Thursday, April 19, 2012

Two Kinds of First Try

(posted; Soba Noodle page) 
The other day, my aunt and cousin visited our house with my lovely secound cousin. My cousin's daughter wished to try Soba-Uchi when she heard she could from her mother. (Haha, hubby loves having these guests; which quite surprised me as we hadn't had much guests until he retired)
I was really happy to see that she truly enjoyed herself and seemed to find her first experience quite fascinating. Also, my husband said that she caught on fast; she was playing a scale with saxophone after a little while of practicing.
I used Picasa's collage function for the first time. I had first try myself, as well p;)
As I don't have much time to write a detailed or long post, let me just introduce sweet young girl today♪♪♪ 


  1. What a fun visit! She must be a very talented girl to catch onto those things so quickly. I don't think I could!

    The food you show always looks so fresh and delicious. I'm sure people consider it a treat to visit your lovely home.

    Have a wonderful day, my dear friend!

  2. Your husband must be a gifted teacher and your young cousin a gifted student for her to learn to do both of these things so quickly. I agree with Shelly the food you show always looks delicious. I'd love to be able to come to your home for dinner and maybe take a lesson on the saxophone. Enjoy your day dear friend. Love always, Maddy

  3. What great photos, Miyako. I always seem to have a problem with Picasa, but I am going to try to do a collage. It looks like a wonderful day with delicious food. xo

  4. Hi Miyako san.
    It' always fun to try new things and looks like she is really enjoying :-) And she must be very talented to catch on fast. I doubt I can ever play saxophone! These are very happy photos. So wonderful everyone had a good time :-)

  5. Hi dear friend Miyako. What a lovely happy visit it was, and well done you on creating those Collages in Picasa. It took me ages to do that when I first started! I think that's nice that your hubby likes having visitors now that he's retired. You're right, she is a very sweet young girl, but it was so lovely to see sweet Miyako in the photos as well! Hugs and love coming your way x

  6. so you have a soba school and a saxaphone school! What do you use those square wooden "plates" for? I love seeing the different food you are eating, maybe you can share some recipes for us to try a Japanese meal sometime?

  7. Dearest Miyako,

    That certainly was a lovely get-together with mutual interest. Great for your second cousin for catching on so fast with your husband. He for sure must have been delighted!
    Very nice photos too.
    Enjoy your weekend and sending you love,


  8. Miyako san,
    I was really happy to see that your cousin's daughter,I used picass's collage function for the first time.
    Thank you for your again.