Sunday, June 29, 2014

Small Children's Fair;

On 22nd, there was a small event for children to contact with animals and heavy machines. When I read this event with pc's home-page of our city park, I was expecting to see more varieties of them p;)  
    Let me just post some pictures of the children having fun; 

There was a long line for this pony ride.  Haha, I worried a bit for cute pony:-)
"Help me; they may take me scary place."

This goose looked vacant to see many children.

Children could hold many kinds of these 'guinea pig; cavia porcellus'
(maybe, sorry if I was wrong)
Little boys looked enjoying to ride these heavy machines.

Thank you very much for stopping by;

I'll be visiting you soon♡♡♡    


  1. what a fun fair for them! yes, those pony rides look tiring to me, too!

  2. Oh the kids look like they are having such fun! The animals don't look as excited as the children do. :)

  3. I expect little boys are the same the world over ... loving big machines and noise! The petting zoo and pony rides look like so much fun (I'd even enjoy holding the animals!)

  4. A small children to contact with animals of cavse the chidren having fun.
    We had yesterday has the school chirdren are holiday from yesterday even more raining days.
    Kawaii kodomo desne from our heart.

  5. Dear Miyako,

    How fun for the children to be able to play with the animals.
    Love the sweet little horse and goat.
    Hope you are having a lovely weekend

  6. Hello Miyako. What a happy day for all the children (and adults too). Cute goat and you have interpreted its feelings exactly I am sure :D)

    I can see how excited the children were to ride in that crane. It brings memories to me of when our Son used to play with a toy version.

    A lovely post, thank you, and until next time :D)

  7. Such a wonderful place !
    We have to teach our children to RESPECT ANIMALS. The white goat and bunnies are so cute !
    Miyako, I wish you a nice Sunday :)

  8. Hello Miyako, it looks like a fun fair, especially for the children. I love all the cute critters, the pony is adorable.. Wonderful photos, have a happy week ahead!

  9. Que coisa linda! Belas fotos! bjs, chica

  10. Looks like kids had lots of fun with animals and heavy machinery! The little goat does look a bit scared. I hope all the animals got a good meal and rest after the busy day :-)

    It'll be a short work week for us for July 4th holiday. I wish you a wonderful new week, Miyako san!

  11. It's so wonderful for kids to see and touch safe animals! I want to touch the goat!

  12. The photos are so great!! I love the one of the pony looking like he wanted you to take him away to a safe place. :) Too cute!! Hope you have a great week. :)

  13. where was the kid goat going?

    funny generation to grow up around nothing but other people except on special occasions. most of history wasn't like this.

  14. Dearest Miyako,
    Sorry I missed this, had severe headaches for days and could not do anything... Now I'm fit again.
    Cute animals for kids to enjoy such a fair.

  15. What a fun day for the children!