Saturday, February 2, 2013

Nail Art

When I was shopping this Thursday at one of the tenant shop in the mall, a young girl clerk has lovely artificial nails on her hands. It was first for me to see first hand. She said these pretty nails stay in good shape only a couple of weeks.  I asked her if it is OK for me to take pictures for my blog.  As it was not crowded the customers, she generously took time to send one of her pictures in her cell-phone to mine through infrared function (amazed to know that young people are well-versed in these functions, p;)   And I fiddled with link the image editor, which I learned from one of friend's site, to put frame on it.
Haha, only if I were a young girl with beautiful hands appropriate for them♡♡♡

ps> update about my father;
Norovirus at his care-center finally ceased and I could visit him for his 88th birthday. So relieved  that no one was affected through the virus. 
linking this post to pink Saturday; it has been so long since my last linking to "How Sweet The Sound" (^^;)


  1. oh, glad he did not get sick and that you could visit him! have been reading about that horrible outbreak this year all over.

    i couldn't stand to have nails that fancy or decorated. :)

  2. Hi Miyako, I am so glad you were able to visit your Dad for his birthday, and even happier to hear he wasn't affected by the virus.

    I love these nails, too old now, but in my younger days I had long nails and I used to get flowers and other designs. Ah, the good old days. xo

  3. Good news about your father, I am sure he will be happy to see you!

  4. I'm so glad you were able to celebrate your dad's birthday with him, my dear friend Miyako! What a sweet, precious time that must have been. I'm also glad the virus didn't hit him, you, or the others there.

    That girl's nails are amazing- wow! The time it must have taken to do them and then to maintain them! I wouldn't have the patience at all. I will just admire the ones like hers.

    Take care, my sweet friend~ xo

  5. Great news about your Dad, it will be great for you to see him.
    Those nails looks a little awkward, would be really hard to type on the computer with those. They look nice though.
    Enjoy your weekend!


  6. What delightful news about your father,so happy to hear you can see him.
    Those nails are just gorgeous,but I chuckle to think with what I do they would never last a day!
    Take care my dear friend, Love & Hugs

  7. Hallo dear Miyako. First of all, I am so sorry that you were able to visit your dear father, and that he didn't get sick. That norovirus is such an awful thing in hospitals and nursing homes :( Those nails certainly look very pretty, and just right for Pink Saturday, but I don't think they would be very practical for doing the housework!! Keep well dear friend. Hugs from me to you xx

  8. So glad you could see your father for his birthday! I love the nails. I'm afraid I'm too old for them too.

  9. I like the frame you put on the photo. Her nails are wonderful. I am to old too.

    Happy Ground Hog's Day!
    Joyce M

  10. Oh you must have had great celebration with your father :-) Having each other's company is wonderful thing! Happy 88th birthday to him!
    The nail art is amazing. They are really work of art!!

  11. Dearest Miyako san,
    Good that you could visit your Father for his 88th birthday; that's important. Far more than those fake nails... Sorry but I would never have any use for them. They look more like a tiger-claw to me and how could anyone handle babies, little children, or be a good lover with such claws? I can't work with long nails, they give you shivers. My Vietnamese friend had them put on once, before she went to Paris. When she came back she wanted to have them taken off as she too could not handle life with those fake claws. 'Guess what?'; she told me... 'They janked them off' Ouch!
    Hugs to you,

  12. oh, the norovirus is widespread!! i am so glad your father is ok,and that you got to share this important day with him!!!
    those nails look so pretty..but how does she do anything with them on?!!

  13. Lovely, I would love that on ,my finger nails as well.

    Please come and peek at my PINK.
    Your comment is always a joy to read.

  14. It is good your dad and other residents are ok and no virus found its way to them! I am glad you spent some birthday time with him and you did a great job with the photo of the nails! HPS and enjoy the weekend!

  15. Dear Miyako,

    Happy birthday to your Father and so glad you could go and visit him. Seems to be a lot of flu's and virus going about. The nails are pretty on the young clerk, but I would never have them.

    Have a great week

  16. Dearest Miyako,

    so pretty nails she has. If I use those nails for sure will be broken in a few minutes ;) ha LOL,and scratch the skin of my children ;)
    Oh I am so happy to hear about your father, so you could celebrate his 88th anniversary.
    have a wonderful weekend my sweety
    love to you

  17. Hi Miyako. It was so very kind of you to stop over and visit me. Thank you so much.

    I was reading about your father and am so glad he is doing better.

    I too love those really pretty nails but my hands are too old also. You did a really good job with the editor.

    I can't even figure out how to get pictures from my cell phone onto my computer. You are doing very very good!

    I love your blog and I grabbed your button. I have started adding links to my badge page. I added your button.

    I must say it is so very lovely I wanted to put it on my front page. But then I would hurt other people's feelings.

    I hope your week continues to go very good.

    Hugs! ♥

  18. Those are amazingly beautiful fingernails! I would have them ruined in a few hours. lol

    I am so grateful your father's home had no terrible cases and that you were able to visit him for his birthday. How wonderful, my beautiful friend. Hugs, Mina