Sunday, March 18, 2012

Congested but Rewarding Gathering

(posted; soba noodle page)
My ex-student's mother brought 16 members (eight mothers and their children) from Retarded Citizens Group called "Sateto-Kai" in our city with her. Main purpose of the group is to enjoy the holidays together. And she kindly coordinated today's gathering at our house. She has beautiful voice and quite a talented singer as well. It was amazing that one of the songs they sang with her today was along with sign language. Obviously, they involved with many activities.
When she told my husband about her plan and accepted it, I was kind of perplexed because of the numbers of the guests. Yes, as you can see from the pictures, my tiny house was really congested, haha.

They started with their group's song for the day,

Now, it is time for them to try or observe soba making; sorry for many pictures,

And they had soba for lunch my hubby made for them in advance. Haha, first time for me to boil soba for this many people. Relieved to see them enjoyed the tastes,

And after that, they listened to hubby's saxophone eagerly and I appreciate with thier good manner; some were session with coordinator's keyboard,

Oh, so lovely that one of the song he played was called for an encore and some girls even danced with it,

And for the last, we could hear her beautiful voice,

Well, it was a wonderful opportunity for me to come into contact with the people I wouldn't have known if it were not for her. I was moved the strong ties or bond mothers and children have;
I still have some tidying job to do (I am writing this post; hubby seeing me wondering the priority, but he is no help for that, haha); it seems I have a bad habit that when I started something I have to finish it. Sorry for the early post.  It is already half past nine at night, I'll visit you tomorrow♪♪♪ 


  1. What a terrific time they all had! It was so kind of you and your husband to have them, my friend. I know you two not only taught them, but made them feel loved and welcomed, too.

    I loved seeing all the pictures. I also really like the wood paneling on your walls. Quite lovely!

    Have a wonderful week, my sweet friend!

  2. Dearest Miyako,
    These photos show people enjoying themselves. How generous of you and your husband to open your home to these children and their mothers. I'm sure they will fondly remember the lovely time they had learning about the soba noodle process and then being treated to lunch and the music played by your hubby. Your hubby must have been pleased by their interest in his hobbies and the request for an encore.
    You say your house is so small but I would never have been able to fit this many people into mine.
    Thank you for sharing this experience.
    Love you my sweet friend.

  3. Hi Miyako, this was such a kind thing to do. I think everyone looks like they are enjoying the day very much. xo

  4. What a wonderful experience for everyone. I love all the photos' you shared. Everyone look like they are having a delightful time.
    Many hugs to you dear friend.

  5. Dear Miyako, Lovely for us to see these photos today. It was certainly very kind of you to have these young people in your home, and I can see that they all really enjoyed it. How wonderful to see them participating in everything like that. It did make me smile when you said that hubby was watching you on your computer, wondering where your priority was. Hee Hee!! Men!!

  6. How wonderful of you and your husband to have these mothers and children in your home. It looks like everyone had a lovely time together. I admire your husband for knowing how to play the saxophone, and I'm glad the kids enjoyed the music. I'm sure they loved your food and learning how to make it. Love always.

  7. What a wonderful thing for you and your husband to do. Having worked for 30 years in a school that had a large handicapped population, I know how much parents of those children appreciate the kindnesses that people like you show them. Some people are frightened by their handicaps, but they're just children and all children want is love and support. So happy you were sweet enough to show them your love.

    Hugs to you my friend - and to your hubby as well.

  8. Dearest Miyako and Husband,

    Wow, what an out-pour of LOVE! They for sure had the most memorable visit ever. Attention, love, watching how the food is made, eating the delicious food, music and on and on.
    Your former student is doing a great job too, she has a BIG heart!
    Love to all of you,


  9. Wow what lovely photos they do look like they where having a great time and what a wonderful think for you to do.

  10. Myyako san and your husband,
    I will you have a big time to gather .

  11. Miyako enjoyed all the pictures and I can see everyone had a wonderful time. Lots of love in your home. Bet your husband was happy they asked for an encore. Hugs...Lu

  12. Sweet Miyako, what an extraordinary event to host. You and your hubby are such gentle and giving souls. I love these pictures, your home and this wonderful day you have shared. Hugs to you, dear friend. Mina

  13. i loved every photo!!!
    such a wonderful time.everyone seemed to be having such fun! the food and songs!! Your house was full.with fun,kindness and joy!!!!!!!