Monday, January 23, 2012

So Sorry "our Encyclopedia"

Do you think we no longer need encyclopedia,

After we had breakfast yesterday while I was washing dishes,  thumping sound started coming from hubby's closet. Surprised to find my hubby trying to throw encyclopedia away; saying that it was so old and he wished to have space there. As he said we haven't opened it almost more than a decade. We have PC now and I've seen poor encyclopedias were thrown away at the once a month old-paper trash day many times. Oh, it seems our turn came...

Can you guess what I thought?  Please give me a little time to get ready for it and not to start tidying things whimsically.  He just started it unannounced and needed a help, of course, p;)

He sometimes asks me to open You-tube pages of Saxophone players or to check things through Yahoo. He also said that he wished to be able to open these pages by himself and will look into the learning material he bought through TV shopping some years ago whimsically. Wait and See, haha.


  1. Dear friend Miyako- how that rings a familiar chord with me. Too often, what my husband would deem expendable, I would not, and visa versa. Also, poor encyclopedias. I was just having to explain to my students what they used to be as they'd never seen them in book form. Made me feel very old!

  2. My dear Miyako, I remember buying a set of encyclodedias for my childrens' use. They took up a whole bookcase and were quite expensive at the time but it was something that we felt was necessary so our children could have all of that information at hand. Many of these sets of books were sold door to door. Just one more thing that is from another time. When I finally decided to get rid of them it was difficult for me too. They hadn't been used in years and were outdated but just the same, it was like letting go of something important. I think I need to look in my closets and see what else I'm holding on to that no longer has any use for me. Take a moment to say goodbye to the books and then look at all of the new storage space you have. Have a wonderful week my friend. Hugs

  3. And what if Internet fails ... I treasure things from the past such as your kimono's ...a traditon that most do not use any longer but a bit of past that clings to me ....I would keep it for it is something rare of today !!!!
    Just my thoughts on it Miyako 1

  4. I love old things too but one must make room from time to time.
    My husband likes to save things and I do not. If it hasn't been used in years,it's time to go.
    Good he is using the computer more.
    Lov and hugs

  5. I gave my set of books away almost 20 years ago. I bought a CD that had the encyclopedia on it, and never once used it. It is a good thing we have the Internet to look things up, any question one can think of, there is some answer to be found. I think your husband wants to get to know the computer better, Miyako. xo

  6. My dear Miyako - it's very sad, but book Encyclopedias have really had their day, and with the world moving so fast, are quite often out of date very quickly now!! Certainly, back in the 60's and 70's here in England, most people had a set of Encyclopedia Britannica, but they really did take up the whole bookcase. Hee Hee! I do agree with you though, that your hubby should not start clearing things out before you have had a chance to have a look first!! But, yes, tell him that the encyclopedias can go!! Hee Hee! Hugs to you my friend.

  7. I use encyclopedias online now--NOT Wickapedia! Legitimate sources, or university sources, things like that. I loved our encyclopedias, and much of the information is NOT out of date. Historical information, past rulers, dates we cannot remember. But we CAN find it online now.

    While I mourn the books, I, too, found it freeing to have the space. And, yes, if our internet fails, we may have to go to the library for a day or two. HORRORS!

    But I HATED it when my ex-husband threw away things that were OURS, not just his, without consultation.

    No, I guess we do not need book encyclopedias any more, except to keep a record somewhere. Somewhere without electronics, just in case.

    What an interesting question!

  8. We have a couple of really old encyclopedias in the house that I just can't bring myself to throw out. I love books.

  9. Dear Miyako, It is so easy to find information you're looking for on the internet today, when things are easy accessible. But at the same time it's a bit sad, you know. I still prefer to read paper books, because I like the feeling of holding a book, instead of readin on the pad or kindle. but that's just me [hehe]. Interesting post. Have a lovely evening!


  10. I am a bit whimsical myself! And my husband does the same thing. I think it is wonderful he wants to learn how to use the internet. We have bought things on the shopping channel too on a whim! Hugs and love to you.

  11. I remember when I was a little girl, to have a set of Encyclopedias was equivalent to having your own private library. I loved them so much and today I am guilty of always surfing the internet. How times have changed. Everything except our husbands always needing our help. ;-)