Thursday, September 12, 2013

Early Rice-Cake Making

 (posted; Japanese culture page)
Normally, we make rice cake to prepare new year and eat them a lot around year-end and new-year season. My rice-cake (mochi,餅) lover husband couldn't wait and we made them a few days ago. I've already posted "mochi-tsuki, 餅つき" topic before.
Well, would you let me introduce it again by adding one thing I haven't written...

*making rice-cake at my husband's hobby room*

It is hard to roll them; so hot after glutinous rice get steamed. I love mochi with sweet beans in it, so I always make them as well. I wish I could serve them to my dear friends who haven't tasted them(*^_^*)

My husband's favorite is soup type (zouni, 雑煮).  Of course, we use toaster now but my mother used this kind of charcoal stove when I was young. 

*Throwing cerebrating red and white mochi at house-raising*
At the time of house-raising, people cerebrate the occasion by throwing small red and white mochi.   Happy time to share the joy of having a new house.

So sorry for my old friends who are familiar with this video. 
                For my new friends, I'll add the traditional mochi-making video.
It is really reminiscent scene for me.

       *While waiting the machine steaming rice, I wished to fiddle with PC* 
As table was occupied, I was using electone's chair to put pc and  footrest as a chair p:)
                    Well, didn't have much time to face pc, haha(^^;)

Thank you very much for stopping by for this a bit long post


  1. Hello Miyako, your rice cakes look yummy. And thank you for sharing the video too, it is a neat process. Your PC table is just temporary? Our friends and families have what is called house-warming parties. Friends and families are invited over to the new house for a party, everyone has a fun time seeing the new house, bringing gifts and a nice get together. Great post and photos, have a happy day!

  2. Dearest Miyako,

    Oh no, I want them too ;), too delicious these cakes. I miss eating them.especially with sweet beans ;)
    totally yummy..........
    thanks for sharing
    hugs for you dear friend

  3. Parece delicioso isso! Gostei de ver! Bem mostrado! beijos,chica

  4. I could almost smell them cooking as I looked at your lovely pictures, my dear friend! I have never tasted them, but they look delicious, and I love the addition of the sweet beans. I also love your makeshift computer table!

  5. Dearest Miyako san!
    Oh! I was very happy with omochio itadaki mas.
    People from Japan Watachi tachiwa Anatato onagiyoni watach tachimo white mochi Amai sweet beans mo daisukidesu,
    As you know that we having a winter time and still raining day.
    Have a good day with Otosan!

  6. I'd love to taste one of your rice cakes, Miyako. I adore rice prepared any way. Sometimes people have a party after they move into a new home, whether a newly constructed one or an older one, it is called a housewarming. Some people (myself included) believe it brings good luck to the family in their new home if you bring something sweet, like cookies or a box of candy. xo

  7. Hi Miyako san! Your omochi looks sooo yummy! I like it with sweet beans as well, that's the best :-) I don't think I've ever seen the charcoal stove in person but it is really neat. Also I haven't experienced kohaku mochi throwing. I love tasty way of celebrating^^

  8. i would love to taste your rice cakes.

    we sometimes have 'house-warming' parties for people who have bought a new home. guests come to see the place and bring small gifts for the new owners - even if it is just a bottle of wine to help them celebrate.

  9. Dearest Miyako, I have missed visiting your lovely blog. I finally feel well enough to come visit and blog. Your rice cakes look heavenly. Thank you showing how they are made. xo Linda

  10. Hallo my dear friend.
    Another very interesting and informative post for us today. Those rice cakes look scrummy and, yes, I would love to be there to share them with you! We certainly don't throw rice cakes at our new houses (!)but we also have house warming parties, when we invite friends, and we send cards and give presents. A much better idea, don't you think?! Hee Hee! Hugs from West to East.

  11. The mochi look so was so interesting to watch the video of the traditional way. (I was amazed at how hard the man with the hammer worked and how trusting the person working with him was...I'd be afraid my fingers would get hammered!)

    And a lot of work going on your husband's hobby room as well! Yours look delicious. And I'd love to taste them especially with the sweet bean filling!!

    I don't think we have any similar tradition for new homes.. Sometimes people will bring gifts called "housewarming" presents. Your tradition is a loveier one.

  12. °º✿♫
    °º✿ Olá!
    º° ✿✿
    Bolinhos deliciosos. Ocasião especial para comemorar.
    Boa semana!
    Beijinhos do Brasil.
    ♫° ·.¸.•°♡♡♫° ·.