Thursday, December 26, 2013

What I can not decorate this year;

My family is in mourning for my father this year. If you have lost your family member during the year, there are a couple of new year decorations you abstain from decorating. 

*Normally, we do not decorate these two things*

*Shimekazari "しめ飾り"*  (from my new year post this year)
On the porch of the entrance door of the almost all of the houses, these shimekazari is decorated. (rather cute and gorgeous) form this page.  It has the same role as the shimenawa from the Shinto shrines - to keep the bad spirits away as well as welcoming God. You can read more detail from this page.
The offering for the God (of grain).  And I'll quote from this page.
"The two mochi discs are variously said to symbolize the going and coming years, the human heart, "yin" and "yang", or the moon and the sun. The "daidai" (citrus), whose name means "generations".  The name kagami ("mirror") is said to have originated from its resemblance to an old-fashioned kind of round copper mirror, which also had a religious significance.

I remember decorate them with my late mother when young

I DO hope you will be able to have a wonderful year end and new year season♪


  1. the shimekazari wreaths are really beautiful. i understand the tradition of abstaining from decorations or celebrations during a period of mourning.

    i hope you are doing better every day.

  2. Hello Miyako, the wreaths are lovely. I can also understand you are honoring the memory of your father. May your heart and soul find peace and comfort. HUGS, Eileen

  3. I do understand since mourning is part of our life. I do hope you are having some quiet times.

  4. My dear Miyako, the wreaths are beautiful and thanks for sharing the traditions with us. Hope you are getting better my dear. Much love your way ♥

  5. Hi Miyako san. These Shimekazari are very pretty with flowers. Thank you for the information about Kagamimochi. I didn't know much fact about it..haha. I hope you will have a peaceful Oshogatsu.

  6. Miyako,the photos are lovely. A lovely memory of decorating the rice cakes with your mother. So much you are dealing with right now. The loss of your father still so new..sending love your way my friend. I know so well how you feel... our cultures have different "traditions of mourning",yet our hearts and souls mourn alike.xo

  7. Hello Miyako My Friend...
    So good to hear from you. The pictures of these two objects are very pretty. It is understandable that you would not decorate them though.

    Let us hope that 2014 is a much better year for us with good health and much happiness. Hugs XX

  8. Dearest Miyako sama!
    Shimekazari is a gorgeous Hagime carano page Hagime karano generations saisno ..Watashi niwa hontoni wreshiku omoimasu Miyako san.
    I hope you and your otosama to very happy time.
    Okaradani kiotukete kudasai mase.

  9. Thank you MIyako for showing us these beautiful traditions. It makes sense to me to abstain from festive decoration while you are in mourning.