Sunday, June 9, 2013

Wishing to visit you soon!

Hello, my dear friends.  I know I haven't been able to visit you for several days. My father has been kind of unstable mentally; day-night reversal etc. I'm tending him more lately and we might need to think about future measures a little. 

My friend called and invited me to see irises to our city park tomorrow. I'm sure that will make me feel refreshed. 
Today we had a bit of rain in my area but having dry rainy season in Japan.  I DO hope you are having wonderful week.


  1. I wish you and your father all the best!

  2. Hello Miayako, I also wish you and your father all the best. It is sad to see our loved ones sick in any way. Enjoy your visit to see the flowers and take lots of photos. Have a happy day, take care! Eileen

  3. i do hope you get a bit of a break in your outing with a friend. you need some stress relief. :)

  4. Hi Miyako san, I hope your father is doing better. I'm sure visiting city park to see pretty irises will be really nice.
    Sounds like you are having much less rain for June. Rainy season is never fun, but sure hope there will be enough rain for water resource.
    Have a wonderful week, Miyako san!!

  5. My prayers are going out for your dad, my dear friend, and I hope you are getting some rest in all of it.

    Your outing sounds like great fun and I hope the weather will cooperate.

    Please take care of yourself, too!

  6. Dearest Miyako,
    It is not light for looking after your ailing Father. One never knows how he will react from day to day... Tough for all involved and since you have no siblings to share the burden with and to discuss things it is quite stressful. Don't worry about us. Enjoy viewing the blooming iris in the park and try to relax for a moment.
    Hugs and wishing you strength.

  7. My dear Miyako, It will be good for you to go to the park with your friend and see the Irises. Hopefully, it will refresh you a little. It must be very worrying for you about your dad, and I also pray that he will be feeling better again soon. It is a lot of responsibility for you, although I'm sure you do it quite willingly, but you need to think of yourself as well my dear friend. Please take care and don't worry about being absent for a while. Hugs x

  8. Oh dear Miyako...we will be here waiting when things get better for you. I send you and your dear father all good wishes. (We've been through similar situations with both sets of our parents... it is such a difficult time.)

    Take good care of yourself too and of your dear husband.

  9. Dear Miyako,

    So sorry to hear about your dear Father and sending my love and best wishes to you both.
    It will be lovely to go and see the irises at the park with your friend

    Sending hugs and hope you have a lovely week

  10. Dear Miyako,
    I wish your father is getting better. I also think relief need for you.

    Please take care of yourself and have a lovely day.

  11. Dearest Miyako
    Gomennasai masi anatano Otosama hayaku ogenkini okurashi kudasai mase.
    I hope you having a good time too.
    Don't works too much Miyako sama.
    Have a nice day!