Wednesday, December 14, 2011

3 Types of Sliding-Door and changing Papers

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You can see pictures of fancy Japanese sliding doors in this page.
Finally, we've renewed the paper of the sliding door yesterday. I would like to take this opportunity to show three different types of sliding door in our really small house.  Normally, we have three types of sliding doors in Japanese house.

First Type, (Fusuma 襖)
We didn't change papers for this type,
For this one, it would be better to aske the professional to change the papers. As you can see from the picture site I pasted, we have many designs to choose. This type can be used for both storage doors where we put futon "bedding" etc. and the ones which can separate the rooms.

Second Type,
This one is made of glasses and separating two rooms in my house. There are four pieces of them.  We rarely close them; you can guess why; because if we do, it gets too stuffy.  Only if our house were spacious one (^^;)

Third Type, (Shoji, 障子)
For this tye, you can buy papers from "do-it-yourself store" ;
We call them "ホームセンター・ home-center" and change papers if you want to save your money rather than asking professional. We've renewed eight pieces of ours including the ones upstairs.

How we change papres, 
My parents used to do this at the end of the year to have a refreshing new year. However, I think it is no longer the case and people do it whenever they feel they should do. Ours were terrible condition that we  couldn't  put off any longer , haha.  Ideally, changing every year might good to keep them nicely and bright but we normally don't do it so often.

 Took Off the old paper

 Hubby cutting the edge

Drying them for a while before putting them back

Thank you very much for stopping by and I am really sorry for the bad qualityof the pictures!
Sorry for posting mine before commenting your posts,
My father's fever is going back to normal and I'm trying to comment you, my friends!


  1. When I used to have my entire home done in beautiful oriental furniture & artifacts, Shojis were my favorite. Love your sharing the technique for changing them. Glad to hear Father is doing better.

    Merry Christmas
    TTFN ~

  2. Hi Miyako, I think it is a lot work changing out the papers. But those doors are very lovely. I am glad your father is feeling better. Our parents always seemed to do things so easily. xo

  3. thanks for sharing how this is done!!
    love the fans on the paper of the first door.
    your husband must be very patient! get the paper on so nice..i think i could not do it so well..i would probably get a wrinkle in it somewhere!!
    i'm so glad your father is feeling better!

  4. i always wondered about those paper doors. thanks for sharing.

  5. All the doors are so elegant. I love that style. Thank you for sharing and I hope your father continues to recover. Take care of yourself!

  6. The doors are beautiful but look like a lot of work to replace the paper. Thank you for sharing how this is done and showing the three different styles of doors. Happy to hear your father is feeling better. Take care dear friend.

  7. I find these sliding doors to be elegant and lovely. Your home looks so light and airy. Mine is too cluttered with things! Your hubby did an excellent job and I am glad to hear your father's fever has gone down. Hugs and love to you.

  8. are always teaching me something new! I'm sure it was very exact work for your husband and they came out so lovely.
    I'm glad to hear your father's health is improving and I hope he continues to get better.

  9. Dear Miyako san,
    I just come back from Sydney and I went to my golf club the Christmas
    party here I'm jogging a blog land:-)
    I love the way you has been introduce about inside the Japanese house though it must be very interest for your friends.
    Great blog!!
    Take care my friend,

  10. This was so interesing! We do not have anything like it here. Changing the papers looks like quite an exercise in patience. What I'd call a fiddly job! Your husband seems to have approached the job very professionally himself. The doors appear to be quite thin and are most probably very light, weight-wise, not having glass inserts. It leads me to wonder how sound proof your homes are, with wooden partitions for walls and papered sliding doors. No wonder the Japanese always appear to be such quiet people, moving quietly and graciously. We have solid brick houses with solid brick walls partitioning the various room and solid wooden doors to shut them off. Even then, noise still filters through, but we are probably a lot noisier than you'd ever be!
    I am so pleased to hear your Dad is doing better than he was and I wish you and your hubby a very Happy Christmas holiday! Big hug, Des xoxo

  11. Such beautiful doors and a very interesting post.
    It is good to know your father is doing better as well.

  12. Those are so beautiful! Thank you for sharing. I'm so sorry I haven't been visiting you in blog land in so long. Please forgive my absence while I've been consumed trying to keep up with so many things all at once. I wanted to stop by and send a happy holidays greeting and to thank you for being my good blogging friend this year. With love and hugs to you, Miyako! :)

  13. Hi Orchid,
    Your sliding doors look beautiful especially the first ones - very pretty.
    I am glad you father is getting better I hope he fully recovers very soon.
    Hugs to you.

  14. My dear Miyako, I am sorry that I am so late in commenting! I know you will forgive me. Hee Hee! I think your hubby had to be very patient when changing those papers. He has done a very good job, and your house must be nice and light, but I agree with Desiree. If the walls are only separated by paper, there can't be much sound proofing. It is so interesting for us in the West to learn about your culture in the East, and we thank you so much for sharing. Like the others, I am so pleased that your dad is a little better. Take care my little friend from the East! Hugs.

  15. That was so interesting .You alway share things I have never seen. Will be back Laura

  16. Hi Orchid san! I love the design of your Fusuma. It's pretty! It is a lot of work to change Shoji papers. I remember doing myself when I was small. But I love Shoji. At home here, we have free-standing Shoji screen :-)

  17. Sweet Orchid, how fascinating! I have always loved these doors. Of course I have never seen real ones. Only in magazines, television and now your beautiful blog. I love learning things about your home and country.

    I hope your father continues to heal well and do not worry about commenting our blogs before doing your own post. I often do the same thing or what I want to post stays in my mind while I try to read others. ;-) Have a wonderful day sweetie!

  18. Just stopping by this Thursday morning, 7:00 a.m. Arkansas USA, to say good morning my friend..have a most blessed day...I love my calendar thank you so much ...your presence now fills my home ....

  19. Hi Orchid, The doors look lovely, so fresh. I know it was a lot of work but it was worth it, just look at your doors now. Please come over to my blog and tell me if this is a tea set or what it is used for, another gift my husband brought from Japan. Hugs...Lu

  20. Thank you for the link Orchid. Yes, I did remember that post but difficult to remember name of tea set, but now will not forget. Will post now that it is a tea set, confirmed by you. Thank you so much. Hugs...Lu

  21. Hello,
    I am a first time visitor to your blog. I love seeing the doors getting their new paper! I am glad I don't have that type of doors..I am afraid my husband would new to change the paper every week..the dogs would go thru it I am sure!

    hugs from the southern United States

  22. Hi! Really i like your creative mind for Glass sliding doors......its very different i love your idea.
    really i am sure i will use your idea for decoration of my home............and everyone should be read your blog.