Friday, December 28, 2012

kagami-mochi and rice-cake making

Having been busy, we were SO late to make mochi (rice-cake) this year.  Finally, we made them today. While making, I was thinking about my late mother. She used to make special one called "kagami-mochi" and taught me things what I'm quoting some part from this page and you can see variety of them from this page.

"quote”  "kagami-mochi" literally "mirror rice cake", is a traditional Japanese New Year decoration. The two mochi discs are variously said to symbolize the going and coming years. The "daidai, 代々", whose name means "generations", is said to symbolize the continuation of a family. The name kagami ("mirror") is said to have originated from its resemblance to an old-fashioned kind of round copper mirror, which also had a religious significance. 

this picture I found is really close to my mothers'

These two pictures up there are from PC; our small house doesn't have a place like this called "tokonoma, 床の間"(^^;) 

Would you let me use my old pictures of  making mochi (sorry my friends who remember these); not the old fashion way outside but with modern electric-maker. I love the one my sweet beans inside (bit sweeter than normal ones, haha) We always feel really hot to make them round. Took us all day p;)

Wishing you are having wonderful year end and I DO hope to visit  you tomorrow. 


  1. Dearest Miyako,

    beautiful tradition. thank somuch for sharing your tradition. Oh I love rice cakes, we have in Indonesia as well such kind of rice cakes with sweet beans inside... you are making me a bit home sick ;(
    wishing you a nice last week of the year

  2. My dear sister,
    The making of rice cakes must be a lot of work but I am sure it is worth it. I have just spent the past week working on making sweets and it can be exhausting but the results of the work is so rewarding. I pray you are well and wish you a calm and relaxing last week of the year. Love you alway my little bs.

  3. wow! beautiful art with cakes! bless you, dear miyako!

  4. So interesting, would like to taste one!

  5. Very Pretty and looks yummy too!

  6. Dearest Miyako sama,
    Tokonoma ni kirai ni natute masu.
    Old-fashioned wa i tumadeo tanoshi Nihon no wutukushi tokoroga arimasu.
    Mochi wa tokubetu no tabemono desu.
    Sweet beans wa tokubetu oishidesu.....Love you!

  7. Ohhh kagami-mochi! I love it as new year decoration! My parents in Japan make mochi at home so we have home made kagami-mochi every year :-)
    I love mochi with azuki, too! I'd love to try your mochi , sounds very sweet :-)