Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Happy Valentine with Rewarding Feeling♪

Normally, I help junior high or high school students with their preparation of their English textbook.  Now I have a sweet third grade elementary school girl. 
     The girl looked happy learning about Valentines Day with me

"Do you eat chocolate on Feb. 14th; Valentines Day?"   "nod"
"You don't know what that day means, do you?"           "nod"
            She is nodding the fact that she doesn't know; that's Japanese style.

She looked surprised to know about St. Valentine. And also the message he sent to the blind girl "from your Valentine" before he was executed, seemed touched her. Smiled a bit to know that the custom about chocolate (usually girls give boys) is nothing to do with him and was started by chocolate company in 1958 only in Japan.
She must be too early to learn about a persecuted martyr (hope I'm using the proper word). But at least she took my message that he was the St. who tried to spread the LOVE of God.  It was a class with rewarding feeling.
Not many Japanese people know about the story behind this day. I think it pity that we don't see the introduction behind this day much through tv or English textbook.

    *Decoration at my favorite cake shop and 2 chocolates my husband got*

Thank you very much for stopping by and my next post won't be so soon p;)
And Happy Valentines Day to you all filled with love; 


  1. Dear Miyako,

    That is beautiful, I love Valentine's day and LOVE chocolate!!!
    Enjoy your evening my friend.

  2. What a blessed girl she is for having a teacher like you, my dear friend! And you used precisely the right word. I love your pictures and all the chocolate- it's much better for me to enjoy it by looking at it than eating it! Happy Valentine's!

  3. you are a caring instructor, no doubt. :)

  4. What a wonderful story. You are a good teacher and friend to that child. I love the photographs of the sweets. . .Japanese people really know how to wrap and present a gift. Just beautiful!

  5. My sweet Miyako, it is so lovely of you to teach these children, not only in formal education, but in deeper meanings as well. You are an amazing lady. Now I will tell you that you have also taught me something, my friend. I did not know that the tradition of giving chocolate was started by a Japanese company in 1958. See what a great teacher you are? Beautiful pictures as well. Happy Valentines Day, sweetie. Hugs to you, Mina

  6. Valentine's Day is pretty much commercialized event so its origin and history might surprise children. The little girl is lucky to learn new thing from you :-)
    The decoration at cake shop is very pretty! I enjoy all the decorations and special sweets I see around Valentine's Day :-) Wishing you a very happy and sweet Valentine's Day!!

  7. I hope your day is filled with love as well dear Miyako. Your posts are always SO sweet! I loved your photos as well. I am sure that you are a very good teacher. Sending you love from England xx

  8. Hello Miyako, you are a wonderful teacher. It seems the world has commerialized all the holidays, mainly for the money. I love your photos and post! Thanks for sharing some of the St Valentine history. Happy Valentine's day to you!

  9. You are a good teacher Miyako. Many (maybe even most) people in the US have no idea about the origin of Valentine's Day. Sadly, it has become only a commercial holiday. (But the kids love it and young romantic couples of course too).

  10. Hello Orchid!
    I didn't even know that about St. Valentine! I just knew that there was a Roman cult dedicated to him! It's sad that lots of people don't know the reason or namesake of the day, but at least one more person does today! And many more if they happen to visit this spot!
    On a different note, that cake shop looks so good!
    Have a wonderful day Orchid!

  11. Miyako sama.
    Hi! Very beautiful post as usual. Reading your post, I remembered a song named Siritakunaino by Yoichi Sugawara," How many how many I wonder,but I really do not want to know".
    BTW, I received 2 set of chocolate from parters of contract bridge this year.