It is great to learn.

    And your (and your husband's) pictures are wonderful. Nature is so interesting.