Wednesday, February 1, 2012

One Year has passed, and Origami give-away

Today(Feb.1) last year, I started to blog and I cannot express my thanks more to my blog friends☆☆☆   Thank you very much for your thoughtfulness and kindness; friends who try to care each other both at times in sorrow and in joy here in this blog land are the most precious treasure I found through blogging.
Sometimes I feel frustrated not having much time to leave comments who gave me one.  I hope this warm relationship with you guys will continue for long time♡♡♡

*Origami (おりがみ)give-away
I found many of you have little grand kids, or I hope not only children but you all can enjoy Origami. Well, you might find different way of using these square papers.
I will include a book you can see the easy ways to fold some simple animals and so on. Also five sets of them with variety of deigns. 
I will announce the winner on Valentine's day (14th)   Well, my pictures are taken badly as usual, haha. It think they are just papers, so no problem mailing to a winner living overseas. I know this one is no comparison with other friends' gorgeous items, but I hope you can enjoy the time folding them.
You should be a follower of mine and have to leave a comment here or any of my posts untill 13th to enter this give-away, (friends who left comments here without saying not to enter are automatically entered; but for my later posts, would you leave a clear notification to enter,)

Again, I thank your friendship and hope you all are having wonderful week ♪♪♪


  1. Oh Orchid, happy happy blog anniversary! I remember adoring you the first time we met and I adore you still. You are a sweet and lovely soul and I am honored to be your friend. Your giveaway is amazingly thoughtful and wonderful. Many hugs to you, my lovely friend. Mina

  2. How sweet of you to host this giveaway on your anniversary, I started blogging not long before you and it is a great joy to have met so many wonderful people! The Japanese origami papers are just stunning & I would love to go into the draw, wishing you a happy anniversary and may it just be the first year to a long and wonderful online presence, you have bought joy (& great food LOL) and an insight into your wonderful traditions & life & enriched us all :)

  3. Happy blogiversary! You have such a warm, wonderful blog and I know I am not alone in wishing you many more years in sharing with us.

    Also a lovely giveaway, my sweet friend!

    Have a wonderful day!

  4. Happy First Blogaversary!! Wow, this year has flown by so quickly. I consider you one of my very best friends in Blogland, Miyako. It is such a pleasure to know you. ((hug))

    Thank you for this lovely giveaway, please enter me :-). xxoo

  5. I am so happy for you, Orchid, on your first blogiversary! It has been a great blessing for me to meet you here. To me, it feels like we are all family. I love the papers, they are so lovely. I would love to be entered in your give-away. Much love to you.

  6. Happy blogaversary! I just recently discovered your blog and became a follower straight away. I have fond memories of when we sailed our boat into Yokohama. Our two daughters were little and loved making origami - today my younger daughter still makes cranes to keep busy. Now I have a granddaughter and grandson to teach!

  7. My youngest daughter loves Origami she owns a few books about Origami she got interested in it when she was still at school.

    So you have been blogging a year now way to go hope you hang around for years to come........

  8. Congratulations on your 1st anniversary of blogging, Miyako! It has been such a joy getting to know you! What a lovely idea for a giveaway.

  9. Happy one year blog anniversary my dear friend. Having a giveaway to celebrate is a wonderful idea and the Origami papers are lovely. Origami is one thing I've never tried but have always been facinated by those who do have this skill. I'm just thankful that we met through blogging and have become friends. My life has become so much richer with you in it. Best wishes and warm hugs.

  10. Hallo dear Miyako. I love your new header and that delightful little quote about real friends at the beginning of your post today. My goodness me - one year today! Wishing you a very happy Bloggaversary my friend. Delightful little post today, and what a sweet giveaway you have arranged for us. Sending love and hugs your way, and I look forward to the next year of our friendship xx

  11. Happy Anniversary Miyako on your first year anniversary thankful to have discovered your blog and the friendship that is blooming between the two of us

  12. Hi Miyako san, what a wonderful give-away! Origami is such a fun...though I can make only crane and balloon!
    I love plain origami papers as they remind me of childhood but I also love the fancy ones with flowers - they are so lovely!

  13. happy blog anniversary! i'm so glad that we're "friends" and i'm glad that you're blogging.

    origami is amazing! a friend of mine does beautiful things with origami. what a wonderful giveaway you have planned.

  14. Dearest Orchid,

    Happy anniversary for your blog, I found your blog from Mariette's. I love Japan and so happy to join this give away.I became follower already and put your give away button on my side bar.
    Happy Valentine day.

    Happy Day to you and fam.

  15. Miyako san..HAPPY BLOGAVERSARY!!!! The year went by fast,didn't it?! It has been such a delight to follow you,learn about your lovely country and customs..but most important,to become your friend!
    Your celebration giveaway is wonderful!!!!! Origami is something I have never done,yet always admired. I have seen some lovely art pieces done by those who do origami.
    please count me in!

  16. happy blogaversary, I put your giveaway button on my blog. hapy Valentine's day. hugs

  17. How nice, I try your luck, your candy makes me groove! Find the link in the sidebar of my blog. Hello! Moka from Italy p.s: I have 2 twins!

  18. Happy Bloggaversary Orchid Sweetie...
    What a wonderful share. My little grand daughter, Isabel taught herself oragami. She can make swans really well, and I believe there is another animal, I just can't remember at the moment. She enjoys folding and creating. A beautiful art indeed.

    I am so happy to have met you through blogging sweetie.

    Country hugs, Sherry

  19. che bello, ho sempre adorato gli origami!Incrocio le dita e corro a linkarti. se vuoi ho anch'io un candy in corso.Buona domenica,Anto

  20. I love origami with all my heart! I'm a new follower, enter me please!
    Fingers crossed!
    Greetings from Italy