Monday, July 14, 2014

Female Common Skimmer and Flowers;

             Oh My, it was almost Dream Come True☆☆☆
When we were about to curve the corner to go out for shopping a couple of days ago, my husband stopped our car spotting this Female Common Skimmer. He proudly explained me its name and males have bluish color. It seems she was resting on the fence of concrete block fence. How lucky that this sweet lady gave me enough time for me to take pictures.

Sure was a great balance training, wasn't it girl ♡♡♡

These flowers are from last time visit to our park's tropical garden with my friend;
Hibiscus with Two Colors
Medinilla Magnifica 
Sorry that I forgot to check names for the last two...

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  1. Lindo inseto tão bem fotografado e as flores igualmente! bjs,chica

  2. Dearest Miyako,
    Lovely macro shots of the femal dragon fly; common skimmer.
    Oh, those healthy plants look heavenly in your pictures. My former sister-in-law used to have a potplant Medinilla Magnifica in her living room!
    Sending my friend in Japan hugs and love,

  3. I'm amazed that your husband spied a dragonfly from the car! She's beautiful. Dragonflies are such beauties, and we see a lot of them camping. Beautiful shots of the flowers :) Enjoy your day Miyako! Wendy x

  4. really, really nice!!! that new camera is working out just GREAT!

  5. Fabulous photos! The last shot of the dragonfly looks like she's posing for you with her "arm" bent and placed just so. Haha. The second to last plant looks like our shrimp plant. Have a great week dear Miyako!

  6. Wow the photos of dragonfly are gorgeous! She looks very elegant :-) Your husband is very knowledgeable. I didn't know you could tell it's male or felame by the color.
    And the flowers are so beautiful! I especially love Medinilla Magnifica. What an unique looking flower!

    Please take good care of yourself and don't let the summer heat take you! Have a wonderful new week, Miyako san xoxo

  7. Hello miyako!:)These are super shots of what appears to be a very laid-back Dragonfly, posing nicely for you.Well spotted by your husband.:) All the flowers are extreemly beautiful, and exotic looking also.Lovely photos!

    Portugal does have a rich maritime history, and we do love our cakes!:)"Nata's" are a favourite with foreigners.

    Have a good week Miyako!:)

  8. Hello Miyako, your hubby has a great eye for the dragonflies.. Great captures.. a pretty dragon. Your flowers are all lovely.. Gorgeous photos and post. Enjoy your week!

  9. Hi Miyako san!
    Your has been going to shopping Totemo Takusan fuku.Yokatuta desuka?
    You can take pictures all ways with you and your friend and beautiful!
    The feamal dragonfly fly are very beautiful your flowers are very prety.
    Have a good time with Otosan tone!
    Watasi wa miniti amega furunode iyani narimasu!

  10. Oh she is truly a beauty and your photo skills are amazing Miyako! Yes, she does look like she is on a balance beam!

    Beautiful flowers all. The hibiscis is familiar as they grow in Florida. I love them. All the others are lovely too.

  11. Great snaps of the skimmer and of the flowers. It's lovely to get a glimpse of summer in our cold weather.

    greetings from New Zealand,

  12. Lovely dragonfly! Your husband was lucky to see her from the car!:) Greetings from Romania!

  13. Super views of the Skimmer and the colourful blooms. It will be a little while before our Hibiscus are in flower.

  14. beautiful images Miyako. The dragon fly is wonderful.

  15. All wonderful photos!! The dragonfly shots are really great, but the flowers are all beautiful too!!

  16. Hello Dear Miyako... How exciting to get some amazing macro photos of the skimmer. They are hard to catch and this one is beautiful along with the flowers.. Thank you so much for linking into Nature Notes...Michelle

  17. you have some really pretty flowere to share. Love them all. And I like the skimmer as well. We have a similar one where I live. :)

  18. I love the dragonfly and all the flowers! Big hugs from Finland!

  19. Dear Miyako,

    Love all your photographs of the dragon fly and how pretty the hibiscus and the Medinilla magnifica is, such a pretty pink.
    Happy weekend dear friend and sending hugs from New Zealand

  20. Love the skimmer and the flowers. Have a great weekend.