Thursday, July 31, 2014

Flower, Bird and Fences;

Let me show you three kinds of pictures for this post;

*Arranged Flower for "Floral Friday"*
This month's theme for "Floral Friday" is arranged flower.  I wondered which vase I would use, glass vase or earthenware vase. Even though it is summer, mine ended up mixture of western and eastern flowers in the earthenware vase :-)

A couple of days later, little white flowers of the tallest one in the center opened more. So I renewed some flowers with pink carnations. Just my own way(*^_^*)

*Black Kites on top of the building*
When we were in down town for an errand, my husband spotted two black kites on top of the building resting on the fence. These pictures were the best I could do from far distance(^^;)  This was my first time to see them 

*Japanese Style Fence*
This house with Japanese Style Fence is located our prefectural capital. I found this house on our way back to see the picture exhibition with my friend. Stone wall with bamboo fence and well-trimmed green trees. It must have been better if it is the season of azaleas are blooming among the stones.

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Expecting busy weekend, see you next week everyone♩


  1. Great photos ! I am delighted flower arrangement ! Wild birds are beautiful but dangerous for small birds. A few weeks ago I saw a hawk attacking a pigeon. It was a shocking sight !
    Greetings :)

  2. Dearest Miyako,
    You manage three subjects in one posting...
    Lovely flower arrangement and yes, when the white flower opened up more it changed the entire composition. You did well both times.
    Lovely kite photos too.
    And the natural bamboo fence with rocks is lovely as well.
    Sending you hugs,

  3. i love your flower arrangement. i like those purple ones near the bottom. :) congratulations on spotting those beautiful raptors! nice shots, too! and, of course, i love the landscaped garden and stone and bamboo fence! thanks, miyako!

  4. Wow, you do cover all your bases in this post. How lovely the flowers, and the fence scene is beautiful. I agree that azaleas in bloom would certainly be beautiful. I had never seen or heard of a "kite" before, so thought you were going to show us some flying kites, not birds. Interesting. Have a lovely day, and thanks for all the links!

  5. Lovely series of photos. The kites are gorgeous birds. You were so lucky to see them.

  6. Hello my friend!:) Your flower arrangments are beautiful.You used many flowers that I grow in my greenhouse. I love the everlasting purple flowers, even photographed some today. How wonderful that you were able to photograph the kites, and lucky that your husband spotted them. The house and garden is well presented and I can imagine how pretty it is with the azálias in bloom. Also, I hope you enjoyed the picture exibition.:)Sorry for this long comment,... can't seem to do brief!!:)

  7. Hello Miyako, Your flower arrangement is very pretty. I love all the lovely colors.. And what a cool sight to see the two Kites together.. The are awesome birds.. Wonderful series of photos. Enjoy the rest of your week!

  8. Miyako san, your flower arrangement is so pretty! Very gentle and charming, like you :-) The black kites are very handsome birds. How lucky you spotted not just one but two!
    And that's a beautiful fence. Love the bamboo. It must look even more beautiful with blooming azaleas!

    Have a wonderful day, Miyako san!

  9. Hi Miyako san!
    The summer eartern earthenware vase
    it was LOVELY arranged time of now!
    Your husband spotted two black on the fence. I love the bamboo fence with beautiful green trees.
    I think was Japanese house and garden are very preey ...
    You and Otosan have a good time!

  10. Dear Miyako,

    How wonderful to see the three subjects in this posting.
    Love the pretty way you have arranged the flowers.
    How wonderful that you got to photograph the kites, magnificent birds and have not seen them before.
    Also love the pretty garden with all the greenery and the bamboo fence.
    Hope you are enjoying the week
    sending hugs from your NZ friend

  11. Bamboo fence suits that garden. Many big stones with moss and great trimmed trees or azalea must be beautiful in the flesh. I like that Japanese style like that.I used to see the house like that in my young days, but they are getting few.
    Enjoy Summer!

  12. Pretty flower arrangement! And the bamboo fence above the stone wall is quite attractive.

  13. wow! Those Black Kite shots are fantastic and I love all the flowers and fences.

  14. I agree with Margaret. Those are some powerful shots. I also like the bamboo fencing along the rock wall. Lovely now, and it must be very striking when the azaleas are blooming.

  15. Oh my what lovely flowers and such a proud commanding bird photos, and very striking fences as well. Very nice all three subjects.

  16. Lovely flower arrangement. (Something I'm not very good at.)
    Fantastic shots of the kite.
    Beautiful fence. I love the bamboo atop the stone wall. I imagine it really is gorgeous when the azaleas are in bloom.

  17. The flowers are so pretty! Awesome shots of the Kites!

  18. You have a lovely way of arranging flowers!! Great shots on the kite, though they remind me our our hawks. So enjoyed the fencing around the home. So different from the ones in the States. Miyako, I always enjoy seeing your part of the world.

  19. Dear Miyako,
    A very pretty flower arrangement - I do love your vase! I enjoyed seeing the kites and the beautiful Japanese fencing!
    Hugs xo

  20. What a delightful flower arrangement. So many pretty colours, bound to add cheer to any room. Wishing you a great weekend!!

  21. That tallest white guy looks like an awesome pineapple! Your arrangement turned out really sweet :)

  22. very pretty blooms! love the happy colours :)

  23. Stopping by from Floral Friday!
    Your flowers are so pretty!

  24. What lovely flower arrangements. Wonderful bird captures. Adore the simplicity of the Japanese gardens.

  25. your arrangement is beautiful. and i love your three interpretations!

  26. A cheery and charming bouquet!


  27. Miyako, those black kites are wonderful -- you are a very talented photographer. And I love your flower arrangement -- another talent of yours I see!

    I miss visiting my blogging friends -- travel is wonderful and I am enjoying Alaska so much, but there is not very much time to blog. I will catch up when I can! Don't forget me ;>)))

  28. Dear Miyako, I commented above but I wanted to stop back and say thank you for linking up your Black Kites to my critter party.. Enjoy and have a happy weekend!

  29. Hello dear Miyako

    i love the way you've arranged your flowers - such lovely combination.

    The kites are fascinating - great photos.
    Thank you for sharing.

  30. Great photos of the kites. Nice bouquet too.

    Enjoy your weekend


  31. Fantastic photos and arrangements.

  32. ...and those kites are gorgeous!!! Isn't it wonderful to see a 'new bird' for the first time?

    Your post of fences, flowers and black kits is very enjoyable!!!

    Thank you for linking up at I'd Rather B Birdin' this weekend. Always appreciated!!

  33. sweet colourful flowers and I especially enjoyed your black kites

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