Friday, March 7, 2014

Pink Pelican or White Pelican (Pelecanus onocrotalus);

       In the Year 1967, 10 Pelicans were sent to my city's park from Calcutta, India.  
   Later in the same year, the small "Pelican Island" was made in the lake of our park.

The net you see is for the purpose of protecting them from bird flu. Some of the swans in the lake were infected and lovely varieties of them (about 400 of them) were inevitably killed (year 2011)

a few of them were swimming in the lake inside the net

*Cutta-kun (1985~2008) story*
One of the pelican Cutta-kun 'born artificial breeding and named after his mother's birth place' became really friendly and amiable. He started to fly attend the nearby kindergarten. The sweet scene posing to the mirror or dancing to the music with children became popular.  
His story was made into a cartoon film through fund-raising by citizen. His sculpture is placed in front of the pelican island in memory of him. 
And also memorial stamp was issued.(right end of the picture below)

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  1. i like that the extra-friendly pelican is memorialized in book and statue. so cute!

  2. Que beleza ver essas aves assim!Adorei! beijos,chica

  3. Hi Miyako. I think that these are beautiful birds. How sad that so many were lost through Bird Flue. That must be a very beautiful park. I loved this post and looking at the photos :)

  4. What a sweet story about Cutta. I do enjoy pelicans ...we see quite a few of them here, both white and brown ones. I'm glad yours are OK and are protected.

    I remembered your sad post about your country losing all your swans to that terrible bird flu .. and I worried that my posts about swans would bring back those sad memories for you.

  5. Hello Miyako, the pelicans are one of my favorite birds. It is good to know they were protected from the bird flu. Nice story about the Cutta-kun pelican visiting the kindergarten.. The sculpture is pretty. Thanks for sharing, have a happy weekend! BTW, I appreciate that you will be joining my critter party.

  6. Dearest Sallie;
    Thank you SO much for your sweet comment. I DO appreciate your kindness.

    So sorry that my poor English must have caused misunderstanding. I'm not sure how bad the terrible bird flu is damaging birds in my country. Swans in my city's park were all killed. I DO hope it won't spread any more☆☆☆

    Again, thank you SO much, my dear friend,xoxo, Miyako*

  7. Dearest Miyako,
    Lovely post; it was well worth all your work in preparing this!
    What a touching story about commemorating that very special pelican. Yes, it is so sad if we lose life, no matter what life, due to terrible diseases that strike down
    Hugs to you,

  8. You are a born teacher, my dear friend, and I always learn from your wonderful posts! I loved reading about these pelicans. I do hope bird flu goes away completely. xo

  9. Aw the pilicans are so cute! I'm really sad about swans who were affected by bird flu. I hope these pelicans live safe and happy.
    I didn't know about Cutta-kun, but what a special pelican! The cartoon is so cute :-)
    Have a lovely weekend, Miyako san!!

  10. What a sweet, sweet outcome and lovely post - it definitely is a feel good read!!

    Love the statue.

    Have a super weekend dear friend.

    Hootin' Anni
    Anni @ I'd Rather B Birdin'

  11. What a sweet story about Cutta-kun. It must have been so fun for the children when he visited them. What a great statue. Love the bow on the neck.

  12. Dearest Miyako san!
    I think a very good ideia for Palican all family 1967 india. Cutta-Kun 1985-2008 story.
    Some of the swans in the lake were infacted and lovely varietics of about 400 of them were killed 2011 years.
    I never no about the palicans story
    Thank you so much Miyako san!
    Have a good time with Otosan tone!

  13. It's good to see the nets there to protect the pelicans from getting bird flu. I like the statue of Cutta-kun!

  14. Dear Miyako ~ love the pelicans and the statue and glad they protected now ~ lovely post and photos ~ Happy Weekend to you ~ xxx ~ thanks for visiting ^_^

  15. Hi Miyako Pelicans are lovely birds and you have captured them well. Great idea the netting, at least these birds will be safe.

  16. Jeśli pelikan był taki jak opisujesz, to zasłużył na tak śliczną rzeźbę. Ja te ptaki bardzo lubię. Pozdrawiam.
    If the pelican was as you describe, it deserves such a beautiful sculpture. I really like these birds. Yours.

  17. I love pelicans! There are a lot of them on your lake.

  18. The pelicans are beautiful. How sad that so many birds died. Lots of hugs from Finland.

  19. Pelicans are fun to watch. Nice series!

  20. Oh, such beautiful Pelicans! It is so wonderful that they are cared for so lovingly. How sad that so many swans were infected in years past. We are all learning so much about wildlife that hopefully in years to come there will be more sanctuaries like this. Have a beautiful week sweetie. Mina

  21. I like the statue too and the fact they're trying to protect the rest of the birds.

  22. The pelican is such a beautiful bird. Pretty pictures. :)