Wednesday, June 20, 2012

I won "A Digital Scrapbook Giveaway" ♪♪♪

Last month, May 28th my dear friend Mina "Green Witch with Sprinkles" hosted giveaway of a free My Memories Suite Digital Scrapbooking software program. Wow, I never thought I could have the luck♬♬♬  
It was quite hard to figure out how to use the software as it is not  like the other soft I am familiar with for the amateur like me. Actually, I wanted to go to America and ask Mina to teach me the function(^^;)
Well,  I would like to show what I could do for the first time. Please take these as trial. I used the pictures of  2 old-time actresses whom I love and admire.   

Thank you so much for hosting the giveaway, dear Mina. And I appreciate the other applicants or her friends who left warm congratulatory comments for me in her announcement post.  Thank very much for visiting and wishing you all lovely day,


  1. You did a beautiful job, Miayko!

  2. Oh Myiako,what a wonderful win for you. It's always fun to learn new things isn't it.
    You look like you already have it figured out,nice pictures too.
    Very lovely dear friend.
    Love & Hugs

  3. Congratulations on winning this, Miyako! It is a great giveaway. I think these test photos are wonderful. Enjoy using this. xo

  4. Congratulations on the software! Looks like you've already figured out how to use made such beautiful images!! I hope you enjoy and hope to see more of your creation :-)

  5. Very nicely done Miyako! What a nice win!

  6. Dear Miyako san,
    You having a wonderful time for you,
    some of Japanese scrap booking actresses memories.
    US Canada Facebook page Chamber of commerce.
    As you know we having for cold winter time and the raining days.
    I hope you having all the time with your lovely Otosan to Ogenkini.

  7. Congatulations, my dear friend! I am so happy for you. What you've done here is beautiful and I know you will continue to produce more amazing things in the future with it!

  8. Dearest Miyako,

    Congrats to you for winning such a great price and PERFECTLY suited for YOU! Wow, your style and it for sure will make you happy as a bee.
    Love to you,

  9. Congratulations, Miyako! What an interesting software and the outcome is just lovely, esp the one with Elizabeth Taylor!

  10. Miyako, you are a lucky girl to win this fabulous give-a-way. You already did good work. Congratulations. Hugs...Lu

  11. Congratutions Miyako what a great thing to win.
    You did a wonderful job on those pages too.
    I bet that made your day!!!

  12. How exciting and fun !!!
    It is very hot here in New York now !!

  13. Oh honey these are gorgeous! You did a beautiful job on these. I am sorry it was such work to get started but from the looks of these, you will become a digital scrapbook artist! Hugs to you always, my beautiful and wise friend.

  14. Lucky you and have to say love the job you did they look really pretty