Thursday, May 23, 2013

Marie Antoinette Exhibition

I've been to the Exhibition, "Story of Marie Antoinette"

The pictures above are from pc's official site of the Exhibition. My friend and I learned a lot about her and France around the French Revolution era through a lot of pictures, jewelry and various exhibits and curator's explanations. I've been to "Schloss Schönbrunn" in Austria before.  She was the daughter of Maria Theresia of "Haus Habsburg-Lothringen". Everyone knew how she died with her son. However, her maternal love she showed to her children touched me a lot. You can see some more pictures of exhibits here.

*We are allowed to take pictures of her gorgeous replicated dresses corner* 
all pics are taken with mobile phone and was dark inside, sorry for the bad angle & quality again;

This wig is prepared for us to put on and take pictures. Actually my friend and I did. Haha, such a funny picture that I couldn't even show here (^^;) 


  1. Miyako,

    A Marie Antoinette, era muito elegante. Os vestidos são lindos, principalmente esse bordado.
    Acho lindo esse tipo de roupas usadas antigamente.
    Fiquei curiosa sobre a foto que você e sua amiga tiraram. Hahahaha.
    Um lindo dia! Beijos

  2. Marie Antoinette- how tragic was her life. I'm so glad you got to go and that you shared it with us, my dear friend! I so enjoyed seeing the dresses. They are gorgeous, but I think I'm glad I don't have to wear them. I'm sure the picture of you in the wig is very cute- what fun!

  3. Good day, Miyako. I never knew Marie Antoinette was born in Australia! I assumed it was France! Certainly the gowns then were extra fancy, I would love to see the wig photos. ;-) xo

  4. The costumes are gorgeous! Must have been quite a thrill to see them up close. Have a beautiful day, Miyako!

  5. To Dearest Barbara,
    OMG, I've done it again!!! I miss-typed it by using the soft I have. She was born in Austria not Australia and the daughter of Maria Theresia of "Haus Habsburg-Lothringen"
    Whew, I should be more careful, I was so surprised with this mistake!
    Thank you SO much for giving me the chance to correct it earlier, my friend.

    Love and hugs, xoxo Miyako.

  6. the wig is too funny! but those dresses...such finery! yikes!

  7. So ornate -- I can't imagine living like that! We can learn a lot about history from costumes.

  8. The dresses are beautiful but I don't think I would have cared to wear them. They had to have been heavy with all of the fabric used to make them. It's always interesting to get a glimps of another era isn't it? Thank you for sharing this adventure with us. Much love from your bs

  9. Beautiful dresses, the wig is just too funny ^_^

  10. What a wonderful exhibition, I am sure you enjoyed it a lot!

  11. What a gorgeous exhibit! I got familiar with Marie Antoinette and French Revolution through "Versailles no Bara" when I was kid :-)
    I imagine it is hard to move around in these dresses. They remind me of Juni Hitoe kimono...pretty but hard to move :-)
    The wig is hilarious!! I wish I could see the picture of you wearing it, hehehe.

  12. Thank you so much for sharing this exhibit with us. When i was a girl I read a book about this Queen and was fascinated. It was so sad how she and her children died.

  13. Hard to believe that people dressed like that. Well, probably only the wealthy did, but so extravagant! Looks like a fun place to visit.

  14. Hi dear Miyako. I bet you and your friend had a giggle trying that wig on!! It's nice to have fun with our girlfriends, isn't it? What a lovely Exhibition for you to have attended. Those dresses are so spectacular. I don't know how comfortable they would have been to wear though!! I love anything to do with the French Revolution - but what a 'bloody' time it was. All the old ladies sat around the guillotine doing their knitting, as the heads fell into the baskets. Ugh! Enjoy your weekend my friend. Sending love your way x

  15. Dearest Miyako,
    Quite some history for Japanese people to learn about the French royalty.
    Very sad ending for a young woman, not even being 40 years of age... No one survived in the end. Tragic. The glamour of course was unreal at a time of poverty for the common people. One can only admire the fabrics and the expert way of sewing them, considering that was the 18th Century. But not in context with the general poverty... At that time even my country's southern part was being ruled by the French! Everyone was glad when finally freedom for the people came about.

  16. Dearest Miyako,
    I am so happy with you has the Exhibition with your friend.
    A gorgeous replicated dresses corner.
    I love so beautiful those dresses in French.
    I just thinking about with old Japanese young lady with Kimono and about hair stilled with old years ago.
    Have a good day with Otosama to Miyako san!