Sunday, October 14, 2012


October 31st is our 35th Wedding Anniversary; (bit early post, haha)
I cannot believe this great deal of time has passed!!!  I always felt funny to hear the elder people keep saying "Time Flies" when young.  It sure is ironic that it's my turn to feel it first hand, p;)  Well, my husband doesn't seem to be very happy my posting this picture (you know how Japanese men are, not only? haha,)

Coming anniversary really makes me recall the days we had. 
From this page, I learned that what is the anniversary gift for the set year. And we call the anniversary with special way from these gifts in Japan, ours called for example, "coral wedding (anniversary) 珊瑚婚式, sangokonshiki"  
As some of you might remember, we were introduced by mutual acquaintance who happened to live next door with my husband in 1977. Old fashioned arranged marriage and we married only four months later.  He was single living alone at that time. After we met, he called me almost every day p;) 

As I knew my hormone disorder due to little malfunction of pituitary gland, I started infertility treatment right after we married (he knew about it in advance). Well, it has been a bit tough several years both mentally and financially. As for mentally, I have to add the busybodies' gossip; whew, it sure last long and I thought later that only if the air-conditioning had been more common at that time, I wouldn't have to hear that much. Mothers group (about 10 years older than me) were joyfully chatting and laughing, which were clearly heard from outside, even from inside of their house while I was walking pass. Haha, young newlyweds suddenly became neighbor must have been an easy target. I was reminded how the woman without children can be seen or treated in society. 
I am so grateful for my husband for his understanding; if it were not his support, I wouldn't have been able to get through these period. 

Right after I gave up the treatment, I needed something to spend my affluent time and boost my spirit up for both of us. Since I started learning English by enjoying bi-lingual system, I didn't have to spend time with these trivial matter, haha. After I passed the certain level of the government supported proficiency test, I was lucky to be able to teach English at home and have had many students who are all so dear to me. I must admit that time has gone really quickly since I started to engage in teaching when I was 30 years old. 
Thank God with my husband's patience and his bank clerk job which required long working hours, I could continue the work till late at night (around 21:30).  

Through good times and bad times, you have been always on my side, especially when my family were sick and lost them.  Love you always my sweetheart♡♡♡  
I know you don't read this blog, p;)

PS> So sorry for this long post. I will paste this post to my "about me page" and promise not to write this kind of autobiography again, haha.  And my next post won't be so soon, but I'll be fine and see you in your posts, friends♪♪♪


  1. No, you should write what you feel adn stop worrying it is too long! It is interesting and so very personal, thank you for sharing! Happy anniversary :)

  2. What a lovely post my dear friend. Thank you for sharing a part of your life.
    I hope you have a wonderful Anniversary celebration. You are blessed to have each other all these years.
    Wishing you many more years of joy,love and happiness.
    Love & Hugs

  3. Trochę już przeżyłaś i przykrego w swoim życiu, ale z mężem byłaś szczęśliwa i bądź jeszcze przez długie lata. Pozdrawiam.
    Little has lived and unpleasant in your life, but you were happy with her husband, and be still for a long time. Yours.

  4. Hello Miyako, thank you for sharing your life. I think that is what blogging is all about. You can write about anything you want. I wish you and your hubby a very happy anniversary. Have a happy day!

  5. Hallo dear Miyako. It is our 35th wedding anniversary in early November - a long time! But we're still here and still together. I couldn't imagine being with anyone else. It was really interesting to read something about your life. It has obviously been a very successful arranged marriage for you both. My hubby was also very good when my dear mum was so poorly. Things like that mean such a lot. Such a sweet photo of you both my friend. Hugs coming you way x

  6. even as an arranged marriage, it seems you two were meant to be together - to give support and love. :)

  7. Hello Miyako

    I thought that your post today was just beautiful
    full of love and emotion

    Wishing you both a very happy anniversary (I'm too early I know, but I will wish it again when the day arrives)

    I am so glad that you had a happy marriage
    even though you have had sad times too
    you and your lovely husband stuck together
    and that is what love is all about.

    Take care of yourself.

    x Fiona

    ps It isn't only Japanese men who don't like having their photos shown
    I think Irish men are even worse!!!


  8. Happy anniversary! Don't listen to what other say, just be happy.
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

  9. Hello Miyako,
    I'm so sorry you've had such a tough time, but you're such a sweet person that you've been able to overcome all the sadness. You've also been lucky to have your lovely husband to support you to! Xxx

  10. Oh Happy Anniversary to you both when it comes. You certainly have been through a lot haven't you. It always helps to have someone who supports you through it all.
    Never apologise for writing about yourself - it is what your blog is for.
    Take care of yourself. :)

  11. You can write this type of post anytime you want I enjoy reading and learning a bit more about you and hubby...........remember this is your blog and you can write whatever you feel like on it....

    I have never asked any one when they are going to have children, I feel that it is none of my business even my own children I have asked if any of them would like more children at some point but it is their lives and their business.
    I would never dream of asking that type of question to someone I didn't know very well and I would never judge a woman who doesn't have children since I have no idea what their story is...........some may not have children by choice some not by choice but it is none of my business it is their life and thier business....

    Now I have to say I hope you and hubby have a great anniversary 35 years is a good run and I hope you have many more great years ahead of you

  12. Happy early anniversary, my sweet friend! 35 wonderful years. Congratulations. ;-)

    I am so sorry and hurt for you that you had to hear those awful comments because you had no children. That is just terrible and I wish I could take those tragic memories away. I am so thankful to your hubby for his understanding of something that was not at all your fault.

    Please do not stop posting these type of things. It is not at all too long and we all love to know as much about your beautiful soul as we can. Warmest hugs and love to you. Mina

  13. Dear Miyako,

    Happy wedding anniversary to you and your husband and mine is like yours does not like having his photo taken
    So sorry that you have had hard times and people can be so unkind and hurtful.
    Glad that you have a loving and supportive husband to get you through the difficult times.

    Have a happy week

  14. Words can be cruel and I'm sorry for all the things you heard from the mothers in your neighborhood. It's sad that they could not be sympathetic. But isn't it wonderful that your English proficiency led to being around children! A dear friend once told me that she had accepted her plight of being childless and realized that she could still enjoy the company of nieces and nephews and then send them home to their parents when they started acting up or crying.

    I'm so happy that your marriage has been a long and happy one my friend!

  15. Miyako,
    Happy anniversary, wow 35 years is a long time, and it was nice to read about how you both managed to get through difficult times. Often those times make us stronger and clearly that is what happened to you! Take care

  16. Dearest Miyako san,

    What a lovely post and that picture is so special. あなたの両方の賛辞;見栄えの良い写真 !非常に甘い。
    Wishing you both a lovely anniversary day together and many, many more in good health.
    Hugs to you from across the ocean, from your loyal friend.

  17. Oh, my dear, I'm so glad for you both.
    i had my 25th wedding anniversary last September, 11. Hope GOD Bless you and you may have a lot of hapynes together...for a long , long time. KISSES, and HUGS

  18. Dearest Miyako sama,
    You has a very happy wedding anniversary that is a beautiful time with your hubby together days.
    Anata to Otosama Ofutaride itumademo nagai toshio Okurashi kudasaimase.
    Have a good time with you hubby!


  19. Happy anniversary!!
    It is a very sweer photo of you together :-)
    It must have been very hard during treatment and to make decision to give up. You have a wonderful husband, he is so supportive and understanding! And it's wonderful you got to teach English and have nany dear students.
    I wish you both a very special and fun anniversary on Oct 31!

  20. Happy Anniversary to you both! Sorry I've been gone so long. I always enjoy reading your blog - I should visit more often to cheer myself up.

  21. Happy Anniversary to you and your husband. 35 years is a milestone. I am glad it worked out so beautiful for you. Children are indeed a blessing, but you can be happy and have a loving and fulfilled life without them. We all have our paths to follow on this journey. ((hugs)) xo

  22. A wonderful, happy anniversary to you, my dear friend Miyako! I hope it was a day filled with celebration and happiness. I loved your post and learning more about you and your hubby. You are soulmates, for certain!

  23. Miyako Dear,
    Happy wedding anniversary to you and your hubby
    So lovely ,sweat and touching post.
    with or without children has been given by God,Life as husband and wife remain a blessing from Him in good and bad times.
    Love and hugs

  24. Dear Miyako, you are such a lovely treasure. Your words just melt me. Happy Anniversary to you and your dear faithful husband. I loved reading your story and how you met. It wasn't drawn out and boring. Don't ever think that!
    Marriage is about being partners and sharing life.
    Thanks for sharing your lovely story. Hugs, Linda

  25. Dear Miyako,
    Happy anniversary to you and your wonderful hubby. Life doesn't always give us the things we want but if we are lucky we get the things we need. This post touched my heart and has made you even more dear to me. I will be thinking of you and your dear hubby on the day of your anniversary. Much love from your bs

  26. Hi Miyako-san
    Happy anniversary to you and your gentle hubby.
    I am always reading pleasantly your blog and knew your life is lively,massive. Your english and making buckwheat noodles or sax of your hubby's are tasteful.
    Thank you for sharing the story.
    Enjoy an anniversary!

  27. Happy Days to you both. Patty, my wife of 57 years, who I met when I came from Japan back to my home in Ohio, has been a great help to me. I have to have oxygen all the time and am unable to do the things I used to do, especially working in the garden. I cannot do now. I enjoyed reading your blog post and wish you both well.

  28. Hello Miyako,
    This is a very beautiful post. Your words sank into my heart deeply. People, including me, seem not to understand what true happiness is.
    Of course, you can write autobiography again and again and again!
    Miyako, happy anniversary to you!!

  29. Happy belated anniversary Miyako! I have not been reading blogs regularly as of late and just came across your post. It is amazing how quickly time passes. My husband and I were married in December 1979 so we're not too many years behind you! Best wishes to you and your husband, may you have many more years of life, love and happiness.