Sunday, December 1, 2013

First Harvest of Oranges♪

My cousin, who has worked for an IT company, had had a desire to involve agriculturally-related job. This March he has made a drastic change of living to grow oranges under the "agricultural support project for youth" run by Japanese government. (hope my English makes sense p;)  He took one year introduction course at agricultural college to prepare for his new life.  Considering the current situation that young people are leaving farming family, I  really admire his ambition.
We went to have a share of his first harvest. He is my late mother's younger brother's son; we picked our aunt along the way. We enjoyed cutting some dozens oranges; well, we had asked him to prepare about 10 boxes in advance for neighbors and friends(*^_^*)

View from his farm (120m above sea level)

Blue net is for windbreak and whitish wire is for keeping birds away.

My cousin and my sweet aunt who supported me a lot mentally when I lost my brother. 

Oranges in Autumn or Winter :-)

Linking this post "Our world Tuesday" later.
I still have thoughtful sudden visitors reading the cards which specialized in mourning.
Wishing you started (will start) a wonderful new week.


  1. Fiquei encantada com as fotos.Bela colheita, lindas laranjas! beijos,chica e lindo dezembro! chica

  2. Hello Miyako, what a challenge for your cousin! He seems to have done really well too. I am sure you and the family are very proud of his accomplishment. The oranges look delicious and the view is beautiful. Congrats to your cousin, he has done well. Have a happy day and week ahead!

  3. oh, i admire his career change! blessings to him as he grows these marvelous and healthy fruits!

  4. Those are gorgeous trees and fruit, my dear friend! We have quite a citrus growing area here, and I can tell he's done those right. What sweet pictures- I'm so glad you have such wonderful family around to enjoy!

  5. Dearest Miyako,
    What a surprising post about growing oranges in Japan! I had no clue that you have such moderate areas where you have no frost in winter for growing them.
    Your cousin indeed is brave enough for trying this.
    You do look so much like your sweet aunt!
    Hugs to you,

  6. What a lovely way to spend the day out. I've been cherry picking but we don't have citrus orchards this far south, just stone fruit, apples and pears.
    Well done to your cousin for being brave enough to try a change of career, wishing him well.

    blessings from New Zealand,

  7. Hello Miyako. Your cousin deserves much happiness and success in his new career. These oranges look wonderful and I bet they taste delicious too. Good for him for pursuing his ambitions. Much love and hugs XX

  8. Nice idea to change, but farming is also a hard work; it looks like a nice area.

  9. How wonderful to be able to pick fresh oranges.

  10. Lovely photos of everyone picking fresh oranges ~ wonderful post for OWT ~ thanks, carol, xxx

  11. Oh I loved this post Miyako! I admire your cousin very much (your English was very clear -- I understand that the government is helping so that young people will be more willing to farm).... it is such important work ... we couldn't live without farmers. Lovely to take your Aunt with you to the orchard. And the oranges look so good. Oranges grow near us here in Florida -- they do not grow where we are from in Oregon because it is too cold, so it is exciting to us to be able to pick and eat oranges fresh from the tree.

  12. Dear Miyako,

    I enjoyed reading your post and how wonderful that your cousin has an orange grove. Love your header with the delicious looking oranges and blossom.
    You do look a lot like your Aunt and great that she was able to go along with you.
    Happy week, dear friend
    Sending hugs

  13. that is just wonderful. it's a blessing to find out one's passion in life and to pursue it. i'm sure that his love for agriculture will bring him lots of joy.....hopefully money/profits too in the near future.

  14. How lovely to find a calling. Nice shots of the fruit!

  15. Your cousin's got guts to change career. It may be comfortable to work under the sun though there are many pains. Oranges looks soft and juicy.
    Happy week ahead!

  16. My dear Miyako, its such a courageous thing to do but that's what happiness is about.. following your passion :)The oranges look splendid ! Much love your way my dear friend.

  17. Dearest Miyako,
    Your cousin workod involve agriculturally-related job,
    considering the current situation for that young family.
    Miyako san really admire his ambition I am very glad you have wonderful sweet aunt.
    I hope you and Otosan to okiotukete
    kudasai mase kageo hikanai yoni.

  18. Hi Miyako san. I admire your cousin, too. Changing from IT field to orange field is a big change! But his farm looks beautiful and oranges looks so shiny and delicious! I crave for mikan now :-)

    So sorry for not visiting for a while, Miyako san. I've been too busy to get on internet, but hopefully I can have more time now. Have a lovely weekend xoxo

  19. Beautiful citrus fruit, Miyako! xo. Hope you are feeling better. I fell in my house and hurt my right foot badly, three toes are broken, I think. :-(

  20. Beautiful citrus fruit, Miyako! xo. Hope you are feeling better. I fell in my house and hurt my right foot badly, three toes are broken, I think. :-(

  21. I didn't find a place to comment on your latest post. Just wanted you to know I'm thinking of you. I wouldn't delete that post if I were you. I think it's a good reminder of what you're going through right now.

  22. what a beautiful view your brother has. his orange farm is so pretty!!!
    a lovely way to spend the day.
    there was no place to leave a comment on your latest post ....i hope you feel up to celebrating the holidays...but i also know how hard it is. the 26th of this month will be 7 years since my father died and i still find it hard..especially with both of my parents gone. i keep you in my heart Miyako san. May joy return to your soul and grief go. it is a long road,is it not?!xo