Sunday, November 13, 2011

Please "Forget Me Not"

(posted; Etymology page)
The name of the flower has the same Chinese-Character in my name♪

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My name is "Miyako Yamada" in Western order. And  in Japanese style, it is written in opposite order like "山田family name. 都 first name).  My family name comes first and my given name is "Miyako".  Like I wrote here before.
The name of "forget me not" is called "都忘れ,miyakowasure".
The origin of the English name of the flower was that they supposed to ensure those wearing it should never be forgotten by the people who love them.
Haha, blogger friends "Please forget me not"
I will try to be the person who has true love in my heart for others as well.

PS> I wish to write the Japanese version of origin of the name.
According to the PC-site, it is connected with an old story that Juntoku retired Emperor (13th century) who had been exiled to Sado-Island called a white chrysanthemum blooming in surrounding field "Miyakowasure 都忘れ" (meaning that the flower is quite beautiful so that he could forget about the capital or city he roled) and loved the flower.
Being confused with the English name(forget me not) and the Japanese name (forgeting miyako, city) was the one resaon to check it;
Quite opposite, I thought.  Now I'm happy to be able to figure out the puzzle, haha.    (Posted in Etymology link-page)


  1. Blue flowers are my favourite and these little beauties certainly beg not to be forgotten, with their bright yellow centres and sweet little blue petals. So, if I understand correctly, Miyako is your family name (maiden name?) and Yamada is your Christian name. Both sound equally lovely to my Western ear. This was such a lovely story, Yamada (may I call you by your proper name, now, instead of by your blogging name, Orchid?) You are most definitely not a forgettable person. We have all grown to love you for your warmth and wonderfully caring personality!

    Big hug xoxo

  2. Hi, Dearest Desiree.
    Thank you very much for really swift comment. I really AM happy with your sweet comment.
    Oh, and I am so sorry that Japanese people have confusing way to say our name.
    "Miyako" is the first name, I'd really LOVE to be called Miyako from you.
    Western way; Miyako Yamada
    Japanese way; Yamada Miyako
    "Yamada" is my family name after marriage. Haha, 34 years has passed.

    Anyways, I posted about this "name order confusion here.

    Love and Hugs to you, Miyako*

  3. What fascinating histories this beautiful flower has. And, it is quite apt that you and the flower share such similarities in your names. You are as sweet and beautiful as the flower, dear friend!

  4. Hello dear Orchid, there is a Japanese restaurant where I live called Miyako - I always wanted to take a photo and email it to you! Perhaps I will. :) xo

  5. Dear Miyako: My sincere apologies for being confused earlier. I'd use the excuse of my ageing brain, except that since we are the same age, you would either feel insulted or simply laugh at me :) Secretly, I am so pleased to hear Miyako is your name, because although Yamada sounds pretty, Miyako is really beautiful, as is the gorgeous little blue flower afterwhich you named. I have been feeling really tired today, so I think it's permissible to explain my initial lack of comprehension on a sleepy brain? Coincidentally, I will have been married 34 years as well, on Dec 3rd. We have more than our birth year in common, it seems ;)
    I hope you and your husband have been enjoying a wonderful weekend. It poured here earlier today and snow fell on the high lying mountains. This, in what should be the start of our summer! I'm not complaining as my garden is rejoicing.
    Big hug, Des xoxo

  6. I love forget me nots and it makes complete sense that your name has the same character for you are a true flower. I could never in a million years forget you, sweet friend.

  7. Hi Dear Miyako (See Desiree - I understood perfectly!! Hee Hee!!).I love that little blue forget-me-not flower, and how lovely that it includes your name. We will always remember you in our hearts my friend. Hugs.

  8. How lovely to have a name the same as a flower! And forget-me-not is such a beautiful name. My name is French and means "beautiful". I never liked my name very much, but I do love what it means! I won't forget you. :)

  9. Forget-me-not is a lovely wee flower and how nice to have the same name as this lovely flower.
    I say it suits you!!!
    Have a good week Orchid.
    Hugs to you.

  10. Dear Miyako,
    How nice to have the same name as these beautiful flowers - forget me not - Lovely blue color.
    Hope you are having a lovely Sunday!

    Big hugs x

  11. Dearest Miyako,

    Lovely meaning for your name! Oh, rest assured I will not forget you for the rest of my life.
    Sad story for the emperor Juntoku to forget the city he ruled, calling a chrysanthemum forget-me-not...
    Love to you,


  12. Miyako-san,
    we certainly will never forget you!! you are as sweet as a forget- me- not,and just as lovely. you remind me of a delicate flower,yet with the strength of the stem that supports the blooms!! such a wonderful post!!
    thank you my friend!
    hugs !!

  13. Dear Miyako san,
    This better for you Mrs Yamada?
    One is reason I don't used western the ways of name that unnatural to me:-)
    There I have has problems with used my name at that time 2005 because too many Japanese name for michiko.
    Great post!!

  14. What a great story, I had no idea & always feel enlightened with some fantastic new information visiting your lovely blog :) It's been a while, but perfect timing as I did not forget you, how could I you are wonderful!!

  15. I agree with Belle in that your name is as beautiful as the Forget Me Not flowers : To many times I believe in America parents will choose a trendy name for the baby instead of taking time to consider "what is in a name"..enjoyed your post this morning! You are truly a Blue Forget me Not Flower in the garden of life....I love your fragrance

  16. My Dear Orchid, what a sweet post for this pretty flower and your name. We will never forget you, believe me. Thank you for your lovely post on my blog, ok I have never named my Japanese dolls, so now will give them a name. Geisha doll will be called Orchid and the baby doll, please help me with a name. Hugs...Lu

  17. Dear gentle and lovely one would ever be able to forget you...certainly not me! Next to a pansy the Forget me not is my favorite flower. Loves to you dear Miyako!

  18. Dear Miyako, This is a lovely blog. How nice to have the same name as such a pretty flower. And, we will not forget you!