Sunday, March 4, 2012

Tetsujin 28 (Gigantor), my Husband Made

    "Tetujin" hubby's favorite childhood anime character 
           and symbol of recovery from the Great Hanshin Earthquake

Today's post is kind of for my husband's sake, friends.
"Tetsujin 28-Go" Gigantor figure is the main robot character in a manga series that first appeared in the 1950's and he is hubby's favorite character. The figure was created by Kobe-born cartoonist Yokoyama Mitsuteru.  The big statue was built as a symbol of revival of Kobe from the Great Hanshin Earthquake and tape cut ceremony was held on Oct. 5th 2009.
The first picture is my husband's hand-made its character. About 8 years ago, he started making it after come home from work and worried me concentrating hard to create it until late at night. It took him about a month and I remember telling him go to bed early almost every night (^^;)
March 11th (the Great East Japan Earthquake happened) is coming closer, somewhat reminded me of his statue;  He looked quite delighted when I told him that I'm going to post his "Tetujin"

      When I showed him the preview of this post and seeing this picture, 
he said "Oh, he looks so cool" p;)  
mainly made of wood and partly lead

the one on the stand is a ready-made plastic-model .

We have been to Kobe to see its life-size figure. Haha, he couldn't help but see it. He is standing in front of its right leg (sorry for the bad pic). You can see how huge it is. And the last picture is from PC on the day of tape cut ceremony.

he was delighted and also surprised with the size 

tape cut ceremony picture from pc

  These are the pictures from anime (yes, cartoon for boys long ago, black and white on TV)
 And for the last, I wish to post about the Great East Japan Earthquake later when 3/11 got closer.

          Thank you for stopping by,     Love you always, xoxo    Miyako*


  1. Your husband did a beautiful job making Gigantor! He is very talented. I loved seeing the photos of Gigantor in Kobe. Much love to both of you.

  2. your husband did a great job! my sons all love anime, too. it's not just for kids any longer, right? lol!

  3. Your husband is very talented, my friend. His model looks much better than the store made one. I have students who are very interested in anime. I don't think they have the dedication, though, to make a model as good as your husband's.

    Tell him we are applauding his work!

  4. What a great model! Your husband has great patience to make such a thing!
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

  5. Your husband is very talented. Please tell him I think his Gigantor model is marvelous. Has he made other pieces or is the only one? I think Anime has become very popular with people of all ages. I was surprised to see the size of the statue of Gigantor in Kobe. It is very impressive. Enjoy your day. Much love, Maddy

  6. Please tell your husband that I love what he created. He's very talented. The likeness is incredible. Thank you for posting this! Tells me a bit more of your hubby too! I already know what a sweetheart you are! Hugs my friend.

  7. Dearest Miyako,

    Tell your husband that I do like his "Tetsujin 28-Go" far better. He did such a great job and his colors I like very much.
    Wow, glad you have shown the picture with your husband sitting near the "Tetsujin 28-Go" foot. Incredible how big that is!!!
    Love to you both. I've to do so much catching up on mail and things. We just got home from the Caribbean where we were for 8 nights on the island of Curaçao; Dutch.
    We had a great time but the travel back home took us 15 hours... one is worn out when arriving by 3:00 AM.

  8. What an amazing Gigantor! Your husband did a fabulous job and should be so very proud of his skills. His Gigantor looks better than the plastic mass produced one.

    The original is huge. I cannot imagine how long it took to build that one. Thank you so much for sharing your wonderful knowledge and thank your husband for allowing us to see his work. Have a beautiful weekend, my dear friend.

  9. Wow he did a great job of it amazing............

  10. Very cool. Kind of reminds me of some of the sorts of things we used to watch when I was young :o)

  11. I love manga and anime. Your husband did an awesome job on his Tetsujin. I would love to see the enormous statue in Kobe, too. I cannot believe it is close to one year since the earthquake and Tsunami. There was a story on the news here in the U.S. about a week ago that told of some items washing up on the shoreline in Washington State from Japan. Is that not incredible? All the way across the ocean.

  12. That is as good as the original! The giant sculpture is amazingly huge. By the way, have been meaning to tell you that I just love all those sweet images and animations on your lovely blog!