Friday, February 15, 2013

Peony and Tulip (Green Day)

       Hello friends; I hope you all had a sweet Valentine's Day♡♡♡

As you can see, these pictures are taken about 10 years go. We used to have a small flower garden in our back yard. A bit too early spring flowers to show(^^;) The place turned into my husband's hobby room. I kind of miss planting these spring flowers there lately...   They are all pictures' pictures; sorry about the quality.

I hope you all are going to have a wonderful coming weekend.

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  1. Miyaco,

    Eu estava com saudade de vir lhe visitar.
    Apesar das fotos serem antigas, são lindas. Eu amo tulipas, e fiquei encantada com todos os seus canteiros.
    Eu plantei no último inverno, mas infelizmente, elas ficaram doentes e morrera. Fiquei triste, até chorei por causa disso. Risos.
    Um grande abraço e um lindo final e semana. Abraços

  2. Such delicate flowers, spring is so amazing!

  3. It looks beautiful Miyako
    no wonder you miss it.

    Do you plant up tubs of flowers now that the garden is gone?
    Some of the pots and tubs of flowers can look amazing.

    Hope you enjoyed Valentines Day

    Have a good weekend

    x Fiona

  4. They are gorgeous flowers, my dear friend, no matter how recent they are. You certainly have a green thumb. My luck with flowers is only so-so because we have things called cut-ants that seem to be resistant to pesticide who come out at night periodically and strip tender flowers of their leaves.

    Thank you for sharing- it won't be too long before the flowers will be blooming again!


  5. Thank you for sharing spring with your lovely flowers. I also planted red peonies but they disappeared when my husband cultivated earth in winter. Your flower bed was like a professional one.
    Have a nice weekend!

  6. they are beautiful! what a pretty little garden spot you had. i would miss it, too. :)

  7. Miyako, your garden was so lovely it's no wonder that you miss it. I used to have red and deep rose peonies in the garden of my old house and where they were was my favortie area in the garden. I can't seem to get them to grow here. Have a wondrful weekend my dear little sis. Much love from your bs.

  8. Miyako, these flowers are gorgeous, I adore peonies, my favorite flower, although I have never grown them myself. And tulips, I love tulips. I understand why you would miss a garden like this. xo

  9. Dearest Miyako,

    They are very pretty. I love Peonies much. You have a beautiful garden.
    The photos are beautiful.
    Thanks so much for your sweet messages. Oh yes I have succeed hunting the Japanese food yeah. We found them in the big grocery store mall..but even not so delicious as restaurant,no problem at all.;)
    Now I am hunting Indonesian food or Thai food ha;)LOL.
    Love sharing with you my dear .
    love to you

  10. Oh gosh dear Miyako, your spring garden was lovely. You must have worked very hard to get it looking as pretty as that. I can imagine that you miss it but now that your hubby is retired, I think it's better that he has his hobby room, otherwise he would just be under your feet all day! Hee hee!

  11. Dear Miyako,

    Your garden is so beautiful with all the pretty flowers blooming. You must miss it, but know your husband would be happy with the hobby room.
    Thank you for visiting me and hope that you have a happy weekend

  12. Dear Miyako,

    Hope you are having a nice and relaxing weekend.
    These pictures of your garden are lovely.
    Thank you for stopping by at my blog.
    Enjoy your afternoon.


  13. Wow you flower garden looks gorgeous!! I love tulips...many many tulips, what a cheerful garden! You must really miss it..but it's also great that your husband has hobby room where he can spend fun time :-)
    I hope spring will arrive soon! Have a great weekend, Miyako san!

  14. Dearest Miyako sama!
    You having lovely Peonies much also everything you
    can show to write about in yours.
    Anatamo amari kangae naku taihen hot sareta koto to
    Otosamato happy time with you Miyako sama!

  15. Hello! Such pretty photos. They make me look forward to Spring even more. Such a skillful arrangement of flowers too!
    Clare xx

  16. Dearest Miyako, what lovely flowers. I can imagine you do miss planting them each spring. At least you have these beautiful memories to look back at. I hope you had a sweet Valentines as well. Take care, my wonderful friend. Mina

  17. so pretty!!
    you have a very "green thumb" !!! my husband does too!!!
    if i touch a dies!!! lol!!