Friday, January 13, 2012

Music Ringtone

Dear Friends; first of all, thank you very much for the sweet comments and concern towards my father's condition. His fever got down to 98 degree last night when I visited him. Although still looked not perfectly well, we really relieved as doctor's diagnosis was critical. Thank GOD!!!   I'll visit him in the afternoon today.

*Accidentally erased the "music ringtone" of my husband's cellphone
My husband didn't like the preset ringtone for e-mail not phone-call. I knew the way he looks whenever mail comes. He had started to change it and could not succeed doing it. He is not mechanically-minded, haha.
I thought "That's my cue to make him owe me one" and said to him "Would you like me to help you?".  He accecped it and I tried it, which should have been an easy task for me☆☆☆   At least I thought so, since I could do it for my former phones. I screwed it and ended up erasing the ringtone of his phone-call...  which was set by one of our young girl relatives last year.  He got a bit crossed at my failure and I have no idea what did I do wrong.  Hehe, I stopped butting in any more.   He will go to the store  and ask the staff.
When I bought my smart-phone last Feb. I set " Please Mr. Postman" from Carpenters  for my music ringtone. It is for phone-call, but don't you think it is really appropriate♬♬♬  I wonder if you input your own melody on your cell-phone.
Sometimes, people turn around to see me and smile to hear this song when start ringing outside (haha, foreign song in Japan)

It was funny that my husband said to me really loudly "you've got to answer your phone"
when I turned on this video writing this post. p;)


  1. A very cute post Orchid! I really like all the Carpenter's songs. They were such a sweet brother-sister team. So sad that she died of an eating disorder!

  2. Heehee! So cute that he thought it was your phone ringing. I do my own ringtones I periodically change. I'm impressed with your tech savvy. Way to go!

  3. Dearest Miyako,

    You are hilarious! What a fate... trying to change the ring tone for your dear husband and ending up 'screwing up'. The way you report this is really funny and your Carpenters ringtone will make heads turn, no doubt. You are a spunky little lady and I love you for it.
    Love to you,


  4. This made me smile, Miyako. I liked the Carpenters very much, sad that Karen left us too soon, I don't know how to program a ringtone on my phone, I would have to ask a friend. xo

  5. I'm glad to see your father is better. It is hard when family is sick. I don't know how to fix anything on my phone. I hardly know how to use it! At least you tried. I have music from Star Wars on mine. My husband put it on for me.

  6. Love your post Orchid.
    So glad to hear your father is doing better.
    We are having a snow storm,drifting and cold!
    I liked the mild weather we were having better,
    Warm Hugs

  7. Dear Orchid, I'm happy to hear your father is doing better and hope his health continues to improve. When it comes to doing anything with my cell phone I'm limited with just doing the basics like entering numbers and taking pictures. I wouldn't even know how to begin to change the ring tone. You are way better and more adventurous when it comes to techie stuff. Have a great weekend dear friend. Hugs

  8. Loved this post, especially the bit where your hubby said you had better answer your phone, and you were just testing the ring tone. Hee Hee!! I loved all your Western comments in this one, which is very clever for a Japanese lady, such as "owe me one" and that you "screwed it"! So funny to hear those phrases coming from you, but you said them in exactly the right context. (And that you "stopped butting in"!!!). Isn't that typical, that you couldn't do that for your hubby's phone?! I can imagine him being annoyed. LOL!! I change my ringtones quite often. I really was happy to learn that your dad is feeling a little better, and I pray that he will continue to improve. Sending you hugs, my little friend from the East x

  9. LOL I like your sense of humor Mikayo....tooo funny

  10. I am sooo thankful your father has continued to improve!!!

    As for the ringtone..well you tried! LOL

    hugs and happy weekend,