Friday, January 27, 2012

Zenzai (one of Japanese sweets) and Green-Pea-Rice

(posted Japanese meal page)
*Funny Lunch with Zenzai
Yesterday morning, I had a request from hubby to make "zenzai" Japanese Sweet Red Bean Soup (sometimes with small rice-cake). I grilled rice-cake and put it in there. I finished making it before noon. Haha, it is one of the hot sweets favored during the winter, and I think it should be treated as a snack. But he said he wished to have it soon for lunch.
I had ready-made "raviolis a la vapeur (shumai in Japanese)  or one of the Chinese Dumplings" in the fridge and flied them.
What a funny mixture for lunch, p;)

This picture is from this page of pc, and recipe is here you may be able to try.
I made it from scratch, p;)

*Green-Pea-Rie for Dinner
For dinner, I made Green-Pea-Rice, Cooked Sqid with soy-sauce, Grated Yam with Vinegar Taste (yam or kind of potato for especially good for grating)
I have kind of nostalgic feeling for green-pea-rice. My late mother used to make this my favorite kind of tasted-rice often for me. Even if I had a small appetite when young, for this one I had second service sometimes. Haha, she worried my slow growth a lot.

I fiddled with the free-soft called PhotoScape and tried to put frames for the pictures, hehe. And I realized that I could fix the size of the picture in the blog even from HTML early this year. What a slow learner!          Love You All my friends,


  1. Miyako, I love rice and peas. One of my favorite dishes. The squid looks good too. I have to check out Photoscape. I need to learn a few things! ((hugs)) xo

  2. i'm not overly fond of peas, but love bean soup. i make cornbread with bean soup. yum.

    i love your pictures that you show.

  3. It all looks delicious! What a good cook you are- I can almost taste it just by looking at it.

    You are most talented, my friend! Thank you for sharing your talents with us!

  4. Dearest Miyako,

    Oh, for sure that sweet red bean dish is quite similar to the Vietnamese sweet red beans. We ate those but now that I am diabetic II I cannot eat such sweet dishes anymore. You seem to be a very talented cook! Looks very inviting what you prepared. Certainly that made for a happy husband!
    Love to you,


  5. The rice cakes and beans look so yummy! I could eat some right now. The pictures are lovely and I like how you framed them. Hugs and love from Canada. :)

  6. Oh Miyako, looking at these pictures of food is making me very hungry. I love red bean soup and the green peas and rice looks very good too. Actually everything that you've photographed looks good. You must be a wonderful cook and a great photographer. You're doing very well using the photo software. Have a wonderful weekend my dear friend. Warm hugs and best wishes, Maddy

  7. It looks delicious Orchid.
    I like any kind of beans and peas too. I could also eat jasmati rice everyday. So now I wonder why I'm not thin !Oh well maybe in my next life I will be taller and thin.
    Smiles and hugs........

  8. This looks very delicious and I also love your pictures. Thank you for sharing your recipe. :))

  9. just wanted to say hello and ask "what time is dinner"? It looks delicious....!

  10. Oh I love Zenzai! Your Zenzai looks very yummy!!
    And the green-pea-rice looks good too! It's a very sweet memory that you have with your mom :-)

  11. You always make my mouth water with you delicious food, your hubby is very lucky to have you cook this for him :) I love the way your mother worried about your size, you are still beautiful & tiny, you must eat what is right for you as you look fantastic :) I am so happy you liked the makeover of my blog, it is lighter & hopefully more welcoming, pleased I dropped by, now I'm hungry though ;)

  12. Oh, your dishes are such delicacies! I would love to know how you make some of these wonderful foods, my lovely friend. To my American eyes they look like extravagant delicacies! All my love to you, my precious Miyako.

  13. It looks delicious, Miyako! If I didn't live on the other side of the planet, I'd hop right over.

    Gaby xo

  14. I like so much Japanese food.
    I love sushi sooooo much Orchid,
    Have a good day

  15. Hello Miyako, I think you are such a wonderful cook. Your photos really show your meals to perfection! Now I shall go and read your post for today :D)