Monday, December 26, 2011

Gorgeous Homemade Christmas Dinner of my student♬

(posted Japanese meal page)
One of my students, (←link for the wedding day post) who married this Oct. living away from home city now, sent me pictures of her homemade Christmas Dinner. I praise her for her efforts♬♬♬  I wish I could be invited for her dinner!!!
She has interests in various field and kind of all-rounder, "studious, bake cakes, wishing to have job for children's education". Bear with me bragging my sweet student's delectable looking meal, haha. 

 *Homemade Cake

Kamakura type Cake with lots of fruit inside!

Here are pictures of Japanese Kamakura, tiny snow building ;like igloo not the same thing, though

*And Main Dish

Beef stew
Bacon Salad
Carpaccio of the flatfish
Homemade chicken ham and cheese
Homemade Embryo bun
Champagne with apple taste

Haha, mine was just grilled chicken-leg, cooked veggies with soy-source base soup, cake from my favorite cake-shop. How simple♪
I know you are ready to say "What a difference!"  

I wish your Christmas was joyous and blessed one as well,


  1. Hi Miyako, your former student sounds like a wonderful young lady. I hope one day you get to share a dinner like this at her home. I love the fancy igloo cakes. I am so tired but I enjoyed the weekend very much. xo

  2. They both look delicious and nicely presented as my Chef son would say. As for me simple is better and the grilled chicken looks delightful.

  3. Dearest Miyako,

    You can be proud of your former student; she did well with the Christmas meal and so did you! Perfect for eating on the first and on the second Christmas day (European tradition)...
    Love to you,


  4. your student sounds like she's a wonderful young lady. your dinner looks delicious.

    our christmas was wonderful.

    love the pictures of the cakes and the little snow buildings. very neat looking.

  5. I think BOTH meals look and sound equally delicious and light and fresh compared with the rich, heavy meals that traditionally make up Christmas fare in the western world. Besides, I'm all for easy, no fuss meals these days, so in my books, YOURS was perfect! It also looked so colourful, so 10/10 for pleasing the eye.

  6. Dear Miyako,
    The food looks yummy to me :)
    My christmas was quiet and calm.
    Enjoy the rest of your day/evening!
    Big hugs x

  7. Hi my dear friend I hope you had a great Christmas your student sounds like a lovely lady and the Christmas food you showed us looks interesting......

  8. I love the cakes she made and the rest of the meal looks delicious. Those igloos are fantastic! Merry Christmas, sweet Orchid.

  9. Hallo dear Miyako. Sorry I'm late, but the last two days have been devoted to my family. I agree that your student certainly did prepare a lovely meal. But I agree with the others dear friend, that your meal looked equally as good. I agree, also, with Desiree that the Japanese food looks much more sensible, than the heavy food that we tend to eat in the West at this time of the year! I hope you and hubby had a good Christmas. Sending love from West to East.

  10. Oh Orchid, she did such a fabulous job! Everything looks scrumptious. I wish I were there for dinner as well. Yum!