Friday, June 14, 2013

My father around my age;

Hello friends; father's day is coming and my admiration to every father who is sweet to his children and supportive full-heartedly when they need help from him.

My father in his late 50's (probably) in this picture. I was lucky he loved catching up with new things (like electric-appliances, motorcycle, car etc.) when I was brought up. About 45 years ago, he bought me cassette recorder for my learning English, also tennis rackets for us and played tennis with me at near by empty lot.       Your deep affection and concern about my well-being was treasure for me. You made me so glad to hear you telling your friend that you feel proud of me that I did my best in the "English play" at the school cultural festival. Wishing your condition get better after admitted.


  1. What a lovely tribute to your father, Miyako. He is a good man! My father died in 1985 when I was 27. I had just had my first child the year before, so at least he got to know that grandson. My second child was born later, and I named him after my father. Sending good thoughts to you, my dear!

  2. What a lovely tribute to your wonderful dad, my dear friend! I will continue to keep him in my prayers. I know you bring him much joy, and what wonderful memories you have of him while you were growing up.


  3. you are so sweet and caring of your father.

  4. Such a wonderful tribute to your father, and your words tell me that you had a happy childhood!

  5. Hello Miyako,

    You are so sweet and a great daughter. What a nice tribute to your father. He is handsome. I will keep you and your father in my prayers, take care. HUGS, Eileen

  6. How fortunate to have a good father! God bless.

  7. Wow Miyako san. What a sweet post for your father. His word to his friend that he felt proud of you must have made you so happy. I would be very happy...I think that's the greatest compliment for kids :-) What a wonderful father he is.
    I hope he is doing better. Wishing you and your father a very happy Father's Day!

  8. Dearest Miyako,
    What a lovely post! Sure your Dad must have mighty proud of you when he was telling his friend about your excellent ability in English; play and otherwise.
    It is always bittersweet when one's Dad has been admitted to the hospital and we reflect on better times that lay behind. But the sweet memories are worth it; whatever heartache is coming our way.

  9. Your father was so handsome at that age! And your post about him is so sweet.

  10. Dearest Miyako san.
    What a wonderful father post!
    I think you has just on time more English memories for helping these years with your children too.
    Otosama to okasama and kodomosama mo nagai toshio Okurashi kudasai mase.

  11. A lovely tribute to your father. And that quote is so true.

  12. Dearest Miyako,

    Happy Father's day for your Dad.
    sorry for a being a while.
    nice quote.
    by the way, Your father looks like you .
    wishing you a happy weekend Darl
    big hug

  13. What a wonderful memory with your Dad.
    I wish I still had mine and miss him everyday.
    Happy Father's Day to your father and hubby.
    Lov & Hugs

  14. A lovely post about your father, Miyako.
    I hope you had a lovely fathers day with him.


  15. Such a lovely post for Father's Day Miyako. It means so much to have a dad who is proud of us -=- and who lets us know he is. We never get too old to appreciate our luck in having a good father!