Saturday, May 10, 2014

Memory of Household Chores with Mother;

As tomorrow is Mother's Day, I think about my young days with my mother learning about household works from her. I reminisce memories these sweet days growing up with her guidance. Thank you mother, I still miss you so much.

A; Cooking and washing dishes;
I really LOVED to be with my mother in the kitchen. Seeing her cooking was the amusing momentTo see how fast she could cut and learn that soup should be the key for seasoning etc. (l remember my first miso soup). Sweet memory that late father praised my first fried rice for our lunch right after becoming a school girl.  
Washing dishes was mainly my job and didn't like it (^^;)  It was on cloud nine when my parents bought our first water heater p;)

B; Laundry:
As my mother was working, I did laundry since little. I had hard time rolling the handle to drain the laundries with old type washing machine. Hanging them up was a tough job for a small girl as well, stool was the inevitable item.

C; Sewing;
How I wish I had my mother's talent for sewing. Her handmade cute dresses she made for me when little were my favorite and awaited anxiously being made. The sweet little sounds from the old machine were very soothing and loved it.  

Happy Mother's Day for Every mother and grandmother in the world♪
Thank you very much for stopping by;

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  1. Such Dear, precious memories, Miyako! I enjoyed sharing them with you! I love your sweet images, too. Hugs xo Karen

  2. Hello Miyako,, lovely memories of your Mom! My mother was wonderful at sewing..Great post for Mother's Day!

    Enjoy your weekend!

  3. Lindas recordações! Um lindo e feliz dia das mães para todas! beijos,chica

  4. Hi Miyako san. Thank you for sharing your sweet memories with your mother. Such lovely and precious memories. Imagining you hanging laundry on a stool made me smile :-) I helped my mother here and there, too, a little cooking, washing dishes, laundry, etc. She doesn't do much sawing though. Just repair works. It must have been really wonderful to wear dresses hand made by your mother!
    Happy Mother's Day and have a great weekend xoxo

  5. Hi,Miyako sama. Nice memories with your mother. I also miss my mother. Thanks for sharing.

  6. Dearest Miyako,
    Lovely recollections of your dear Mother and yes, because they taught us so many things in life, they will stay in our hearts forever. I too have learned so much from my Mom and I am grateful for it as it also did shape me for the rest of my life. That taught discipline by having to do chores at home very early on has helped me my entire life!

  7. This is such a beautiful collection of memories. How sweet and lovely to think about those times. It brought me back to my childhood when I learned similar tasks, except it was my father who taught me to make soup.

  8. Oh, my dear friend, how I loved sharing these memories of you and your precious mom here on your blog. She was a remarkable woman, and she raised a remarkable daughter.

  9. this filled my heart. sweet, sweet memories, miyako. :)

  10. °✿彡º°。
    Muito lindo!

    Beijinhos carinhosos.
    ✿✿⊱.Brasil°º。✿° ·.

  11. Thanks for sharing these wonderful memories of you mother with us, Miyako!

  12. Oh Miyako, such a sweet post. I miss my mom so much, too. And she taught me so many things. But some things I could not master as well as she.....she wrapped beautiful presents, I am all thumbs. She made the best soup, to this day I cannot duplicate the flavor! Have a wonderful week, Miyako. Love you! xo

  13. You have so many beautiful memories. Lovely to read them Miyako :D)

  14. Oh ... What a beautiful post. I was thinking about my Mother today and while this is the second Mothers Day without her, it seems so much longer since I have heard her voice.... Hugs... Michelle

  15. Dear Miyako,

    Lovely memories of all your dear Mother taught you.
    Our Mothers are such special ladies and I am grateful for all the wonderful things my mother tiaught me.
    Wishing you a happy Sunday dear friend and sending much love and hugs

  16. You have such great memories of your childhood with your mother.

  17. Hello dear Miyako, these are such precious and beautiful memories!

  18. Lovely memories -- it is amazing to think about how we learn so much just by being with our mothers and watching and absorbing what they do.

    It sounds as if your mother was quite modern in working outside of the home. Mine did too occasionally (and that was a VERY long time ago).