Friday, July 20, 2012

Edamame♪ (green soybean) and Green Day

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Today, I would like to introduce one of the favorite Japanese dishes to go with the drinks; especially with beer during the summer time. It is " boild green soybean". My husband doesn't drink but he loves it. I have no way knowing how you have green soybean in your culture.

picture in the free scrapbook is from PC-site

this picture is taken by me  ^^;) and I prepared this

surprised to find the flower from PC
 even different colors

This one is pretty easy to prepare.  Just boild them for about 5 minutes and salt them.  I remember that cutting them off from the twig was my job when young. And I felt happy finding them in my mother's bicycle basket when she came back from her work in the evening.  Haha, that was one of my sweet memories ♪

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  1. Dearest Miyako san,

    Edamame beans are being sold here fresh and also as a kind of 'nut', dry roasted. You will laugh but when we have our afternoon tea, with a mix of nuts and also edamame dry roasted, our youngest feline LOVES them! She always begs for two or three.
    So now you know what is available here in the USA.
    Love to you from your American friend,


  2. Das ist ein schöner Beitrag, gefällt mir sehr gut...

    Lieben Gruß

  3. Beautiful post and lovely Greens
    Have a lovely day my friend


  4. They look like lovely green beans, I will have try the green soybean. Thanks for sharing this healthy dish. Have a wonderful weekend.

  5. Salted green beans - I would never have thought of that. I bet they are tasty though!!!
    Have a great weekend. :)

  6. Miyako,

    Thanks to you too Darl'. Miyako, this post remembering me my home town. We eat as well the same way that you prepared. I love anything from soy bean,Tofu madly delicious.
    Thanks for sharing this memory.


  7. we have the beans already taken out of their pods and sometimes roasted, they're popular in the UK now. I'd like to try this recipe though I like your happy memeory too x

  8. I've only just started eating and enjoying edamame about a year ago, and I love it! I also loved your memory with your mom, my dear friend Miyako. Those edamame are so healthy for us, and your memory promotes joy, as well. I hope your day is wonderful!

  9. Dear Miyako,
    I have seen edamame fresh in the stores but didn't know how to prepare them so I've never had them fresh but now that I know how to prepare them I'll give them a try. I do like them dry roasted. I love the glass bowl in your photo. It's beautiful. I have some green glass bowls that I like to use for salads and fresh fruits. Everything always looks more appealing served in them.
    Enjoy your weekend my bs. Love you always.

  10. i do know folks who enjoy edamame here. dropping by from green day! :)

  11. This dish you prepared is my favorite appetizer to order when dining out in Japanese restaurants. I love them. It is easy to find edamame where I live, fresh and frozen. Have a great weekend, Miyako! ((hugs)) xo

  12. Ohh edamame! I love these..they are much healthier than many other otsumami, I think.
    Using pods instead of twigs is such a good finding! I often check dictionary when writing blog but sometimes wonder what word is most appropriate. It's great to have native English speaking friends :-)
    Have a wonderful weekend, Miyako san!

  13. Such a sweet memory! I've only ever seen them frozen in bags at the supermarket so I've never tried them fresh..sounds yummy though! :)

  14. They sell them frozen here and I have eaten them. They are so good for you.

  15. Hi Miyako san,
    Your husband drink beer enjoy in summer time with soybean.
    Hontoni omoi dashi masu.
    I fell with all time remember oishi Japanese tabe mono.
    The cutting flower from your mother are beautiful.
    Please Ogen-kini

  16. Hello Miyako!
    That's a very interesting post since we don't cook soy beans in Greece. thanks for sharing! ;)

  17. I just love Asian cuisine! I love the crisp green veggies, teh fish, the noodles.. especially when it's spicy!

  18. I have joined your following. so happy to do so.. I love you sweet looking posts. Thank you for coming to see my post. You are my first from JAPAN.... I have an exchange student from Tokyo...Hiroko. I am her USA mom. This is a happy connection.

  19. It seams delicious...
    saw you there....Have a nice Green Day!

  20. I've never tried them although they are now popular in th UK. Great green day photos.

  21. I enjoyed them in the US, but they dont seem to be available here in Austrlaia. I was thiking of growing soybeans. I think it is jsut hte regualr soybean picked young, isnt it?

  22. Hi Miyako,

    Many thanks for visiting me and following and now I am following you.
    We enjoy Japanese food over here in NZ and eat the edamame beans too.

    Hope that you are enjoying the weekend

  23. I've made edamame salad before. It was good. Although I think I remember removing the them from their pods.

  24. Miyako, so good to be reading your posts again my friend! I'm from North Carolina which grows 75% of the United State's Soybean crops. Soybean fields are everywhere! The majority of our soybeans are processed into animal grain or into cooking oil, oil for salad dressings, etc. When we use them for food, they're called edamame. I've eaten them as you've prepared them and shelled in salads and, as another person commented, roasted as a crunchy and healthy snack.

    Hope to have more time to read my favorite bloggers soon! You always brighten my day. Hugs,

  25. I havent tried them but if I get the chance I will! What a pretty blog you have!I follow now!

  26. These are expensive here and I have yet to taste them...

  27. Oh, I love Edamame beans! A farmer who lives down the road from me always puts out a huge crop. It is always fascinating to know that we are so far apart but can enjoy the same foods. Hugs!