Sunday, March 16, 2014

Highway scenery;

We visited my husband's brother yesterday. He lives less than 2 hours drive away from our house.  His 2 daughters were there as well with their babies. 
*Let me show you how the high way looks like near my area and one toll system*
I took these pictures from inside the car while my husband was driving. 
highway runs through mountainous area

I never thought about how many tunnels we have to pass to be there.  To my surprise, there are 25 tunnels on the way during the 120km drive. My foreign guests from Australia once said that she was amazed with our technology (or necessity) to carry though the tough job of constructing them. 

This is the entrance of the highway. ETC (Electronic Toll Collection System) was adopted to avoid the congestion of toll road. Radiowave calculate the fee from the car which has on-board equipment and installed the card of this system.  
I can guess you might have different system in your country.

Visiting you soon. Thank you very much for stopping by;


  1. we have a 'toll tag' system here that operates similarly. love your mountains! lots of tunnels! hope you had a great visit with family!

  2. Linda autoestrada e pedágio! Ótimo domingo,bjs, chica

  3. Dear Miyako,

    Lovely scenery and was great to see a little of your drive and must have been great to catch up with your family.
    I remember watching Top Gear and they were driving over in Japan and going through many tunnels.
    We have a few toll roads over here.
    Happy weekend dear friend

  4. What a pretty drive! The mountains are lovely.. We have same kind of toll collection here too. I hope you had a nice visit. Have a happy Sunday and week ahead!

  5. Beautiful scenery on beautiful day! Must have been nice drive :-) The area I live is all freeway, so no toll booth. But in a city, there are some. There are many tunnels in Japan indeed. Reminds me of how mountainous Japan is!

  6. Here we have EZ pass, it does make it easier, but it is still expensive! But cheaper than paying full price! Hope you are doing well, my dear friend. xo

  7. Miyako san!
    It was nice to drive with your Husband's brother with two babies1
    Miyako san dear good picture the area is look very will drive Otosan!
    without rains are beautiful time in the mountainous yokata desune!!
    Have a good time,

  8. ✿⊱°•
    Você tem razão, no meu país é diferente.

    °º。♪♫Bom fim de semana!°。♪♬
    Beijinhos✿♫° ·.

  9. I hope you enjoyed your visit, spring seems to be in Japan :)

  10. You do have beautiful blue skies there, the roads looks wide and clean. I love what you've done with your blog for St Patrick's day it's very nice and decorative. Having a long weekend here, and really enjoying it. Hope you're having a great weekend!


  11. Hello Miyako, my friend!! I love your pictures. There are places here in the U.S. that look very similar to yours. Tennessee, New York State, Vermont. We do have these electronic methods of collecting tolls. They are amazing aren't they? I hope you enjoyed your visit with family! Hugs my friend XX

  12. Dearest Miyako,
    Lovely scenic drive and so nice of you to take us along!
    Those tunnels do remind me of Northern Italy where we also passed through numerous ones that cut through the mountains.
    Yes, the toll system works similar here in the USA.
    You are lucky for having a brother at 'only' two hours driving distance!

    I had problems for 24 hours and could not visit nor comment on blogs... but a dear friend rescued me. Tomorrow I post about my video contribution to the U.S. Embassy's program in Jakarta about Leprosy.

  13. What lovely scenery you have, my dear friend! I wouldn't mind making drives if I could look at beautiful vistas like those. And yes, for our tollways, there is an EZ (easy) Pass system here for those who use it often.

  14. We do have similar toll systems some places.... There are lots of tunnels in Colorado, but I don't think I've ever driven through quite so many in one day trip.

    My husband loves mountain driving -- he would be happy to be on this road. Like you, I'd much rather take pictures of the beautiful scenery and the tunnels.

  15. what beautiful scenery!!
    we have toll roads in So. Cal..but i've never been on one!
    i love tunnels,but my husband does not!! the trenches in V.Nam caused him to have severe claustrophobia!!

  16. Such a scenic drive. It's so nice to be able to be able to visit Japan through your pictures. Thank you for sharing with us!