Thursday, February 27, 2014

Japanese White Eye;

I happened to see about 10 white-eyes were resting in our small apricot tree
"Wow" I rushed to get camera!  
I was inside the house and the curtains were closed. 
When I opened the curtain slowly and gently, they started to fly off.
Unfortunately, the shot below was the only decent picture I could take.  Well, I decided not to take the rare chance wasted and to post this pic for Saturday's critters with introduction of one Japanese idiom derived from their habit.      
                 We call them   Mejiro, 目白(メジロ) "eye white"

*We have an idiom "目白押し、mejirooshi"; "jostling of mejiro" *
Big events are packed, aren't they?  
Big events are "mejirooshi", aren't they? 

The phrase above is an example of the Japanese idiom "mejirooshi". From the scene of a flock of white-eye nestle up like that, which I've never seen(^^;) 

      I'll be busy this weekend; but try catching up with you, till next week my friends.

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  1. such beauties! glad you caught a shot before they all left!

  2. Oh your picture is beautiful!! Looks like Mejiros are enjoying the apricot tree. It must have been quite a scene when so many of them were together. Glad you could get the picture of some of them!
    I've never noticed that "mejirooshi" came from Mejiro! I learned new thing about Japan (again!) today :-)

  3. What BEAUTIFUL birds, my dear friend, and how wonderful you were able to photograph them! How I would love to see birds like that outside my window. We have some noisy ones out there right now, but they are the common black ones and some woodpeckers and green jays.

  4. Hello Miayako, I love both your White Eyes and the lovely blossoms. Beautiful birds and images! And congrat on getting their photo. Have a happy weekend!

  5. you teach me something new all the time!
    i find i know very little about birds and plants and tress!!
    i never heard of "white eyes" ..they are sooo pretty!!!!

  6. Dearest Miyako,
    How lucky you got by capturing those exotic looking white eyes on camera!
    Love also your cherry blossoms.

    PS I'm sooooooooooo tired; need to sleep in tomorrow morning!

  7. Dear Miyako,

    That looks so pretty, great pictures.

  8. WOW .... beautiful... I have never seen these birds before !

  9. Hello Miyako, thank you for linking up your cute birds to my critter party. Have a happy weekend!

  10. Beautiful, oh so beautiful Miyako!!! I'm an avid birder and always love a good showing of our feathered friends around the world.

    If you'd like, later today [12 NOON CST -Texas Time in the USA] come over and add your link at my bird photo blog...the NEW linking will open at noon. Last weeks is closed now, so if you choose to add this link to your white eyes...come on over later today, you're heartily invited to join if you wish.

    The link to my bird photo blog is -it's now 5:30 AM as I post this comment.

  11. ...if it is too late for you, then...stop by on Sunday!!

  12. Very beautiful and tranquil-
    Visiting from Eileen-

  13. Lovely photo that you quickly got ~ the Tao was with you ~ Happy Weekend to you ~ Lovely post too.!xxx

  14. Lovely little bird among those beautiful blossoms.

  15. Cute little birds and gorgeous blossoms! Enjoy your weekend!

  16. Oh my sweet Miyako, your picture is so beautiful! I love these "white eyes"! They are amazing. Please don't apologize for your absence to my blog. I too, have had a difficult time keeping up with everything and everyone. Always know you are in my heart and mind, regardless of visits. We will always catch up with one another. Warmest hugs, my lovely friend. Mina

  17. Beautiful birds and blossoms!

  18. ...happy to see you linking up for the Bird D'Pot. If at any time on the Sunday's/lat Saturday's you have bird images...please share again.

  19. Hi,Miyako-san. Nice capture. I envy you that you can see white-eye birds from your house. I think you had a nice weekend. Thanks for sharing.

  20. These are really gorgious little birds with their white eye ring.
    All the best Gordon.

  21. Pleasure to walk on your blog, wonderfull post and little birds
    Greeting from belgium; have a nice new week.

  22. A beautiful bird Miyako and how lucky you were able to get a picture. I usually don't have much luck getting the smaller birds.

    And enjoyed reading the information about it too Thank you.