Saturday, October 27, 2012

Putting Handrail♪

Autumn fruits especially at breakfast♬♬♬  
I love sweet type of Japanese persimmon.

Putting handrail on the wall of the narrow stairs
This is how it's done.

working hard!

We have some of this type of small handrails my husband put for him to climb up uneven place like inside of the front door. However there wasn't one with the stairs. He rarely goes upstairs; however some weeks ago, he went upstairs to my teaching room to copy his musical score. Well, I've heard the bang and I almost flied off to see him. Luckily, he just slipped from only 2 steps and had a little bruise. Whew, what a relief!  With his thin legs, could have been worse accident.
Well, I never thought it can be helpful for me as well. I found it far safer holding the rail especially I go down the stairs.

Thank you for stopping by and I wish you all are having a wonderful weekend♪♫
Will visit you soon, friends.


  1. I find handrails to be a huge help in getting up and down the steps. Glad your husband was not hurt. Never used to be that way, but getting older, no fun! I love persimmons, Miyako. They are coming into season here and soon the stores will have them for our Thanksgiving. xo

  2. oh, good for both of you! glad his accident was not bad, and now you have more stability, too. very good. :)

  3. Dear Miyako,

    The handrail will be so good for you both.
    Must have given you both a fright and so glad that your husband was not hurt too badly.
    Wishing you a very lovely weekend and thanks for visiting me.


  4. Dearest Miyako san,

    That is clever for putting this rail on! We all age and one never knows. Your husband was indeed LUCKY! Good for him that he is such a handy man and can do it all himself. You can be very proud of him and now have one less thing to worry about.
    Hugs to you and enjoy your weekend.

  5. Dearest Miyako San,
    I'am so happy to find out from your husband was not hurt I think was so lucky to everything OK.
    My good ness me Miyako san
    Just in the case not doing too much....
    Otosan mo korekara takusan karadani unto kio tukete kudasai-mase

  6. I'm glad you husband has put up hand rails. It is much safer for both of you. So glad that he was not hurt.

  7. I hope your husband is ok.
    I'd love to try these fruit!

  8. Lieben Gruß und einen Tag voll Glück

  9. Dear Miyako,

    It was a good thing you have the rail put up, it's a lot safer for you. These fruits looks lovely! Enjoy your weekend my friend!


  10. Hello Miyako-San,

    sorry for my absent for these 2 weeks during olive harvest. hoping you well my dear friend. A great job your husband has been created that handrail which it is always useful and safer for both of you.

    I love vanilla persimmon,more crunchy
    hoping you best weekend

  11. I am so glad your hubby is alright, my dear friend Miyako, and that he is so handy with tools that hecan put that rail up for you both to use.

    Part of my workout at the gym is to run up two flights of steep stairs, taking two at a time, as fast as I can. My heart is always in my throat because my trainer doesn't want me to hold onto the rail at all. Eek!

  12. Oh dear , glad hubby is ok !
    We have handrails in our house and so happy we do. It helps me since I have arthritis in both knees.
    It looks like hubby is pretty good with fixing things too.
    Hope he won't fall again.
    Lov & Hugs

  13. Good that he did not have a most serious accident! Happy weekend

  14. Oh! Do take care and having the handrail now is a safer means to go up the stairs for you and your husband. :)

  15. Dear Miyako,
    I'm thankful that your hubby didn't seriously hurt himself on the stairs. I find myself using the handrail each time I go up or down the stairs since I've become old and more breakable. :^} Used to be I could run up and down the stairs with no use for a handrail but those days are in the past. It sure looks like you have a lot of stairs.
    The fruit looks good. I love nearly all fresh fruits. Enjoy your weekend my dear bs. Love you always

  16. oh..goodness...i can soooooooooooo relate!!! i am so glad your dear husband was not seriously hurt! but,those bruises hurt!!!!

  17. Oh that must have been scary! I'm glad your husband is ok. And it's a great idea to have rail on the wall of stairs. It's so much safer for both of you!
    Kaki looks delicious. I love having fruits for breakfast, too! Sweet kaki is great. Though, shibu-gaki might be good to wake me up :-)

  18. Good thing hubby wasn't hurt much when he slipped and fell I am going to be writting about falling in todays post......when we are young we don't think of how important hand rails are

  19. Good Morning Orchid

    I am so glad that your husband wasn't hurt when he slipped.
    The hand rails will be a great help now.

    I thought of you both this weekend
    first on Saturday evening when my husband was playing the saxaphone, I thought maybe your husband was playing music in Japan
    yesterday I bought a beautiful Orchid with lovely delicate flowers
    I have named it Miyako
    so send all your magic this way and let it flourish!

    Have a great week my friend.

    x Fiona

  20. Dear Miyako, I am so glad to read that your husband wasn't hurt when he slipped. I think the handrail will be good for you both.

    Take care of yourself my friend!

  21. It IS hard work to home upgrades isn't it? :) We are in the midst of a cabinet kitchen re-do and everything is a mess!

    Just found your blog and it's lovely! I just saw Japanese persimmons today at the market. They are so pretty.


  22. Your hubby did a wonderful job on those rails. They look great and I do think it is so important to have them for safety. I am so glad he is okay and did not have a big fall.

    Your image of the fruit looks mouthwatering and I love the digital frame you put it in. Gorgeous work, my beautiful friend. Warmest hugs and a happy Halloween to you, Mina