Monday, December 5, 2011

Tiny Atmosphere of Christmas♪

We went to have lunch at 'international hotel' with hubby's friends on Sunday.
I found the Christmas tree there and felt finally we are in the month of 師走(Shiwasu).  Shiwasu is a Japanese word for December which literally (from the chinese character) means "teachers or Priests run around." This word reflects the busiest month of the year; priests being busy at the end of the year for New Year's preparations and blessings.

I am really stunned by the wonderful Christmas Decorations of other blogs♡
My tiny Japanese house just doesn’t have any place to put Christmas Tree.
Wishing to have a little bit of atmosphere inside of the small front door.

 Thank you for stopping by. I may not so active posting, making rice-cake and changing papers of sliding door, but I'll try leave comments. Have a wonderful week everyone♬


  1. I love what you've done inside your front door to bring a christmassy feel to your home, Miyako! Very pretty :) The decorated trees in the foyer at the International Hotel are beautiful! Far too large to have in most people's homes :)
    I am intrigued. You mention needing to replace the papers on your sliding door. Is this being done as part of the christmas theme, or is it an annual task you do, anyway? It's not something with which I am at all familiar, since we do not have doors with paper inserts in our homes. Good luck with baking your rice cakes :) Big hug xoxo

  2. Hi Miyako san,
    You wonder why we do busy ourselves in the this month?
    But ones in the years for toward to celebrated Christmas and new years I rather like that idea:-)
    And always hope to better new years.
    At the international hotel the Christmas trees are beautiful.
    By the way I loved the YOMOGI mochi.
    You have a nice day,

  3. Hi Orchid,
    Love your decoration - very pretty. Those Christmas trees look lovely too.
    Have fun making your rice cakes.

  4. Dearest Orchid, I so enjoy all the things I learn from your blog, inclusing what the different Japanese characters mean. You are very festive with your decorations. Don't get too busy, friend!

  5. Orchid, I love the Kitty Clause. It looks very simple, yet festive. We tend to overdo things in the US with Christmas decorations.

  6. Good Morning from Arkansas USA, it is Monday morning, December 5,2011. I wanted to share with you an award I was given: To add this award to your blog, just go to my posting today and copy and paste it: You are such a delight and I do enjoy visiting your viewing your different foods and just love the "feel good" I experience from your blog. It is so pretty...thank you for being my friend and stopping by faithful to say hello and comment: Have a blessed day my new friend:

  7. Miyako, I love your Hello Kitty decorations. I appreciate how busy everyone is this time of year, but at least it is a good thing. ((hugs)) xo

  8. Dearest Miyako,

    Lovely post! Like you I am not having much time for posting or visiting as our daughter from The Netherland is staying with us. Special time and so for Christmas decorating or photo making is no time... This is more important however to be together as a family.

    Love to you dear friend,


  9. Lovely trees and your kitty decoration is so cute! I'm busy also, but will try to keep up. Thank you dear friend. Hugs.

  10. Have fun making the rice cakes. Love all the photo's and you decoration is very sweet.

  11. Lovely Christmas tree and I just love that Hello Kitty ornament. X

  12. Hallo my dear Miyako. That was a lovely Christmas tree at the International Hotel, but far too big for most houses! I love your little Christmas display. I expect it has really brightened up that area for you. Big hugs to you.

  13. your decorations are lovely!!
    sounds like you have a lot to do!! is it hard to change the paper in your sliding door? how often do you do it?

  14. Yes, it is a busy time of year for most of us for whatever reasons. Your holiday decorations are quite charming and festive. Have fun making your rice cakes. Hugs to a dear friend.

  15. Oh I love your Christmas decoration! I love this Hello Kitty in Santa outfit. And the cloth she is on is so lovely!
    I used to change papers for shoji when I was little. It must be getting really busy preparing for new year. I wish you a wonderful holiday!

  16. Orchid you are so sweet. I too may not have a Christmas tree, do not have much time always taking care of my husband. However, do have the Spirit in my heart. Hugs...Lu

  17. Oh Orchid, the inside of your door is gorgeous! You don't need a tree to have Christmas. I know your home is already full of the beautiful spirit of love and kindness. That is all it takes. Hugs, my sweet friend.