Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Taking off from posting just a little while;

Private room for my father finally got available and he was admitted to the hospital for the medication adjustment. Thank you so much for your concern about him. At the moment, my mind is a bit occupied about him, crossing my fingers that he will be able to go back to the care-center again. 
I wish you to tolerate of my absence to your posts, my dear friends. I'll try my best to visit your lovely inspirational posts as much as I can☆☆☆


  1. Oh, my dear friend, I do hope things straighten out for your dad. I am keeping him in my prayers. Don't worry about us here- take the time you need. We will be here when you come back. xo

  2. you do not need to apologize! i do hope your father will be okay! i know you are worried for him. bless you.

  3. My Dearest Miyako,

    My thought and best wishes for your Father's healthy.I understand your are worried.take a good care
    love to you

  4. Miyako, I am praying that your father will improve and can return to the care center. I know you are worried about him. Don't worry about posting. We will be here when you return.

  5. Dearest Miyako,
    By all means; no apology for such urgent family matter. You are all your Father has... Wishing you well and may your Father respond positive to his new medication.

  6. Wishing you and your father well. Of course he must be your first concern.
    We'll see you when you are able to visit us.


  7. Miyako san I hope everything will go well for your father at the hospital and he can go back to care center soon.
    Please don't worry about posting or commenting. I wish the very best and health for your father. And please take good care of yourself and be careful not to fall sick.
    Sending lots of love and hugs xoxo

  8. Dearest Miyako san!
    Otosama ni wariokarada desune.
    Anataniwa mutokashi kotodesune.
    Hayaku ogenki ni okasa ga hayaku ogenki ni okurashi kudasai mase.
    Miyako sama mo takusan oyasumi genki
    okurachi kudasai mase.
    Kamisama ni onegai itashi masu your otosama to miyakosama.

  9. Dearest Miyako,

    I hope that your dear Father will get the best treatment in hospital.
    He is in the best place to get healthy again.
    Sending love and hugs and understand you being away from the computer.
    Take care and best wishes for you dear friend and your Father.

  10. Desejo que teu pai se recupere e fique tudo bem com ele! beijos,chica

  11. take care of your father and yourself.
    sending prayers that all will be well.
    i have been away from posting myself..i all too well understand how family needs need to be met!!!!
    sending love from so. Calif. to you,Miyako- san!!